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The Unsung War Pt.2 - How Could They?

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@dubaidude303: IKR?! :P

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Quick Note:

Yup, it's story time!

This may be a difficult read formatting-wise as I had some formatting errors transferring the storyline from notepad to here. Bear with me please. As for roleplay (@AINmembersonly), you may only roleplay based off of the text in Blue. These are public/international announcements or things that the general media has reported. The rest is behind the scenes or irrelevant due to roleplay. It's recommended by me personally to read the entire story to get a real feel for what's going on. Without fully reading, you may not understand what the roleplay text is either, although I have tried hard to keep the roleplay text independently understandable. Either way, enjoy! I also realize this is a bit late, since it is now November 24, 2012, we'll assume Atlantsia hasn't uncovered any significant evidence on the pilots yet. Also, make sure to look at the TIME ZONES as these are important. The timezone of the CNN report of the Attack is GMT+3, not GMT+4, :lost: , but just keep in mind that this update is all that happened, AFTER the attack. Yes I know there's no palm trees in Ukraine. I screwed up the first picture rather badly as it was originally supposed to be Jordan, but I realized that didn't make sense.




"78, 79, 80!" Dariya said with joy as she finished beating the eggs. Her

husband, Andriy, would be home tonight, for the first time after his last 7

months of active military duty. His flight from Jordan was supposed to have

arrived 30 minutes ago, so she assumed he was well on his way to the house.

She had prepared a special dinner for this occasion, rice, various curries,

and an array of different spices were strewn across the dining table. She

poured the beaten eggs into the frying pan to make the omelet, the final part

of the dinner. Then, all she had to do was wait, and then embrace. He would be

here any minute.

Dariya decided to turn on the television while she cooked the omelet.A movie

came up, and she hummed a song which had been stuck in her head all day as she

poured the fried meal into a plate. Suddenly the movie abruptly stopped, and

the screen went momentarily black. At the sudden halt of the audio, she

glanced up at the screen. When the channel came back, there was a video of a

building engulfed in smoke. "Oh my God." she gasped. She watched the

television in absolute disbelief while the plate with the omelets shattered on

the floor.


"Alright, tell me everything you saw, nothing left out, and the whole truth to

the fullest of your extent right now!" commanded First Lieutenant Sergey

Zavrazhnov. A young well groomed man in his mid-thirties sat across from

Sergey in the interrogation chamber of the Nogovicka Police Department's

headquarters. The man had long brown hair and a sharp face, which would make

him otherwise seem completely confident if he were in the general public. Here

however, he couldn't have looked more terrified.

"I saw..a..plane hit the Rodina Tower." he croaked. Sergey glared at the man.

He decided it was best to be patient with this civilian, who had

probably just witnessed more than his evening stroll could tolerate.

"Where are my manners, I'm sorry, what's your name son?" he asked.

"Ivan" the man replied.

"Alright Ivan, now, you tell me what happened to the best you can. Here, I'll

start us off. What were the colors of the plane?"

"I...I...I think it was...white...yeah white with some green."

"That narrows it down to about 50 airliners. Can't you be more specific?"

"I'm not very knowledgeable of planes sir. It was moving fast too...I don't


"We asked for all eyewitnesses to come up, but you can't even tell me what the

******* plane looked like?!" Sergey cried in frustration. His attempt at

patience had diminished rather quickly.

There was a knock at the room door. Sergey opened it. A middle aged

man stepped through. This man's hair was clearly graying, yet he seemed

nonetheless energetic. "What is it now Alexei?"Sergey demanded.

"You may want to see this sir." Alexei stated, and he motioned for the

Lieutenant to follow. Once they got to the parking garage, Alexei opened the

door of the SUV for Sergey, and told him to get in. He then drove the

Lieutenant to Rodina Tower, well, at least what remained.


The building had collapsed only half an hour ago, and firecrews were still

frantically attempting to put out the flames. Smoke consumed the tower from all

directions. Alexei parked the SUV near what was once the West entrance to the tower.

