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Politics in Bakan




Mastof: Thanks, yours is too!

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Republic of Adatan

Foreign Relations

Today we will look at the International Embassies of Bakan!


This is the CINL Embassy (International Community of Free Nations in English). It is where nations and representatives from the union meet and discus union affairs.

It also acts as an Embassy for nations in the Union with their own. For more Info on the CINL or to Join up Click Here!


This is the Asgard Embassy, for strengthening ties with Asgard (Thanks Fox for the offer!) See Asgard here!


This is the Quebec Embassy, Quebec is a Member of the CINL. See Quebec Here! ( Thanks Blakeway4 for the offer!)


Anyone want an Embassy in Adatan? Place Your Nations offer in the Comments Section. Please chose the building you would like and post a link!

Then you might see your Nations colors flying in the Beautiful East Side Bakan!

More of Bakan!



Here is the NSHQ. The head of Police and Security is Located here. It is also the home of the Infamous Internal Crime Investigation Group (ICIG). Responsible for bringing down some of the county most major Criminals.


Some Political News to give you background for the next update!

Tensions Rise in Adatan Politics -14/11/2012

The president is further alienating the public by making increasing problematic decisions. Their have been protests at his leadership, and calls for him to step down. Many Provincial Governments have withdrawn support for the government, including Flevoland and New Holland. When all provinces have withdrawn support the incumbent president will be removed and replaced with a commissioner. Adatan is currently held together by tense relations. There are real fears that New Holland, the powerhouse province could try to succeed from the union. If this happens the rest of the provinces will have no choice but to leave the crumbling union or go down with it. With elections just around the corner the situation is not as dire as it seems, However if the crisis escalate any further there will be major problems down the track for the Republic.

Dean Clark "Must go!"-7/11/2012

Incumbent President Dean Clark has faced criticism over his view on Abortion and Civil rights in Adatan. People have expressed concern over him and his National Christian Party's (NCA) leadership over controversial issues. The Federal Elections to be held in December will tell if Dean Clark will earn a third term in office but it looks unlikely that the NCA will make up a sizeable part of the Parliament after the election. Having Campaigned on Alcohol and Education Reforms for his two terms respectively it looks unlikely that he will a have a foundation for the 2012 campaign.

From The Newton Daily Times - Adatan's Largest English News Network!

Teaser for this weekends Second update!


Tune in for more! Please Comment and Come back!


Recommended Comments

[color=#ff0099][b]Nice update.. thanks for the Embassy![/b][/color]

[color=#ff0099][b]Love the canals you are using and the last picture looks cool.[/b][/color]

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I'd really like it if Perambang had an embassy, could you use the Secreteriat Building on the STEX?

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I really like the scene in the first picture, you've integrated a very unique and unorthodox building very well. Psst... Those cranes are an excellent choice too! ;-)

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Very nice update =}

I'm interested in having an embassy in your city
Republic of Wermland


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