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Merry Christmas from Phatifornia[20 ]

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We have five new cities with names that are Christmas gifts to ST and the world. The first city is Mount Reindeer, mayor Mrs. Rachel Reining, present May Miracles rein in the new year. The second is Dasher Valley, mayor Mr. Wallace Dasher, and present A dash of peace for the world. The third is Wondrous Gift, mayor Ms. Joy Livingston, present You all are a wondrous gift to the world. The forth city is Blessed Bounty, mayor Mrs. Lauren Bless, and present May everyone have a blessed new year. The final city is Comet Lake, mayor Mrs. Gracie Comet, and the present We cherish all your comets. Our state now has 182 cities, which is 75% of the total number of cities. Another beautiful Christmas is here. There was a Christmas play at the manger at Hotel Phatifornia, which has just finished its tenth, and final phase. There is roughly 7.6M Power production, with 3.9M for Central County. There is roughly 52.8 M water production, with 33.2 Million for Central County. There is roughly 189K garbage units collected, with 95k for Central County. There are now 25 universities with 54 campuses. There are 7 colleges in northern Phatifornia. There are 23 colleges in Central Phatifornia. There are 21 colleges in Southern Phatifornia. There are 182 elementary schools, and 105 high schools to round out most of the education of the state. There are 147 Police districts, with 399 buildings. Five animals escaped from one of the zoo’s only turkeys got out. One Panda bear followed closely behind six bucks at city park in Rules. There are 182 Fire Districts, with 962 buildings. There are 182 medical districts, with 182 buildings. The top four are in the 200K range. The cities from five to 28 are in the 100K. Let’s see where you take our story next?


Today’s highlighted program is “A Merry Christmas”

Chapter 1:

Scene 3 : Might be close

Nar: so after their meal the head back out to find a room. Mary says, "Hey, I think that

place over there might have a room." Joseph says, "Yeah, you might be right. Nar: so the

two walk some distance to another inn. Joseph walks in. Inn keeper3 says, "Hi, would you

be looking for a room?" Joseph says, "Why, yes might you have a room?" Inn Keep 3 says,

"Well we have a manger in the back if that would work for you?" Joseph says, "At this rate

I think so. My wife is caring our first child."

State Budget: 3,838,231 income 3,210,649 expenses

Projected State Population: 13,592,428

Proud member of




Focus City:

Heinz Town has a population of 177,208 founded 12/25/1852. Mr. Gregory Ketsup relished enough votes to win the election for mayor. The city uses 38K, power 184K water, and produces 1k garbage units. Heinz Town’s educational system has a college, my elementary school, and a high school, a library, museum and one private school, and a University campus and college. The city provides 3 police stations, 10 fire stations, and my hospital. The town also has 38k commercial jobs, and46k industrial jobs. It has an airport, zoo, baseball stadium, soccer field, and country club too. Its zip code is 91792. Its phone exchange is 510 – 260 – 266. Heinz Town receives it utilities from City 156.



Phatamento, Casa Quesadilla, Pillsbury Town, Karp City, Wood Vill, Year Hear, Phatidious, Hey Hey, Fletcher City, Worker City, Hair, Rules, Monster City, Jerome, Kool City, Eighties,Peter Place, Jehosiphat, Mt. Phatta, Atkins Valley, Sam Town, Toasted Towne, Lake Angel, New Springfield, Monder, Maggie Ville, Ben Think’n, East’r, Fresh Towne, Fish’n ,Town, I Coast, Hazard City, EmPhatic, Fort Marzipan, Genesis, Burn Phone, Dersun City, Ted Heights, Highest, Silver Side, Topped, Ponzi Acres, Cosmosis, Dos City, Mandelbratwurst, Ranger, Peyton Valley, Buckeye, Love, Wyndough Township, Santa Jilliana, Peek Fork City, InPhanta Real, Pirate Creek, Smart Town, Slider Ville, Harper, Foot Laker, Carrotsburg, Murkle, Zion, Moxy, Oak Point, Dirkenburg, Quack Valley, Meep Meep, Scootle Ville, Acme Anvils, Chattering Chimpmucksvill, Port Angel, Trilogy, Jolly Towne, Lissy Towney, Spoon Town, New Fudd City, Watermelon Farms, Left Out, Century, Forest Town, Melton Township, Heavenly Hills, Musk Kity Phat’n, Dawg Ville, Foster Vill, Reeseville, West Hershey, Rolo City, Carmel Falls, Gravitation, Rancho Malt, <uki Cyty, Rancho Carroll, San Edo, Golden Rod, Puero Matteo, Hill Town, Dawg Lake, Monster Villa, Hammer, Trufflebury, Phatiform Falls, Hummingbird Haven, Griffith Park City, Bell, Kathryn Kity, Gray Hall, Narducci Township, San Sonata, Knife Vill, Rocky, Clock City, Two Too Town, Cross Ville, Slick City, Snickersburg, Glory Acres, Boyes Balloon, YuleLog City, Town O Tinsel, Praying Peace, Coco Lot A, Grace Point, Bladder City, Colt Cove, Boster, Flights Peak, Rain In, Heinz Town, Zamboni Slick, Carter's Fold, Marklesburg, Yellowbird, Jones Town, Twentysix Cyborg City, Mount Reindeer, Dasher Valley, Vixen Hills, Blitzen Town, Wondrous Gift, Blessed Bounty, Donner Passage, and Comet Lake.


Hotel Phatifornia:

We have just finished phase 10 our final phase. We are near Phatamento Park. You won’t have to worry about the pharms nearby. We have Air filters that clean any unwanted smells from the farms. We have at least six outdoor pools and few indoor pools. We have some 1,000 rooms.


North [38] [39] [44] [45] [51] [52] [56] [57] vote for 5

Central [96] [109] [110] [117] [118] [124] [125] [135] [142] [151] [158] [159] [160] vote for 8

Southern [174] [175] [176] [177] [187] [188] [195] [196] [198] [221] vote for 5

Polls close 1/13/2015 12 Noon Arizona time.

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The amount of work put into this is amazing! Looking forward to more updates!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and all the best for 2015.

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North [38] [39] [44] [45] [51]

Central [96] [109] [110] [117] [118] [124] [125] [135]

Southern [174] [175] [176] [177] [187]


Have a Phat 2015

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