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True Earth

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Tour of Africa: Johannesburg


Our Tour of Africa begins with one of Africa's most iconic cities - Johannesburg. With nearly 4 million people in its metropolitan area - this is South Africa's largest city, and has one of the best skylines in all of Africa. With a unique combination of various architecture styles and plenty of famous landmarks to boot - there's plenty to do and see here. The famous Orlando Power Station was in use for nearly 50 years - but since the late 90s, its been transformed into a tourist center, with colorful murals painted on its walls and base jumping becoming a popular activity.


To make it into the city itself, one of the most traveled routes is over the Nelson Mandela Bridge - completed in 2003, its one of the most iconic landmarks in the city. Construction of the bridge was quite tricky, as it directly runs over 43 different rail lines - but construction was completed without disrupting any of them, and its been a popular tourist attraction ever since.



At night, this bridge turns into a spectacle - for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the bridge's lighting system was upgraded extensively, and a new rainbow colored scheme was installed. If you can make it here at night - the striking color show will certainly be worth it.


We've made it into the CBD - and there's no better time to see the city than during a beautiful South African sunset.


Despite a little fog and rain - the landmarks here are still quite stunning, like the Carlton Centre. Completed in 1973, its been the tallest office building in Africa ever since.


At night is when the city really begins to come alive, however.



The streets of Johannesburg are typical of any other African metropolis - there's people and cars filling every last inch of pavement. It may be chaotic, but the life and energy of these streets makes visiting this city a special experience.



Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already!



Previous Update: "Tour of Africa: Introduction"


Thanks to @Namiko, @GoKingsGo, @Yarahi, @Tonraq, @juliok92012, @AlexSLM520, @RandyE, @raynev1, @mike_oxlong, @Odainsaker, @scotttbarry, @nos.17, @mattb325, @matias93, @mrsmartman, @bobolee, @Fantozzi, @Marushine, @_Michael, @CorinaMarie, @Manuel-ito, @bladeberkman, @RobertLM78, & @Toby Ferrian for all the likes!


Recommended Comments

I always love your city scenes and these are no exception.
I love the textures on those power station towers and the bridge is so cool.

However, I'd recommend flipping the images, since RSA drive on the left! Us annoying Brits still have our influences!

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Amazing as always! Especially love night shots, the bridge and that red building in last night shot - wow.  If its here on the STEX I must of overlooked it 

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Well this one is functional? well done on using the t21 mod there! in overall its another incredible work as usual!


Also for some reason I feel very familiar with the custom contents used in the downtown area lol...

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Sphere of Johannesburg working town, nicely displayed, love those weatherd and warn down looks. Bridge bit obviously edited as a normal bridge can´t be drawn at that angle or I am mistaken ? Car rush down nicely animated, aswell the night pictures, well done !

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(late in to the fray, but better late than never !)  Only a few images but oh boy, are they packed with details, and textures, and even movements ! The bird's eye shots of the bridge are wonderful !

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@_Michael Thanks for the comment and for catching that - I usually remember to check a RHD/LHD map before doing a recreation, but I totally forgot about it here *:P I'll be sure to change my setup to LHD for a few of my other recreations I have planned down the road *;)

@RobertLM78 Thanks, glad you liked it *:thumb:

@mike_oxlong Thanks *:) Fortunately the file size for that animation wasn't that big - so I could afford to make it last really long and avoid any obvious looping.

@scotttbarry Thank you! The bridge isn't on the STEX unfortunately, its a sketchup model I exported as a BAT for use in game. I believe the red building you're referring to can be found here.

@Zabivaka Thank you! I have a few other pics from South Africa planned - don't know if I'll have the time to fit it in, but we'll see.

@dabadon5 Thanks for the kind words *:)

@TekindusT Thanks! I've made consistency my top priority this year, so expect many, many more updates to come *:)

@jmsepe Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! *:)

@Namiko Thank you! Gotta love Neko's sidewalk mod, I always try to use it wherever I can *:yes: I think I did use a number of the same BATs you used, I was probably thinking about your CJ while I was making this *:P

@GoKingsGo Thank you *:thumb: I used ScreenToGif to make the animations if you or anyone else is curious - takes a little getting used to, but the gifs are stunning.

@kschmidt Thank you for the comment *:) The bridge is a real BAT, its a sketchup model that I rotated around, exported, and I placed it in the game. The nighttime lights though were edited in.

@tariely Thank you! Glad you liked the bridge scene. I hope I'll be able to get out a few more animations too in the future *:)

@Mewds45 I used a huge variety of BATs in this update - so I'll try to list as much as I can remember. The specialty BATs were the Carlton Centre, Carlton Hotel, one of Bipin's smokestacks (stretched vertically with model tweaker) with some murals I photoshopped on, and the Nelson Mandela bridge was a sketchup model I downloaded and made it into a BAT for use in game. For the rest of the buildings, I used a lot of stuff from Reddonquixote's prop pack (I had to lot most of the stuff though), ILL Tonkso, Harishna, tcx, Wallibuk, Jasoncw, the Dong He Night Market set, and a couple other odds and ends from various BATers.

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18 minutes ago, korver said:

I'll be sure to change my setup to LHD for a few of my other recreations I have planned down the road *;)

Eager to see. Only a few LHD countries, and all of them I'd love to see :P

And no worries - I just noticed it randomly.

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