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Isle of Bruce






East Tenne: Isle of Bruce


Pursuant to Proclamation of the Supreme Wirdle 163-11982, the Isle of Bruce Special Economic Zone Act, written 22 August 2013, the Isle of Bruce, located in the Wirdle River in the capital's first arronidissement, will be subject to certain economic development incentives and development opportunities as stipulated by the Supreme Wirdle:

After consultation with the Bank of the Government of Schulmania, the Royal Treasury, the National Capital Region Finance Office and the Bureau of Feline Affairs Privy Council, I have decided to designate the Isle of Bruce in District I of the National Capital Region as a Special Economic Zone. This decision is designed to create synergy between major feline businesses and civic organizations, each receiving economic incentives to establish and maintain a significant presence in proximity to one another. The incentives for the feline organizations are as follows:

First, any feline business or civic organization employing over 10,000 felines in Schulmania establishing a headquarters building will receive a 100% indefinite deferral of all property taxes associated with the building for as long as the structure remains fully occupied and engaged as the headquarters for the petitioning entity. Should the headquarters building be abandoned or become secondary to the petitioner entity, the taxes will become due with interest.

Second, necessary utilities for the daily operation of the headquarters buildings will be paid by the local government indefinitely, provided that the petitioner maintains the status of the building as stipulated above,

Third, these incentives are available only to feline owned companies operating in the Feline Realms (Schulmania, Harar and Leeviousia) unless special dispensation has been granted to a petitioner by my designee, the Royal Treasury of Schulmania.

Fourth, subject to design review and approval by the City Planning Office, there will be no restrictions imposed upon the aforementioned headquarters buildings in terms of height or style.

Fifth, the Transit Office is hereby authorized to construct and maintain as many bridges of whatever configuration it deems necessary to facilitate and expedite the full development of the Special Economic Zone. The costs of construction and maintenance will be paid by the Royal Treasury and not passed on to local government or businesses in the Special Economic Zone.

With these words, the Supreme Wirdle set forth a level of commercial development hitherto unseen in all of the Feline Realms. And now, to fulfill the destiny of Schulmania.

There are 5 bridges crossing the Wirdle River through the Isle of Bruce. The East Tenne Avenue bridge crosses the island, connecting the north and south shores. The 13th Street Bridge connects to the south shore and the 14th Street Bridge to the north shore. Melbourne Bridge faces west but connects to the south shore of the Wirdle River. There is also a ferry terminal on the island. Now to enter the bustling isle.


The 13th Street Bridge


The 14th Street Bridge


The East Tenne Avenue Bridge, heading to the south shore and the Royal Quarter

You might think the island is small and can't have many amenities. But you would be wrong-o! There are several parks as well as museums, theaters and other attractions. And of course, a collection of buildings which dwarf those therwise built in Schulmania. Let's see what I am talking about.


The Melbourne Bridge carries pedestrian and wagon traffic onto the island through scenic and woodsy Carbide Park. Carbide Park is best known for Freedom Tower and Chateau Miranda. It's also a nice wooded spot well suited to picnics, bird watching, squirrel pouncing and other fun activities.


Freedom Tower is a commemoration for the feline soldiers who have defended Schulmania against Queensferry. You have a great view if you want to climb to the observation deck at the top.


Stadtpark is another park on the Isle of Bruce. The walking trails and flowers make for a pleasant view for the residents living next to it.

As can be seen in these typical shots from around the island, much of the Isle of Bruce looks like the typical Schulminion city and the other districts of the capital.






This dense midrise development gives way to the defining structures on the isle...

Our first stop is the campus of the University of East Tenne- Oak Ridge. UETOR has a campus right in the heart of the island. A full complement of coursework, both undergraduate and graduate, is available for students.




University Chapel also hosts the university's Religious Studies program



Meow Plaza is a nice urban gathering spot. It's a great place for urban workers to take their lunch or theatergoers to relax before or after a show.

And now for something completely different...


The Pollard Auditorium is next to Meow Plaza. It is one of the most prestigious performing arts venues in the nation. The Supreme Wirdle did the ribbon cutting and attended the first performance, Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.


As we look over the university campus, we see the crown of a much taller building. There are several large structures clustered here, thanks in large part to the special development project the Supreme Wirdle approved.



The Alexander Inn is now the largest, tallest hotel in the nation. The rooms are all suites and there are 25 concierges on staff to tend to the needs and wants of esteemed guests.




The new headquarters of SchulmaniCorp, the largest company in Schulmania, dominates the skyline along with two other towers


SchulmaniCorp, Feline National Bank and Cat Head Industries are the three largest buildings in the nation and are all together in the heart of the Isle of Bruce



The three towers, with SchulmaniCorp at left, Cat Head Industries at center (top) and Feline National Bank at right





Royal Protectorate of Harar: Simtropolis | Official Website

Schulmania: National Capital Region: SC4Devotion




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Those look spectacular, nay, SENSATIONAL together!  They fit perfectly- *ahem*  Let's try that again.  They fit purr-fectly with the surrounding areas, too.  That is some wondrous development to behold in Schulmania.

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any help to the treasury in terms of financial support for any projects within the region can be provided by King Aaron IV of Teddyland- we pledge any and all support. Our embassy will assist in any possible way.


Anyway on a personal note- great work

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thank you    you have managed to blend modern hi rise with historic buildings in a 

beautiful way that enhances both styles  also like all the pedmalls in the commercial areas

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Benedict    Thanks. I wanted something different. And it helps fulfill the promise made in my ubiquitous header picture too!

NMUSpidey    Thanks! And it's always nice to get a nay!

Neto Dari    Thanks! Glad you like it.

Lord Branham    Thanks! :D

jmsepe    Rest assured - nothing positive!

Titanicbuff    Thanks! And we quite good on money. Thanks to some transactions in the past we have a staggering amount of gold. That's why we still issue gold coins in circulation.

sejr99999    Thanks. I wanted them to work together and not be jarring. I amglad you liked how it came out.

MatTSW    Awesome! Thanks :D

#1SithLord    Not originally but I am here now. That's the skyline in the entry header pictures. I often buy my gas in your hometown since I save 20-30c a gallon!

paulmc    It is! And thanks! :D

VMIUJcadet09    Thanks! It's sort of a Charlotte deluxe edition. :D

[Volume 3 Update #373]
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