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Entry 21 - Graduation Day (5E130)




It's graduation day as Glenvale celebrates its 20.000th student (now 8% of the city's whole population), but the university of Glenvale is already at capacity.


As part of its economy redevelopment, Glenvale is gambling on higher education to attract capital. The Aperture Center is one such high-tech academy.


Yet St Alessia Glenvale University is outdated. It was built in 5E98, back when Glenvale was more than struggling, to replace an even older building. But now, most of the university needs to move.


It is decided that underdeveloped land in Meadowfair will host a far bigger campus for more than 10 thousand students to use. The new university is to be dubbed Glenvale/South Kingscote New University.


It takes little over a year to rehabilitate an older building, known as Meadowfair Hall, and destroy houses to build the university around it. New University sits in the middle of Avalon Avenue, served by the busiest bus line in the network, in a neighbourhood known for its nightclub and youth.


The multi-million project also involved extensive redevelopment of the entire Meadowfair area.


Akaviri Hall holds the administrative areas of the university, as well as the Law and Liberal Arts departments. It is also home to the cafeterias and restaurants of the university.


The Dunmeri Institute of Science has ambition to become a leader in biotechnology. Its innovative design sinks the building into the ground - nine floors of this building are actually underground, where the complex sprawls.


Students walk along Avalon Avenue just two months after the Grand Opening.


Other buildings include the Central Library (on the right) and the Scientific Institute of Chemistry and Biology. Further in the background, one can find Bede Hall on the campus - one of the many accomodation sites for students all over the country.


The streets around the university campus are full of cheap shops, takeaways and book stores. The Departments of Business and Sociology did not move from the Old University, but each have half of it to expand. The Old University was renamed St Alessia Institute of Business and Economics, and St Alessia University Department of Sociology.


The Kingscote Institute of Magitech sits across the street, as a cooperative venture between the Mages Guild and the University of Glenvale. 


The Kingscote Anime League is planning to use the university campus for a one-week long festival dubbed LAcon, and a couple of music festivals are also planned here. There are also a few fields for playing various sports, though there is yet to be a University team to participate in sports leagues.


A new train station was built especially to serve the University. Regional trains call here on their way to the state capital, Albany. It sits at the edge of the built-up area, though. No crammed buildings or crowded skyline - and a massive parking lot in front of the station to boot.


A 4-car train bound for Beacon Falls is calling at Glenvale University.


The university complex is just as readily accessible by car, however.


Most of Meadowfair remains a medium-density district, however, and the building of the University has led to several refurbishment projects for some of the area's oldest buildings.


Carny Hall is one of many small accomodation units sprinkled across town. Those units welcome students year-round and have been built with easy transportation in mind - a ride on line 8, for instance, only takes 10 minutes from here to the university and 20 to downtown.


Though not every train stops at the station, it only takes 45 minutes from here to Albany, which may be interesting to many students.


All in all, one year after inauguration, the positive effects of the University have spread all across Meadowfair and Glenvale as a whole! They even have a new paper, released by the university itself : the Glenvale Express.


It remains to be seen whether smaller houses will be able to hold the tide against increasing high-density development though...


Yet for Glenvale as a whole, the massive new University complex is a much-needed breather as manufacturing industries have hit an all-time low. It also might become the state's most populous city that way!


Here's the SKRC System Map. Glenvale University station has been marked on it. For the SKRC network, this also meant the Albany-bound half of New Hall station could be shut down as transfers were now to be done at the much bigger University station.


New subway map, with a few corrections from the earlier update.


Updated city transit map with the new logo. Lines 1a and 1b have new loops to beat traffic jams, more stops have been added to some lines, and line 17 was stretched out to Miller's Ferry. Line 10 also goes slightly further into the Forest Hill neighbourhood. 

And that's it for today, hope you enjoyed! Next week we're taking a stroll across some parts of the city. Until then, thanks for reading =)




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That looks wonderful! =) I really like your university! 
Your students seem to like driving smart cars :D

May I ask, with what tool did you make the transport maps?

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That looks wonderful! =) I really like your university! 
Your students seem to like driving smart cars :D

May I ask, with what tool did you make the transport maps?

Thank you =) I use Inkscape primarily, it's a free to use vector drawing program. ^^

Superb once again!

Thank you =)

Great stuff! I love it!

Thanks :D

I like your extensive ped paths =)

Lol thanks. Who doesn't like ped paths? :P

Well, need I say it, those are beautiful maps, but I wont forget to mention the great city images aswell! :) 

Thanks ^^


Releasing the next entry tomorrow (it's been unpublished there for a good week - sometimes I can spend entire days playing..when not working anyway lol), stay tuned!

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