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The End of the Small Town: Sprawl Strangles HD

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In today's update, we will be taking a tour through the Town of Dofino, which has been experiencing massive growth since the last HD Census. With lower housing prices and land costs, people, businesses and developer's have all been flocking to the town. This "flocking" has greatly changed the look of this once small-town. With the growth in Dofino this transformation means the death of the "small-town" in Holt District. With Old Port, Dofino and Norecount all beginning to sprawl, the former small town's just simply aren't anymore.

Some argue growth is destroying the region and should be more controlled. Others say the new lax controls are appropriate. Whichever side you lay on, the census bureau has changed its estimates for this census period. Previously, at the last census the census bureau has pegged the upper expected-population at the next census (in December) to be at 700 000. They realistically estimate an increase to 625 000, saying this was the most likely population. However, today, the census released its mid-period report. It is now estimating population at the next census will top 1 000 000.

The regional census bureau is generally fairly accurate with predictions. If this estimate is reached, it would mean a population increase of approximately 600 000 in the past 2 census periods.

Fuelling the boom is the ongoing condominum boom. With new planning regulations in place, smaller scale buildings are cropping up in massive condo communities. Today, we will look at some of those in Dofino. So on we go.


ALSO! Results from the HD November 2012 Referendum will be released as part of this update.



11.1 | Cranes are appearing everywhere in Dofino, it would seem. Since the last census, the growth of Dofino has exploded. The pace of growth is worrisome, others just call it progress. Here we see a new office park that is partially completed.


11.2 | Many long-time Dofino residents complain that development is ruining the charming reputation of the town, turning it into just another sprawl-ridden municipality off a highway. The masses would disagree, though. The "charming" branding is what actually is drawing people to Dofino. Large companies also seek-out the municipality. SimCo Food Processors, Ltd. recently made Dofino the site of its new global HQ. The company operates out of 2 of the 3 identitcal buildings, leasing 1 out to professionals. It built the third building in anticipation of requiring more space in the future.


11.3 | Residents in some cases don't even notice cranes like these, anymore. For some, it is a painful reminder of the "march forward." These cranes are constructing medium-density condominiums. A 2BD, 1BA can be yours starting at only $278,800!



11.4 | Some residents are critical of recent condominum complexes. As you will see shortly, some of jam-packed with buildings. Others, like this one, take a multi-building style to their developments, and leave large expanses of park space. Residents lament the new developments, often stating "that they should all have parkspace." Sadly, this is currently not a requirement under Dofino planning regulations. This may, however, soon change.


11.5 | Developments seem to be increasing in their scale. This one, for example, when completed will be amongst the largest in Dofino. In fact, another segment of this development is under construction in neighbouring Sherkston. Phase 1 here was recently completed, with the developer waiting for tree-removal permits for phase 2 of the development. The new Dofino mega-hospital was also recently constructed.


11.6| And here is what residents of Dofino lament: the repetitive, jam-packed, condominium buildings being constructed in the north-easterly portion of town. Although the colours vary, the buildings all follow the same basic floorplan. Some call for the blocking of this style of development, mostly long-time residents. The region, however, would likely overrule. They fall within regional planning regulations...


11.7 | Not making matters better is this development. Although the building style is different, the same problem persists. Repetition. Sadly, in the "post-small town era" of HD, these developments are increasingly common. Residents are left to feel helpless as they watch their small town get swallowed up into the new Holt District Metro Area...


11.8 | To finish off is a mosaic. This mosaic shows what residents see everyday, the sprawl of their formerly small-town. The mosaic starts in the Dofino Downtown area, and heads east towards the massive condomium-sprawl developments. It is striking the differences the top and the bottom of the picture show...






Sprawl has taken its grip on the region, with the small-towns blending into one giant metro-area with Manatee and Sherkston...



You voted and made your voices heard! The HD Referendum had members voting on 4 proposals. Below are the results of the 4 proposals. But first, the vote count.

Ballots Cast: 18

Rejected Ballots: 1

Valid Votes: 17

Here are the results:









All motions passed. You have spoken.

:) You will begin to see some of these projects in action in upcoming updates.


Thanks for coming to today's update! I hope you enjoyed the sprawl, and the passing of the small-town era in HD. Sprawl is here to stay, and boy oh boy, does it have a stronghold on the region.

Thanks also to all those who voted in the HD Referendum.




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looks like some good ol' fashioned development. With all this growth I will be looking forward to the next region shot.

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Very, very nice. For once I have to agree with the residents of Dofino - those multicolored, jammed monsters are not a very nice sight to have first hour in the morning from your cozy bungalow. Other of the projects look great to my eyes, though.

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(Sorry for bad english)

These cranes, are they coming when a building grows or are these just for decoration?


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[quote name='JGellock' timestamp='1352902114']
I like the style of your city, but this update has a lot of repetition.
did you read the captions its on purpose mate.
Great work Sim link I love it. similar stuffs happening in my towns :P

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I LOVE THE POST on your update man that's very awesome city and very realistic city and the proposal in the city!

Can you at least give us the condo in the picture some download links?

Very impressive
From ProcessGamer

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