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Mass Effect: Beyond

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TMW - Utukku System | "Aralakh Company"



Overview ~

Reports of Rachni plague Krogan comms after a scouting team in the Utukku system, beyond the rachni relay, causes for question the possibility of the ongoing existence of the rachni race. As Wrex warns John about the abnormality in the Traverse, he along with Garrus and James join the already deployed Aralakh Company, a renowned group of Krogan commandos, searching for the missing scouts. As they land at Base Camp, John and Garrus find themselves being greeted by a familiar face.



These scenes don't take as long as you think hehe. Usually, editing takes longer :P I guess it's more up to determining what you want as a result before hand so you know what to do and how to do it quickly.

MilitantRadical #1, #2

Sorry haha, I must've read it around the wrong way. Thanks a lot though :)


Indeed, it's a whole lotta rock and dust. Not really that interesting, except for the batarian colonies lol. And those shifts are indeed grueling, I mean 24 Hours! :O


Thanks a lot! :)


Nope, and neither has my laptop's processor :P


Thanks, I just had to fill in the lack of sci-fi and terrain/environment/atmosphere variation in CJs :P


Thanks a lot! Despite you have been gone for 2 months, it looks like you've been way busy then I have :P In any case, it's great to see around again and can't wait for you to throw in an official SorGun update!


Ultimate huh? Thanks so much! That is indeed a conveyor belt, though I pretty much just improvised the space shuttle launcher from SOMY :P


Note: Hey, sorry for this rather disappointing update. It didn't out how I wanted it to, and my poor observation skills have made this recreation somewhat poor. But in any case, it seemed okay to showcase, so I hope you think it ain't too bad






Utukku, a barren world in the Mulla Xul system, is a world situated in old rachni space. Though considered a habitable world, it's intense weather has almost scared of all potential colonists looking to settle new frontier worlds. Thus, the planet remains a barren wasteland with few thriving flora and virtually no land-based fauna; most confined to the small seas of liquid water. After letting the rachni queen live on the Hot labs of Noveria's Peak 15, John and Garrus, knowing very well that they let the queen go, begin to drift into thought as to why they would hear about rachni years later. Being that the queen was left off on the conditions that she would never threaten to start another war, scouts gone missing on the count of suspected rachni sightings on Utukku make this report strange, and somewhat bizarre.


They head towards the base camp setup by the initial scouting team sent to the system on an unknown mission.


Cortez lands the shuttle down on the edges of the camp, close to a group of gathered krogan, Aralakh Company.



De-boarding the Kodiak, as John looks out to the sight of tall cliffs and rocky landscapes, in front of him approaches a silver plated krogan. Giving a warm welcome, Grunt seems happy to see John joining him to fight what he definitely seems to think is rachni in the caves where the scouts were reported missing. After months, they catch up on their way to the caves, finding out that Grunt had become the CO of Tuchanka's most renowned and respected military company, despite being artificially bred.


And with that, John, Garrus, James and Grunt make their way towards the caves below, in the chasm right next to the camp.

To be continued...






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First time here. Nice CJ Houston, I like the use of non-simcity images. What game is that BTW? I also like the way you edit your simcity 4 snapshots. Overall, excellent!  :D

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Great storyline so far.. looking forward to more.


Yet to use some of your uploads to the stex, but I am planning too soon, thanks for sharing your creations with the community.

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