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For anyone going to Moscow, a trip down the heart of the city is a must. We begin our journey with a drive down Tverskaya Street - the most well-known road in all of Moscow. This crowded shopping district has existed since the 12th century, and the streets are lined with historic architecture wherever you look. Even with some light rain, its Russian charm is still undeniable.




As we make our way around the city, the rain begins to pick up considerably. Endless rows of commie blocks dominate the surrounding landscape - their bleak repetitiveness serves as a fitting backdrop to the elements.




October brings the first snow of the year - creating a beautiful atmosphere around many of Moscow's most famous landmarks such as the Lomonossov Moscow State University. Completed in 1953, its imposing facade has served as the perfect symbol of Moscow - a powerful city that serves as the financial, political, and economic capital of Russia.




Once the calendar crosses over into December, temperatures plunge into the negatives as the entire city turns into a winter wonderland. Moscow is one of the coldest major cities in the world - with temperatures as low as -44F being recorded, it takes a lot to brave these months. While it may be cold outside, it's not cold enough to stop us from visiting one of Moscow's most famous tourist attractions, Red Square. Few places on earth can boast such a collection of historic buildings in one location - with the Kremlin, State Museum, St. Basil's Cathedral, and many more within walking distance.




Once the seasons change and the elements begin to clear up, a beautiful, sleek city emerges. Despite still being in construction, the Moscow International Business Center (Moscow City) boasts one of the most impressive skylines in all of Europe (and in the world). Its one of a kind collection of skyscrapers on the banks of the Moskva River include the Federation Tower, City of Capitals, and Naberezhnaya Tower - all of which are equally stunning. While Moscow may be known for it's past historic architecture, Moscow City makes it clear that this is also a city with an eye on the future.




NOTE: Two of these scenes (Moscow City & Red Square) feature a handful of sketchup models from sites like 3d warehouse, as there were no close replacements for certain buildings I needed. These are real models imported into the game with 3dsmax, they are like any other BAT you would use. Some editing was done though to add effects like extra nightlights and snow.


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Replies for "2016: Year in Review"





@RandyEThanks for the kind words Randy, glad you enjoyed my work that much - always cool to hear that. There will be much more to come *:yes:

@JP Schriefer Thanks for the compliment and high praise *:)

@TekindusT Glad that the problem got sorted out and thanks for the nice words.

@v701 Thanks, glad you liked it. A number of city scenes were completely non functional and had to be constructed entirely in lot editor, such as Pisa and Santos. Other scenes were made by laying out a road network, plopping down functional buildings, and replacing the roads with my own custom road lots right before taking the picture like Athens and Manaus. Sydney used a variety of methods - some areas were completely functional with functional roads, while some areas were completely plopped with eye candy roads. As for Moscow in this update, it's similar to that of Sydney - scenes like Red Square/Moscow City had to be eye candy, while the others feature functional buildings w/ functional roads.

@mike_oxlong  Thanks for the kind words and great compliment! I hope that my guides will be able to help out as well.

@Simmer2  Thank you SM2! *:)

@_Michael Thanks, glad you liked it and I hope it helps out!

@Abrams124  Lol, thanks for the comment - I don't know how much that would cost, but I'm quite certain I couldn't afford it*:lol:

@Ln X  Thanks for the kind words as always, your comments throughout the year have been much appreciated!

@jmsepe  Thanks for the comment and the high praise!

@Fantozzi  Thanks for that great comment *:lol:And it's always cool to hear that someone is dreaming about my work*:P You know, I've actually come really close to making a fjord before but I just haven't gotten around to it - both Milford Sound and a Trolltunga mosaic were on my list for 16 - but I ran out of time. Maybe I'll just have to include them this year. But I do know for certain you *will* see a chicken in one of my pictures, I promise. I hid one in one of the pics I made a couple weeks ago, it's yet to be revealed. I made it somewhat difficult to find, but not too hard, so you'll have to do some looking around.

@dabadon5  Thanks for the comment!

