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Entry #2

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Illryis - Entry #2


Hi all!! Hope this Tuesday finds you all well.  I'm here for a second entry to my Illryis city journal -- continuing the story of the Amarians, however you will also see a lot of Elger cities today since I'm writing about the coast of both continents.    Today, I will show you some of the suburban, and smaller urban cities of Illyris and zoom in on some of the transportation systems. 

The most populous region of Illyris is one I named "Shining Star." It consists of the Red border west of the Snake River, to the seaport of the continent of Elger (in Southampton), and it's only urban city: London.  Because it is the junction of two landmasses (Red and Elger), with a river near it's coast, and harbors, and islands, the main transportation options are land, air, and water: ie road, plane, and boat.  

Residents travel by ferry down the Snake River, and the various islands and ports between the two continents.  They also utilize the three municipal airports in the area in Notre Dame, Allistar, and New York. 


Now onto the cities in this entry!

We begin today with New York.  With a population of 58,000, New York is a major urban city on a peninsula strip of Continent Red the farthest East Amarian city.  It boasts of being the first city on Red, with a subway system! Unlike the real-life Big Apple, it's system is small, but growing. 

Current Population: 58,000..



It has lovely high-density residential buildings, and the beautiful and prestigious Columbia University.


And a municipal airport!



New York is connected via bridge to the south to Avalon Island, and to the North west a hilly Suburban, and deeply religious city of Stiles: Canterbury. 

The Cathedral at Canterbury in between Canterbury Hill and Rabbit Hill and Mary is Queen Church at the summit of English Hill. 

Current Population: 11,800.






Next, onto Notre Dame - a bustling urban city to the West and South West of New York. 

It contains a municipal airport and a great suburban-style life next to the Snake River. As well as two avenues, which run through the city.  Here is one right next to Farlington High school.

 Notre Dame consists of two cities on my region map - Farlington and Notre Dame-- two cities run by Quasi Modo and Esmeralda.  Farlington is a city I imported from the time I played back in 2005, and developed it from there. 

The East side of Notre Dame contains a ferry that travels to two islands off the South East coast of Red, Treasure Island and Avalon. 


Current population of Notre Dame: 41,696


The South West border of Red is quite well-connected with a system of ferries, avenues, and highways. Several Islands are at this intersection of the two main continents.  Including Avalon and Balks Islands. 


Now onto a few Elger cities. 

First off is, London.  The largest city on the south west coast of Elger, established by the ancestors of Will Herondale and his wife, Tessa Gray --a family who detested the Elger's ancient and magical ways.  They adopted new technologies such as the railway, oil power plants, steam ships, and the Oz (a communication device), when it was first invented and put on the market.  Will and Tessa, see themselves as very progressive and secular, unlike their mystical counterparts who live beyond the forests of North Elger. 


London, after recovering from a small deficit and multiple fires, it now is in the green and boasts a population of 80,000.  It keeps its residents happy, by building its industries and their pollution behind a small cluster of mountains. 


Prada borders London to the north, and Southampton to the West. 

Population: 4,000


Southampton contains the only port on Elger. It trades with the only Elger/Amarian city in the region, Balks Islands. 

Population: 28,000



Finally, West of the Balks Islands is Juliet, a city of 13,000, containing the famous Juliet Bridge -- made of a special metal alloy called Zipzaar -- which is water resistant super strong.  It can withstand a 7.5 magnitude earthquake.  This is also the home-town of zipzaar inventor Julius McIntire.  Juliet is north of Romeo's Mountain which contains the only railway of the Elger continent. 


That's a brief run-down of some of the major transportation stations in the Shining Star region -- the intersection of Continent Elger and Red.  I hope you enjoyed this entry and get some ideas for your own city(es). Let me know what you think! See you next time for another city journal chronicling the beautiful land of Illyris!


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