Sergey followed Alexei as he walked through the debris towards the collapsed building.

About ten meters from the

base of the building, Alexei knelt down and pointed. Sergey moved over for a

closer look. What lay before him was a broken piece of metal, seemingly once a

light green, yet now lay torn and burnt badly to a dark emerald color. This

was none other than the winglet of a Boeing 737-800W. The words on the side of

the piece were still legible.


"Those *******!" Sergey yelled.


Atlantsian Emir Durjah's suburban beachside villa was quite the spot to spend

a relaxing late night at. The bright city lights of Masel did not reach this

getaway, and so the stars shone brightly in the sky. Yet it wasn't long before

Alai sensed something wrong. He had gone about twenty minutes without spotting

one airliner pass by above him in the night sky. Why weren't there any planes

in the sky tonight? He was sure that the air traffic from Masel International

would at least give way to at least a few jet streams high above him. Ever

since he could remember, jet streams often obstructed a full view of the stars

in the night sky whenever he was out like this. The runway often used for

departing aircraft from Masel International was pointed in this direction. In

the distance, he heard sirens wail softly. The sound grew gradually louder.

"****, they're heading towards me. One day of vacation, and this is what I

get." he thought. As he had predicted, the sirens gave way to a limo escort

and two police cars, which parked in his front yard. A tall man in a black suit sprinted towards him.

"Raj! How are you?" Alai said once the man had

reached him. "I'm fine Emir Durjah, but I need you to come with me right now.

It's urgent." Raj panted.

Alai looked curiously at the official he had

appointed to attend to his matters while he was away. The man's hair was

unkempt, and his clothes weren't uniformly put on, as if he had been in a

severe rush to get here.

"What happened?"he questioned.

"I'll explain on the way, we have your clothes in the back seat, please come

now." Raj replied.

Alai reluctantly hopped in the limo and changed. Once he was done, he said it

was alright for Raj to come in, and they left.

"Alright so where are we going and what happened?"

"Ministry of Defense and Homeland Security HQ. The Hiigaran Confederacy has

accused us of a terror attack. Earlier this morning, a plane crashed into the

Rodina Tower, seemingly deliberately. Further investigations revealed

supporting evidence that it was an AtlantAir."

The Emir looked stunned. This was a lot for a man to take in during a ten

second time frame. He assumed that this was the reason there were no

planes in the sky. They had been grounded.

"If it were an act of terror, wouldn't a civilian have notified us that the

plane had been hijacked while it was flying low-altitude before the crash?"

"That's the thing! During all the flights of 9/11, four out of four planes had

passengers who called the ground to notify them that something was wrong.

Flight 93 even went down in Pennsylvania before it reached its destination

because the passengers attacked the terrorists. We contacted the IADA a few

minutes ago. They said-"

"IADA?" the Emir asked puzzled. He had never had to deal with this acronym before.

"International Air Defense Administration, it's an airforce team specializing in aircraft tracking during a time when a minor or major mishap occurs during a flight. They said that there were only six AtlantAir flights in the area during the time period of the attack, and pointed out one, Flight 184, a commercial flight which had stopped over in Amman, Jordan to pick up Hiigaran veterans and transport them to Ukraine, experienced a radio communication problem at cruising altitude. They then stated that it had been cleared for a Visual Flight Rule landing in Kiev, Ukraine. The tower at Boryspil Airport in Kiev confirmed it had landed when they saw an airliner's lights on the runway, but that's the problem. The tower had mistook another flight for AtlantAir 184. Aer Lingus Flight 728 to be precise, which can be understood because both airlines have a similiar paint schem and it was a foggy night in Kiev. AtlantAir 184 was still somewhere in the air. 12 minutes later, a plane crashed into the Rodina Tower. AtlantAir 184 was not confirmed to have landed anywhere else. Moreover, an AtlantAir winglet was found in the debris of the

collapsed structure. Since no calls were traced from the flight stating

something was wrong, it can be correctly assumed that the pilots of the plane

were the terrorists. Therein lies your security problem."