@_marsh_ Thanks for the comment. Your work was one of my biggest inspirations when I first started playing SC4 - your scenes were truly revolutionary. And don't worry, I plan to keep this going for a while *:)

@Takingyouthere Thanks for the kind words. I went back and made some adjustments to the base texture tutorial, there were a number of nuances that needed more explaining. I generally plopped on flat land, or when I dealt with slopes I would place the lot on a basic open grass lot so I wouldn't deal with base textures turning black. I tried explaining it a bit better in the guide, but if you still have issues feel free to send me a PM. As for the rocks - unfortunately they went missing off the STEX a while back, either due to being taken down manually or via a STEX bug or something. Heblem hasn't been on for a while, but I'll try to send him a message here soon to see if I can get permission to re-upload them. As for the sketchup models - while the quality isn't perfect, they do look quite presentable in game from lower zooms. A lot of the models on the site are rather mediocre though, so as long as I avoid those and find the "diamonds in the rough" - I'm usually good to go. The fact that I use 3dsmax as opposed to gmax as well really helps out as well - the crisper renders are crucial as every last bit of quality is vital here. In regards to MMPing - I've found out that it's one of those things where you get much faster as you go along. I also work similarly to that of Akallan in his videos - really fast and not worrying too much about mistakes initially - I'll just bulldoze those in the end or add another layer of MMP work on top of any areas that need addressing. I pretty much keep on adding round after round of MMPs until it looks good, if that makes sense. I have a lot planned for 2017 as well, so be on the lookout *:)

@kingofsimcity  Thanks for the nice words throughout the year - I always strive to do something truly unique and special with each update. I have a lot in store for the upcoming year *:)

@Cyclone Boom  Thank you once again for the nice words, I really appreciate it.

@Indiana Joe  Thanks for the comment! Yeah, there was a little bit of good timing there *:lol:- but I can't say I expected that I'd get this far when I first started. It's been a fun journey so far, and I hope to create many more amazing scenes from around the globe.

@tariely  Thanks, appreciate it - always nice to hear that about my work.

@mrbisonm Thanks for stopping by, glad you liked it *:)





Recommended Comments

I like this - understatement but let me explain.

For the first three images, I can see SimCity 4 underneath. I can see BATs I use and love; I can see NWM and NAM; yet the images are still distinctly 'korverish'. (Yes, I have just coined that phrase :D )

The last two images are traditional korver, and boy are they good. The snow effect is great and the scale or Red Square and its buildings are beautifully portrayed. 

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Every time I view a new chapter of True Earth I want to say "This is the best one yet", but I think that's an illusion of consistently great artwork, every new work seems like the best.   On second thought, forget what I just said... This IS the best one yet!  That rain over the commie blocks is beyond Da Vinci!

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Unbelievable! Absolutely stunning. How long did it take for you to build this? I think this is quite possibly the best city I've seen recreated on SimCity 4. People of Moscow would be proud of your depiction of their hometown. Kudos. *:)

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Sooo beeeautiful!!!  Really amazing stuff.  I have to ask you, though, where did you download the Kremlin walls?  I've been looking for those since, well, forever.

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Airplane ticket Berlin - Moscow with Aeroflot both ways = 204 €
Visa = 115 €

Airplane ticket Berlin - Moscow with Korver Airlines both ways = 0 €
Visa = 0 €

When I thought it could't get any better, you replicate in SC4 one of the cities atop of my bucket list in one of the countries I'm a sucker for. Congratulations.

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Sorry I missed the year in review entry . I have to say that Moscow looks marvelous . The rainy GIF was my favorite image , and I don't even like rain days . Great entry .  *:thumb:  You made rainy a good thing . *:lol:

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Yet another perfect recreation on your part, well done. In the last two images you made use of some very interesting road networks, was that something you created through lot editing or was it post image processing? Either way, it fits seamlessly into the images. 

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Thanks @kschmidt *:) I actually contacted peterycristi (and Sam Johnson) about those walls many eons ago, but I never got a response.

I ended up just downloading the set off of 3d warehouse and importing that into the game. I pretty much just made a small little modular set out of it.


Someone else inquired about the set in the past, but the admins told me unless I can get the authors permission, I can't send the files out. I tried contacting "Aerilius" a while back regarding the set, but wasn't able to reach him. I'm going to send him another message here soon - if you or anyone else as well is able to find a way to contact him and get permission then I will be able to send them out (or perhaps just upload them to the STEX)

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I Wish You Success, Korver!!!

But I would have spent time on other projects, not the Kremlin remake. There is little left!!!

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