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51 - Chinatown



Although Asian cultural influences can be seen all around Ionica there is still one place everyone lovingly refers to as Chinatown: the Fenghuang (Phoenix) Street Market in Walden II. Every side street is packed with activity and the odor of food, good and bad, attacks your nose from all directions.

This is the southern entrance of the Fenghuang Market, it is generally considered to be the front entrance of Chinatown since it faces Sao Sing Sa park but others consider the North side the entrance because it faces the street with a tram line and station. At the end of the day it doesn't really matter it just gets a bit confusing when you make plans to meet at the front.

(All of the photographs in this entry are taken by me.)


Streets in downtown Ionica can get pretty packed but they are nothing like Chinatown where it so full of people you're practically walking shoulder to shoulder with the person next to you.


The north gate of Fenghuang market on a rainy day. If you didn't bring an umbrella just pop in the nearest 7/11 and buy one, or wait it out one of the famous tea houses (I recommend Pavilion of the White Peony).



Even the alleys are filled with little shops that sell all kinds of cheap knock-off bobbles and trinkets. It feels just like Hong Kong.



The brown Kowloon-style building at the top left of this image is one of the oldest buildings in the area and inside you can still find one of the best, multi-Micheline star winning Dim Sum restaurants: Drunken Immortals (4th floor).


The market gets even busier at night when business man and women come looking for some food and entertainment, but don't worry there is plenty of that to go around.




Jenny's food cart around the corner from the Apple store sells some of the best Korean food in all of Ionica. Order anything and you are guranteed to be satisfied. If you're hestitant I recomment you at least try the Hotteok, a cinnamon and brown sugar pancake, fried on a griddle (too delicious!).


Freddy Wong, a lively shop owner in Fenghuang, stares blankly at shoppers as his long day of work nears an end.



At the end of the night street vendors pack it up and go home for some well earned rest, leaving the streets eerily desolate and silent.



Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting.



Schriefer: Great job again! You details and editing are so perfect... :)

Thanks Schriefer.


Gugu3: Very nice!

Thnk you very much.


blunder: Congratz on 50 entries! This CJ has so much win. :D

Wow thanks. I'm glad you see it that way.


TekindusT: These mosaics alone are a master on how to use everything with "HK" in front of its name!

I'm honored by this compliment. HK is one of the biggest inspirations for Ionica.


NielsC007: Good job!



Lord Branham: Fantastic work again!!!! You are so brilliant in your layout and tedious work ethic, which is clearly evident in your cities!! Love it!

Thanks Lord Branham. Stay tuned!


KonstantinII: I'm nominate you!

Thank you so much Konstantin for all your support and your help.


feeroz123: So many lights all over the entry ! Twinkling ! ***

Just call me Mr. Sparkle!


SimRico: Landed in Ionica just now on my weekly Around The World Tour of Featured CIties! The good folks of The Docs sends their Greetings as well as the Peytoners-Stepford Islanders. Staying at the highrize district and plenty room service as welll as cultural events to take in.Will stay overnight after an eloquent dinner and off i go tomorrow morning for the next city!

Hope you enjoyed your stay. We'll roll out the red carpets for you any time you want to come back.


SimCoug: Sorry, I'm trying to play catch-up and I just noticed this entry - awesome work with those nbvc marinas!

Yes, be sorry, be very sorry. Thanks. :rofl:


Benedict: 50 entries is a fantastic achievement - great to see Ionica last this long. And this was another wonderful update. Hopefully you'll be back in business soon.

Hey Ben, my computer is up and running again. SC4 up and running for the most part. Thanks.



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I just like this feeling of a dense city. Even though everything is tightly packed together it does not seem out of place. Looks like in these shops items can be bought for a price much cheaper than in malls Avalon.

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Nice Chinatown there! Where did you get those buildings, btw?


Tough question cause there are a lot of buildings but you can find some of the newest Japanese W2W buildings here.

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Was planning my trip to Ionica for months!  Glad to have added this stop to my Weekly Around The World Tour of Featured Cities!  I am off to some night-life fun and see you at the net sun!

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