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Chapter 8: The End of an Era - Part 1

After a long break, we return to continue our story once again! A lot has happened since I was gone, so this will be a big update...




The town has really grown over the years, and despite the threat of fire and economic problems early on, all the towns are now flourishing. However...



It's been relentless...the heat... it just doesn't end. Today in particular is even hotter, with temperatures soaring to an outrageous 98 degrees here in Woodland, while the neighboring River City is a more bearable 95 degrees. In the middle of November. Yes, that wasn't a typo. Normally, we would be getting cold fronts around this time, and the average highs around this time are usually 75 degrees. But not this year. Why is it so hot around this time? The planet's seasons. In this planet, every 5-7 years, we get an extreme version of what most call "El Nino."

(Note, that this CJ takes place on another Earthlike-planet but that's for a future update long in the future...) 

Today was a fateful day...The day the town would be changed forever...





"This heat is killing me and this city. If this doesn't end soon, I'll have to cut power to sector..." (weather channel in the background) 

Weather Channel: Temperature records are being broken everywhere...

We got a massive cold front conflicting with the warm air mass that has stagnated over this region. This will bring relief in a few days but not without severe atmospheric instability. We have a massive wall of thunderstorms moving southward... 

 I call Ben on the phone...

Ben: "Hello?"

Me: "It's me, I'm coming over, we need to ask Matt for more power or this town will run out of air conditioning"

 (It's around 3 PM by now)

I quickly take the 5 minute drive to Ben's mansion: 


*Ben is my business partner/Co-Mayor and best friend who has helped me with negotiations all throughout the years. He owns 3 of the CO$$$ shops in the town (including the one with the blue roof to the right of the mansion) He dedicates his time to his family who lives in this city as well, and does his best to make it a better place)

"Did you hear about the thunderstorms?"  Asked Ben.

"Yes, they can't be too bad" I said. "Hopefully it'll bring relief from this heat by the end of the week..."

"Ben, we need to call Matt (Woodland River City), we need more power or this city's going to shut down!"

 Ben dials the phone and calls Matt...

Matt: "Hello?"

*Matt is the mayor of Woodland River City, the neighboring town west of WL Town. North of WL River City is District 1, and South is Pleasantview.  

Ben: "Hey, it's Ben here, mind sending us more power over here? We don't have enough for this city and it's getting worse..."

Matt: "Are you crazy? We're overloaded here, Pleasantview and District 1 already asked me, I got no more!" 



Give me the phone...

(Ben hands me the phone)

Me: "It's the Major, how much do you want? Look, I'll give you $10K, $20K..."

Matt: "No can do major, if I give you more power, I'm going to have to cut my city's power and my townsfolk are going to kill me. They're already mad about the fire...Do you want that on me? Do you really wan-

A deep, booming thunder bellows outside, shaking the windows. 

  Matt: (Still on the phone) "What was that?"

"I think thunder..." I said.

(I put the phone on speaker)

Then, a loud explosive bang/thunder is heard on Matt's end... proceeded by:

Matt: "Holy ****...Oh my god, I gotta go now!"

*Hangs up*

Ben looks at me with a worried expression. "I have never heard him curse before. Ever." He said.

We go back inside and turn on the Weather Channel

Weather Channel: A massive super-cell is moving southward above the frontal boundary... Far from most populated areas but any small towns are under severe tornado warning, including -

Just then, a white flash. The power goes out. Another loud thunder follows.

We go back outside...


The sky is beginning to look Ominous, it's like two sides taking over...one side it's a beautiful day, the other side it's a nightmare. It looked like a wall ready to swallow us up. The beautiful day side would get smaller as the storm moved in. Me and Ben urgently got in the car and we drove up to the fields, just outside of the industrial zone to check the storm out and get a photo for the news:


(Note the freight trucks trying to get as much freight as possible to the warehouse before the storm) 


Me and Ben stand in the fields, looking out at the massive storm clouds. We take a photo of the scene...

Just seconds later, the wind picks up and then, hail...lots of hail...


We make a mad dash to the barn nearby as we get pummeled by hail and dust blows in our face. We run practically blind but make it inside.


(Play this during this scene, I don't know how to embed the video in)

"We need to get everyone to safety. I have a feeling this storm's going to be bad," said Ben 

*Glass breaks*

(I look down and pick up what appears to be a baseball-sized hail)

"hmm...what makes you think that?" I asked sarcastically as I held the chunk of ice in front of him

The hailstorm only lasted for about 10 minutes, with only a few larger pieces falling. Panicked townsfolk ran to the nearest stores as they were caught off guard.



After that, a downpour that affected mostly the East Residential area



(4:47 P.M.)


Once the rain let up, we came back outside. The shape of the super-cell storm was very well-defined.


The sun came out once more, for the last time. At least, today...Before the massive storm would swallow us up...