Emir Durjah took a deep breath. His mind had been forced to comprehend more in

the 10 minute car ride than in all of the 16 hours he had spent at the villa

earlier that day. He had stayed up late hoping to make the day of break seem

longer before he went to sleep, and then had to attend to his duties as Emir

only a few hours later. And yet here he was, sleepy and unrested, being told

that two AtlantAir pilots had just crashed a plane full of Hiigaran veterans

into a Hiigaran tower. He walked up the steps into the ministry with Raj at

his side.

"This looks horrible. Hiigara is a rival in the oil industry, but we are

neutral with them politically. They'll think we did this because of oil!" Alai

exclaimed in frustration.

"Are you suggesting we lead this attack?" Raj asked quietly in shock. The Emir

had just said "we did this" himself.

"No, no we didn't do this. I don't know who did. It's as if we're being

framed. Wait, did any of the private sectors order this?"

"We have no idea who the pilots were sir, nor their motives or assets. Here's

another interesting piece of information I just recieved on my phone. Several

Hiigaran eyewitnesses claimed to have seen an AtlantAir flying low altitude

before the crash, the farthest report being about 150 miles from the tower.

It's as if the terrorist masterminds behind this wanted to frame us because

this would indicate that the pilots were the terrorists, since no calls were

made stating any reports of hijacking."

The two marched down the halls of the headquarters. Media was not allowed to

enter, and at this time, there weren't any reporters anyway.

"What are we here for?" Alai asked.

"You're issuing orders, and responding to the accusation."

"You sure you have the right information? This is only 52 minutes after the

attack. Atlantsia was accused 29 minutes ago, and we took ten minutes to get

here. You did all that investigating in 19 minutes?"

"That's what you pay us for sir."

Alai held the door for Raj as they entered the empty auditorium. A small

camera crew were waiting at the base of the stage to take a recording of his

speech. Alai straightened his tie and walked up to the podium. Raj took a seat

next to the camera crew.

"Citizens of Atlantsia, I address you in a time of great confusion. There is

strong evidence supporting the accusation by the Hiigaran Confederacy that an

AtlantAir flight deliberately crashed into the Rodina Tower. We are aware that

the flight was filled with Hiigaran soldiers on a transport route to Ukraine.

We were the best commercial airline option for the shipment, and therefore

AtlantAir flight 184 continued from Amman, Jordan, where the Hiigaran Military

trained desert infantry forces, to Kiev, Ukraine. The flight experienced radio

mishaps at cruising altitude, and was assumed to attempt a VFR approach into

Kiev. Boryspil International confirmed the flight had landed, but they had

mistaken another airline for the flight. We can assume that the radio was

turned off by the terrorists before the plane descended into Nogovicka and

crashed. We are issuing investigations to uncover who the pilots were, and who

the culprit of this horrid incident is. The plane could not have been hijacked

by passengers, as no calls of something amiss were recieved by operators on

the ground although the plane was reported by eyewitnesses to have flown at

low altitude for 150 miles before the crash occured. Technology to deter

cellphone calls from inside an airplane at low altitude has not been invented

yet. This would lead us to believe the pilots of the plane were the terrorists

themselves. We will assume no side on this matter until investigations reveal

who those pilots were."


I don't do a lot of stories as I usually suck at writing, but this is for AIN, so I thought what the heck, why not put it on Simtropolis as well. More to come soon :)

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Very nice effect with the plane crash!
"[color=#000000][font='Open Sans', Tahoma, Geneva, helvetica, arial, sans-serif][size=3]usually suck at writing" well you did just great! :D[/size][/font][/color]

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It's very interesting, I think you have a very good mystery shaping up here. I wonder where it'll lead us! I rather like Atlantsia, I'd hate to think something bad was about to happen to it, whether they turn evil or they become the victims of an unearned retaliation...

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Thanks everyone for your extremely kind comments ^_^

Just wanted to make a quick response to Eugene, the villa is from an LBT Team Mega Prop Pack, not sure which one. I downloaded all of them and then made the lots using the Lot Editor. :)

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