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It's impossible to imagine Greece without the sea - so it's only fitting that we start our tour of Cephalonia with some scenes from the surrounding Ionian Sea. Thousands of years ago, Greek fleets once crossed these waters, engaging in massive wars. While things may be quite a bit different these days - the sea still remains vital. From enjoying a day out in the sun to taking your boat out on a cruise - this is one of the most picturesque locations in the entire Mediterranean.
We begin with one of the many campgrounds that overlook the water here. It's difficult to imagine a more beautiful location.

Hot air balloons are one of the best ways to view the island - the views from above are simply incredible.

For those seeking a thrill - hang gliding is a popular activity throughout the region!

While whale spottings are rare in this part of Greece - if you keep your eyes out, you just might get lucky and spot a few.

Early mornings on the beach are spectacular. Quieter crowds and beautiful golden sunrises make this a great time to visit.

Even in misty weather - the landscapes here are magical.

The only concern might be the occasional rain shower..

If hang gliding wasn't enough adventure - you can also try out paragliding.

With landscapes this stunning and crowds growing in the summer months - one hot air balloon might not be enough.

The steep roads here that overlook the ocean offer some truly incredible views.

The surrounding farmland of Cephalonia is just as beautiful - and it's where we'll be headed to next.

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