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Chapter 8: The End of an Era Part 2 - The Aftermath



I've been gone for a really long time, my apologies for those I've left hanging for over a year and a half since the last update.


Now we finally find out what happened....



But first!


For those new to this CJ, or need a refresher, here's the first entry, to learn the history of this town and how it all started:


It is recommended to read through the beginning or previous chapter before coming back. ^^^^



Previously on...

Chapter 8: Tornado: The End of an Era - Part 1

"Massive super-cell thunderstorms are coming due to a massive atmospheric instability that occurs ever decade or so...


"Police Chief Robert, get everyone to the high school or anywhere safe! This town is in serious trouble!"


Massive Hailstorms begin pummel the city early as the super cell moves in^^^


A few rare images taken by a news crew in a news helicopter just as they got drenched in the rain water...X6njNdf.jpg







This was over the course of 2 minutes. The 3D images were taken from the crew just as they headed back. They may even have images of the tornado from this angle too.


Thousands rush into the high school shelter as the skies grow more ominous...be it the gym, or anywhere safe, while others evacuate...



An EF3 tornado touches down northeast, moves southwest, tearing through the town...   


Manufacturing Sector:



It spares the downtown, until an even MORE massive F4 tornado touches down and rips through the heart of the town...


GO!! LET'S GO! To the high school! NOW! 


The tornado shreds everything in sight, moving downward, Ben and his family is in the blue car seen above, and the Mayor and both his kids are in the red car, not seen in pic above as they're too far below.

Let's go!! We need to get in NOW!! 






The town's mayor and Ben (his best friend and business partner) has made it into the high school's shelter with their families along with thousands of others after narrowly avoiding a massive EF4 tornado. Unfortunately, the tornado targeted the Maxis-designed school, which wasn't designed for winds this strong.

The deafening roar grew louder and louder as we braced, and I could already hear the building beginning to come apart. You could feel it in your chest, almost as if a space shuttle was talking off right outside. I huddle with my wife, son and daughter, thinking this is it. We're going to be wiped right off the map, just like that. Me, my family, and thousands of people. Just moments later however, the roaring began to subside, giving way to the sound of torrential rain and terrified cries of everyone around me.






Chapter 8: Tornado: The End of An Era - Part 2


We're still alive. I look around the gym, with the only lights coming from the small windows, as well as frantic chattering from everyone around me.


"Everybody stay inside! We don't know if another tornado's coming..." Yelled Chief Officer Robert  


I turn on the radio and I can barely make out the reporter through the static:

"A massive EF4 tornado has been spotted north of *static* storm chasers the last couple hours...Several small towns in this area...cold front...*Static*


There were at least 2000 people taking shelter throughout the school, with about 500 crammed into the gym. The city's firefighting team, police and doctors were in here with us too.


I walk outside and felt the cold rain sting against my face. I could almost make out the track and field under the flood, and what was left of the apartments in the distance. The trees were completely stripped of their leaves, and branches. Just then I noticed the wind pick up again. I walk back inside. We come out about an hour later and see some people out there:



Downtown is completely gone:



Nothing left of the theater or forest. The tornado left a serious trail of destruction: (WLHS is to the left)



Night falls and the rain finally subsides. The next morning is cloudy, cold and gloomy as a cold front will move in later that day. Families all come out of the school to see if their homes made it. Me and Ben would be driving with a crew that clears the roads to help people get around again.

It wasn't long before the true extent of the damage was revealed...



The tornado barely missed Woodland High School (WLHS). Was heading southward then just barely touched it as it turned west to obliterate everything (See the pic above this one). It may have come back around but the school was spared, along with 2,112 lives that were in it. The death toll is over 100 so far. No chance for anyone who was caught outside during this monster's onslaught.





Downtown as the crew already cleaned up most of the mess. Most roads (except northern road) have been cleared.



Some houses were somehow untouched. The Western Residential Sector is in shambles.


8XLm6Ms.jpg  That USED to be the Manufacturing sector of town. Fun fact: That lake wasn't even there before.




Me and Ben drove through the town, helping wherever we could. 


Hey...remember that beautiful blue mansion seen at the beginning of the previous update?


  "It's gone. All gone." Said Ben, as we looked around. It was one of the few mansions in the city. It belonged to a humble friend of Ben, Chief Officer Robert, who's helping set up temporary tents with the crisis crew.

We cleared a path:  


Distraught families try to salvage what's left of their Woodland homes. Robert returns with this wife later to see their mansion...much to their dismay of course.

"I'm impressed," said Robert, at least the porch survived. 
"What about your stuff?" Ben inquired as he looked at the wreckage.

"Don't worry about it, material things are only so important. That tornado was the most terrifying thing I've ever witnessed in my life. I got to watch it eat this beautiful town, and spit it back out. but...

"What?" I inquired...

He looked back at me just as the sun comes out for the first time "It spared us. I was outside the school from a distance when the monster went for it, then, right as I watched it get swallowed up, it just turned. Almost like it could sense everyone there."

"That's incredible. That had to be a sign without a doubt. Now we rebuild..." I said.

Ben looked, paused and said "better make it tornado-proof this time." The sun set was the most beautiful golden sunset in a while, as the sun peaked through the clouds and temperatures went below 60 degrees. 


Mayor Mathew sent many resources from Woodland River City, including generators, food and water supplies. Turns out his town was spared from the storm, although suffered a lightning strike. 


Chief Officer Robert wasn't kidding. As it turns out, the town was hit with two tornadoes, one smaller F3 and one F4.

(F3 is the yellow, and F4 path is red, which came shortly after the yellow F3 one)


The paths with their damage radius...



The green arrow in between is Robert's location. He was in an underground shelter just as it hit the police station. He stayed out driving through the town telling everyone to go to their shelters and directing his officers beforehand. He came out of the shelter from the nearby building and took to the fields just in time to see the F4 tornado (red arrow) as it headed for the high school.


The final death toll was 228. Over 1242 were injured, 22 life threatening, but survived.




The Next Morning was nice and crispy. 

Dry, cool air from the north made the weather nice and windy, with perfectly clear blue skies.

 While most of the population has moved to various shelters in the nearby towns, less than a thousand of them stayed in several tent shelters set up through out the town, and the few remaining houses in the city that actually did survive.    

This is the main tent shelter area, there are three smaller shelters throughout the town, but the majority stayed here: 


^^^^Note: On the lower right of the image, is the remains of Ben's mansion. It is right above the path of people walking in, by the four white tents, where a 5th one separated by a yellow one right next to the main road.




Now...back to the mayor panel...


Only 3000 simoleons in my funds, and population of 736. Whoopee. We're still receiving 1000MWh/month from Woodland River City. Re-adjusted the funding sliders for the schools to cut expenses.


Rebuilding Begins...


A small temporary water tower is built, and demolition crews clear off the lots and make room to rebuild:











After some time, a landfill at the edge of town was built, putting me back in the red, but no problem, we now have 20,000 in the bank! Population is now over 2000.


That is the end of this Chapter, thank you for reading this, I hope you all enjoyed it and the 3D images, and we'll see you in 2 more years for the next update! Jk...jk. :D I will not take as long, promise! *:golly:




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So drammatic! You perfectly conveyed on the narration these moments of rush and survival, and the spontaneous optimism after the disaster hits. Loved it!

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I guess the best part about showing up late for this CJ is that I didn't have to wait through the downtime between chapters 7 and 8.:8)

That being said, I'm now following this thread, so I don't miss anything else. I'm really enjoying the story here, and the visuals. Hopefully, you keep it up!

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