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New Chandler III

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Fifty Updates from New Chandler




I wasn't expecting to ever get to the 50 Update milestone, but here I am. And what better way to celebrate it then driving through New Chandler City, as half of the previous updates have focused on the general area of New Chandler City. That hasn't been a trend that has carried over to New Chandler III (NCIII is Update 30 and forward if you're wondering) but I figured it's fitting to focus on some highways in the biggest city of the journal.

By the way, for all of you who have commented from my journal from the beginning, like Mithrik, TekindusT, Benedict, Mastof, ggamus, Kj3400, and everyone else who I didn't mention (my apologies), I commend you all big-time. If you've just found me recently or even today, thanks for visiting as well.

Regarding this update, I want to stress that about 95% of New Chandler City, including what you see in this update, is grown by the game. The only places that I used "buildingplop" on that you'll see here are parts of Tamolitch's Addition and the McLeavy District. Despite all my commuters my sims like creating hell for themselves on surface streets than taking the highways though. In the Lafayette District area with all the housing projects, route query says I have about 5,000 people travelling east toward 5E on the highway, and about 7,000 on the avenue to the south of it. Pretty stupid. But I do have about 15,000 people taking public transportation in that area though, so that seems to be working okay :P

Alright, with all of that business out of the way, here's to another 50 updates!

We ended at the entrance to Cameron State Route 8 on Burlesque Avenue from the previous update. We're going to head eastbound on Cameron State Route 8 toward National Road 5E.


Merging onto the freeway now...


We'll now pass through a large interchange with NE 18th Avenue in the Sorianas District. This is a messy interchange, which looks something between a cloverleaf and a parclo, with other ramps to Civic Avenue in the middle of it all.


A better view of it, coming toward the end of this mess. The signs in the top left corner reflect those on 18th Avenue (Typo by the way, it should be Céspedes City). The white is the edge of this city tile.


We're coming toward the Jiquipilco District now and the 13th Avenue exit. The WinterDome indoor ski area, one of two of these on the continent, is visible; it has its own access ramp from the freeway.


Exit 2b is 9th Avenue, a major thoroughfare through the Central Core, about 3 miles south of Highway 8.


Exit 2a serves Ardea Avenue. This is a heavily traveled street serving a great deal of the Central Core crowd. Metro line 9 visibly passes above the highway here as well.


We're now ascending over an overpass. We're in the middle lane.


Passing the final exit before we merge down onto Highway 5E Southbound, the bisector of New Chandler City.


Now heading down onto the empty freeway (this is only empty because I haven't worked on anything above it... there's going to be a lot of suburbs north of here, so the freeway is ready for it). The sign faces the downhill ramp and is mounted on the Cienfuegos Avenue overpass.


We now take the next exit onto National Road 880 now. The sign at the top left reflects what you would've seen right before this exit, not visible here. On a side note, the interchange with 880 and 5E will be the first thing that will get gutted when the new RHW, which will hopefully make that a little more clean. That's why I'm not showing it now.


We now pass under Imperial Avenue. North of the freeway, Imperial Avenue divides housing projects with part of the affluent Lafayette District.


Now approaching what is probably the biggest traffic mess of our drive, the exit with Lafayette Avenue. Near the freeway, the Lafayette Avenue does not pose its regular height restrictions, and developers have "rose" to the occasion. The New Chandler Thunderbirds of the SBL play at the stadium at the bottom.


Another major avenue is Don Carman Avenue, continuing to serve freeway access nearly a hundred thousand people in the housing projects.


The other direction of freeway has an exit to Tamolitch's Addition, at the bottom right corner. Our direction has an onramp from the grounds of an industrial area and chemical plant. If your a tourist, you might want to keep driving (or stay on Metro Line 2 or 4) through Tamolitch's Addition; it's not a good part of town.


We now go through the McLeavy District, approaching Don Berkeley Parkway. When New Chandler FC or the Natoinal Team plays at D'Egiralamo National Stadium, this exit is pandemonium for drivers. (yes, the grid is on...)


