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Mass Effect: Beyond

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TMW - Judahr IV System | "The Ice Canals"



Overview ~

The Eco-shard. Prothean technology witholding vast amounts of physical Prothean memories, the broken remains of a long dead race. And as Javik remembers, he goes back to a world that was long lost in the Reaper-Prothean wars 50,000 years ago.



Same, and in any case, that's probably what's happening :P


It's not as bad as it sounds. Besides, how else are those prefabs gonna be placed there? :P


Yeah, they're supposed to be Colony administration centers and like miniature habitation arcologies :)




I guess it depends on the species. Horizon's animal population is largely similar as describe to Earth's Cambrian period with plenty of disproportionately large flying insect analogs on the planet. So I'd imagine some would :) And, no, the colonists on Horizon wouldn't be looking to clear the entire forest in the area. Just the areas of land they'd need to sustain themselves.


Oh Patrick Star :P


Because human. :P Nah, I'd imagine that the scale of logging is probably just an isolated case on Horizon. At that point, I'm pretty sure we'd have probably learned a decent amount from our past mistakes here on Earth. ;)


On Horizon? No, it can't be? Can it? :O



They use asbestos on Horizon? :O


Save the environment on Horizon! :D


Thank you vinlab, that's a real complement :)


Thanks :)


Note: It's so frustrating to come up with updates for ME:TMW that can use renderable BATs that don't completely fry my computer to a crisp. Because my laptop is quite old, and has a pretty below standard computing power, I can only render BATs of a certain degree of detail and a certain relative size in order for it to actually render without hiccups or errors along the way. That's why I have a hard time recreating the metropolises from the game such as Milgrom, Bekenstein and Nos Astra, Illium that require entirely new towers and buildings. I'll get there eventually. But for now, enjoy this serene and artistic depiction of a Prothean colony, as vaguely recognized in ME3.

For this update, there is no planetary or star cluster data codex as the planet is a Prothean colony, existing 50,000 years before the Common Era.




Holding an Eco-shard. An intricate example of Prothean technology, witholding physical memories passed on by generations of Prothean individuals. With such high mental capabilities, Javik grasps the shard firmly, and his mind slowly being taken into the memories of hundreds and thousands of others. Remembering worlds long lost in the previous cycle, to the devastation brought upon by the Reapers.

Worlds long lost, recalling the system of Judahr IV; a barren world of ice and snow.








Recommended Comments

A cold but still attractive entry, I would say.


Just curious, how long did it take for you to BAT the materials for one entry, in general? 

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