(Note the bridge to the left where the river is, that's the bridge to Matt's Woodland River City. Pleasantview is on the lower left and Woodland town is in the middle)


"Wow...I have never seen anything like this in my entire life." Said Ben. "I mean, I always wanted to but not here!"


We drove to a near commercial building that still had power somehow and turned on the TV. Weather channel said it's only going to get worse...


Just then, Matt calls...

Matt: "MAYOR!! You need to GO!! Take everyone to a shelter NOW! I just saw the most massive tornado...it is huge and it's moving straight for ya...I'm warning you!!"

"We need to find a shelter, Thousands are going to die if we don't." I said. 

"Where the heck are they going to go?" Asked Ben. "There's no basements...

He paused.

 "Wait! I forgot, I installed a siren a year ago...It was meant for fire alerts but it could be used for this too. It's pretty loud! I never tested it but I think if we sound it, everyone can evacuate or take shelter, but where?"

"The High school" I said, "The Gym walls have reinforced concrete, and it's the strongest building in this town! There's no basements here, only in River City"

"Alright, major," Said Ben," The alarm is in near the town square, in the back of one of the two Waffle houses. Go sound it off. I have to drive to the west sector to pick up family members and a few kids. I'll also call the school's principal and the news crew to alert everyone. Now Go!" (Ben drops me off and drives to the West Sector)


Amazingly, given the ominous clouds above, once the news crew got updated on the situation, they basically took over all channel for an emergency broadcast hopefully that may save a lot of lives. This is kind of what virtually every TV in the city got to hear:


(It wasn't this exact message but it was similar, the difference is obviously instead of Alabama it would say Woodland City, and it would be telling everyone to head for the high school instead of underground but this is just to give a rough idea of what they heard. Scary...)



Just then, the tornado appears just North of the town....I drove over to the Waffle houses:



After asking around where the alarm was, to which no one knew, I call Ben, who was at The West Elementary School

Me: "Ben, where the heck is the alarm? I can't find it?"


(Ben in the red van left of the plaza near the playground as he picks up his family, cousins and kids to take to the shelter)


Ben: "It's in the back of the building, look for the little pulley"

Me: "Got it!"

 One of the Kids shouted "Mom, it's the tornado I see it!!"

Ben: "Let's go! Now!!!"

With everyone in the car, he speeds off...

The siren finally activates...


The loud siren echoes throughout the town. It is then when the real panic begin to set in. Residents rush to Woodland Town High School's gym by the hundreds. Some drive, and others walk from the nearby houses/apartments, while others evacuate to WL River City.


(As the alarm blares, people head into the school The gym is located on the lower right Wing of the school from the main entrance)

Officer: "Come on, move it! We have little time!" (Chatter of people in the background)

The wind starts picking up again.

Ben: (On The phone) "I'm on my way back to pick you up"

Me: "I'm right at the Main Street intersection"


As Ben Drives, the tornado can be seen in full view. Here's what they basically see:


(Even though this is a real life example, they were driving next to a farm so just imagine that the buildings on the left are the West-Sector Homes!








 People who had no time try to leave or run to the nearest buildings (or wherever they can at this point.) Either way...

Times up...


(Note the traffic from people STILL trying to evacuate to WL River City on the Lower left...The only road that leads out of town)










As Ben Drives down Main street, a second, even bigger tornado appears from the North Industrial sector moving south



It's heading right for us, we gotta go now!!! Step on it!! The School's just two blocks down!! "I yelled as I jumped into the car with the frightened family and kids...






 *Brakes screech* "Come on!" Yelled Ben, "We need to go!!"


The roaring begins to get louder as the tornado approaches


We make the mad dash against the wind to the school entrance, as well as the two kids.



The gym is located on the right wing, just right of the main entrance

























We barely make it into the shelter. The roaring from the tornado is just deafening as I enter the gym with at least 1000 people crammed inside.

We huddle together with the kids as begin to cry.

"Oh my god, it's right over us!" Yelled the mom.



*Cries and screams are heard in the background*

Help us!!!

Loud unbearable roaring followed by glass shattering...









To Be Continued... 


Recommended Comments

Oh dear... That was indeed intense... Combined with still fresh news from the US it makes it even more intense. For sure, I would like not to get in the middle of a situation like that.

Now technically speaking. One of the best presentation I've ever seen. It's more than just update. With apropiate photoshopping and using sound (which is brilliant!) you've managed to get into another dimension involving the reader's senses. That's so exciting. The hail and rain sounds create almost a real image in the mind. The NOAA's warning sound makes creeps on the skin, even though I've heard it only in TV (as I don't live in the US and never get into such emergency).

By the way, I found an other video (pretty scary sounds as well), you could perfectly fit into the plot after turning on the siren.


To sum up: really amazing!


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