We now go through an interchange with National Road 817, a short freeway built to serve the Simlympic Complex when New Chandler City hosted in 2011.


Coming out the other side now. Drivers can now see the Simlympic Stadium rising out of the trees, which marks the end of our drive.


Ending the journey through New Chandler City is Exit 7, which drops us off at a national treasure of New Chandler, the Simlympic Stadium. Galanos nearly won the rights this summer, but couldn't make the cut; New Chandler City dreams of one day bringing new life to the now quiet Simlympic Park.


Well that's 50 updates folks. My next update will show an overview of this on a region view (you'll see where we went in update 49 and 47 too, along with other location information). I'll be going in-depth of how I planned New Chandler City out, and what four cities inspired me to make each part like I did. I'll use real-world pictures next to pictures of New Chandler City so you can get the general idea easily.

Until then, leave a comment, follow the New Chandler journal, and stay tuned for what's coming in the future :) Thanks for your support again.


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[b][color=#ff00cc]Congrats on your 50th update![/color][/b]

[b][color=#ff00cc]Love the look of the overpass in the first picture.[/color][/b]

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50 is a a pretty good number of updates for a CJ.

Thanks for mentioning me up there, but really, it's your great work what got me hooked even from before New Chandler, when you made your first CJ, Cultan Republic, you remember it? Oh, the good ol' times.

Congratulations, hope you keep going with this.

Best regards,

[b][i] Mithrik[/i][/b]

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Dude you need to put this on the STEX, this is goooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Roadgeekery is taking this CJ over, and I like it! Congrats on your 50th update!

[quote name='Benedict' timestamp='1353594431']
Congratulations on 50 great updates! Love all the signs - particularly the Simlympic one.
It was in fact a streak of Trixie-winning updates...

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[b]raynev1:[/b] Thanks for the comment! I live in Oregon, so I'm pretty used to seeing a ton of trees around the freeways ;)
[b]Schulmanator:[/b] Thanks for the comments, I probably should've put your name up there with the others, I'm sorry :( But I'm glad you liked the signage!
[b]Mastof:[/b] Thanks for stopping by!
[b]Benedict:[/b] Thanks for your comments, glad you've liked all 50!
[b]Fox:[/b] Thanks for your support too Fox! Glad you liked that picture, I think that's the second time you've commented on it :P
[b]lovemax:[/b] Thanks for the compliment!
[b]Gugu3:[/b] Thanks, that's the best place for it!
[b]sim_link:[/b] Thanks man, but my last journal didn't get there.... I think it got to 25 though, I don't remember, it was a while ago ;)
[b]Crysspm:[/b] Thanks for stopping by, glad you liked it!
[b]Mithrik: [/b]Thanks for the praise. How could I forget Cultan Republic and its lousy start? :P I'm going to keep going with New Chandler for a while, but I might do a Cultan Republic redux as part of it soon. I'm sure you'll be here to see it!
[b]cashius:[/b] Thanks for the compliment, I think I'd set a new record for how many dependencies one item would need :P If you're interested in anything here you can send me a PM though!
[b]qwertyuiopasdfghjkl123:[/b] Thanks for stopping by.... your username is a mouthful by the way :P
[b]Arsan: [/b]I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks for visiting!
[b]TekindusT:[/b] Thanks for your continued support, I'm not sure how much longer it's going to last though. Maybe I'll win the roadgeekery Trixie, who knows :) I don't think I deserved the Sports one last year to be honest :P

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No sir. I commend YOU for getting to 50. I'm still piddling along at 42 XD
An excellent update, the freeways and signs are looking awesome as always, but one question. What does the red patch with the + symbol and 'Washington' stand for? Hospital?

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[quote name='kj3400' timestamp='1353785276']
What does the red patch with the + symbol and 'Washington' stand for? Hospital?
Duh :P

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