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Chapter 10: Getting up to Speed; Regional Growth



Welcome back!

A beautiful winter goes by as we welcome a new year, new opportunities and more growth!

Let's get caught up in what has happened over the last 3 years!



Woodland Town continues to grow and thrive...


The southern Industrial Sector is expanded with more factories to meet increasing demands for work as more R$ move in:



Population hangs around 25,000. Woodland Town is now the largest town in the region!


More apartment buildings are built alongside the industrial area:







A lake was dug out in order to help make the asphalt for the new roads and to create a nice, more natural landmark to break the monotony of the terrain around it:







The proposed railroad is finally built, which will ease the major traffic problems in this town as well as connect to Woodland River City. New homes are also built in the space to connect the residential areas:





Farming continues to expand as food demand increases. The Woodland Town Fire Department has expanded their firefighting ability with a landing strip:



The railroad is a boon to the industries that transport freight. More manufacturing factories are built:





As more industries are built, more residential areas are built, along with industries on the southern area of the town:




The population approaches 30,000. Me, Ben, and mayor Matthew (of River City) Make plans to expand the railroad further and create a mass regional transportation system, especially for freight! The possibilities are endless! Simoleon income is only 2,000 a month but the treasury stands at 2 million from last year.   






A small University is built on the southern area of town, currently know as Woodland City College, complete with a few dorms with capacity to house 1,500 eager freshmen! While people will commute for classes there, some students are moving in from River City and Pleasantview since this is currently the only town with a college in the region: 











Along with railroads, construction has begun on a proposed 2-Lane regional highway that will serve as the interstate connecting multiple cities in the region: 



The highway is named Interstate 30, as the highway will connect to cities across the region and go east. Here's the proposed concept:

Orange = Interstate 30 (Short Term)

Blue = Proposed highway system (For the longer term)

Green = Proposed Maxis Toll-Way (Will be very expensive as it will require demolishing)



More images of Woodland Town:








Here's the latest image of the region for reference:



Our next door neighboring towns have grown quite a lot!

Here's an older image of the region taken just a couple years before the tornado:


Not only is there growth but I see some new towns popping up around the region! I see two new cities, Coibridge and Kenneth City. Let's visit our neighboring towns and see how much they changed! 

(Fact: Woodland Metropolis is the initial name but it is referred to as Woodland Town in the story, at least for now.)



Welcome to Woodland River City! (Usually referred to as "River City")


WL River City is currently the second largest town in the region, with a population of 18,330. Founded by current mayor Matthew Brooks, WL River City is small industrial town. WL River Town serves many important roles in the region, most notably being the main power provider to Woodland Town, as well as the Pleasant view and District 1. Founded shortly after Woodland town, the town is built along the river, surrounded by thick woodlands of mainly oaks and pines.


Fun Fact: Woodland River City was not affected by the tornadoes. In fact, the town served as a haven for those who lost their homes! Mayor Matthew sent us resources whenever we needed them. Their trash is exported to Woodland Town.  


Mayor Matthew has accepted the railroad connection to Woodland Town!




Over 4149 passengers commute to River City now! Yep, very busy railroads:





The town's population is a mix of middle and low class folks. Most of the low class are housed in apartments around the central square, along with a dense apartment area west of the town center, housing over 4,000 people! There aren't a lot of high wealth, due to the 12% tax on them. Mayor Matthew prefers them simple folks! Besides, according to him, every time a R$$$ moved in here, they would complain and leave to Woodland Town either due to smog or noises.





Life is actually pretty good in general here. The city has a lot of coal and oil power supplies which causes occasional smog, but most people are content living here. The town is built more compact, with services such as schools, clinics, police and fire stations concentrated around town center. Railroads snake through the woodlands delivering freight and transporting thousands of people to other cities.


Large power lines stick above the thick woods, which deliver power to Woodland Town:



The iconic sound of trains, especially in rush hour is a sound just about everyone is familiar with:  





The residential area here is made up of mostly apartments, with the occasional middle class home, which usually houses block mangers:


A large oil power plant, arguably the tallest building in the region:


We head south down the river to a small little town known as Pleasant View! These smaller towns are under my influence as a mayor.

(This town and District 1)



Welcome to Pleasant View!

Here's how much it has grown over the years:

(Older photo taken one early dawn)


The town now has a population of 12,129!


Pleasantview is only accessible by rail, at least until the highway connects it.






North of River City is District 1:


With a population of 13,866, like the rest of the region, this town has seen its fair share of growth over the years:






Following the railroad west, we see a new start-up town known as Coibridge. The town has been separated from the rest of the region until it was finally connected with the road and railroad:





Founded by Gene Philips (Current Mayor) this very fast growing town is the 3rd largest in the region with a population of 18,455. The city feeds off the high demands of smoggy heavy industries:





Fast forward to today (Back to Woodland Town)


I have two kids, a boy named Jeremy and daughter named Christina. Jeremy is in 4th grade and Christina is in 2nd grade.

I drive them to school for their last day before Spring Break:


I drop them off at Woodland Elementary (Pre-K to 5th Grade) before going to work at the city hall. My wife usually picks them up afterschool.


Woodland Elementary School (WLES) 

School Schedule:

7:30 am - 2:30 am - Full Schedule

11:00 am - 11:45 am - Lunch

11:50 am - 12:30 am - Recess

Thank you for reading! I apologize for the long wait but there's much more to come! I will try to update this much more often!


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What a delight to find so many of my little midrise office BATs popping up in here.  Beautifully done!  I wish my cities looked as good as this.

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Looks awesome! How do you get the different coloured bits in the farm sections (in the first city)?

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