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Hello and Welcome to my CJ! I've had it on some other sites and decided it was time to post here! :D


Welcome to Adatan!

Welkom bij Adatan!

Nation's Official Title: Republic of Adatan

Nation's Native Name:Adatan

Nation's Name: As Above

National Flag:


National Coat of Arms:COAofAdatan_zps674efd06.png

Capital: Bakan

Demonym: Adataner

Motto: Freedom and Prosperity

Government: Federal Republic

National Anthem: “For these Lands”

Head(s) of State: Dean Clark (President)

Official Languages: Dutch, English

Population: 10,557,058

Area: 457,780 km2 (284,451.30 mi2)

Climate: Continetal, Oceanic

GDP Per Capita: $36,648

Human Development Index (HDI): 906

Currency: Adatan Dollar (AD$)

Calling Code: +695

Internet TLD: .ad, .ada

Drives on the (right/left): Right


Adatan’s economy is made up of many contributors mainly Manufacturing, Agriculture, Tourism. The manufacturing industry is centered mainly around the city of Rotterdam and Richmond. It is mostly made up of Automoblie and Consumeables but there is also some advanced computer technology firms such as Honex Industries Adatan’s largest company. Agriculture in Adatan is a highly developed and mechanised industry which enables it to be highly competitive on the world market. It consists of mostly fruit and vegetable growing. It is mainly present in the South (New Holland Province) and East (Province). Tourism is a large part of the Republics economy major areas for tourism are the West Coast around Tasman City on the beaches and in the Centraal Alps for Skiing and other related activites.


Government in Adatan is organised in to a federal Republic made up of four provinces each with high level of autonmy. Each province has its own Justice, Police and Health Systems the Central Government handles all other Departments including Transport. The government was formed in 1988 after the revoluotion against the monarchy that ruled for over 100 years.


Adatan was a Colonial settlement of the Netherlands and Britain. Originaly discovered by the Dutch explorer Abel Tasman it was cited as a suitable place for a Dutch Colony. A British colony was also established in Adatan. The native Polynesian population was relatively small and were easliy oppressed. The settlers still embarked on a genocidal campaign on the natives. They imprisioned them and brought them to the settlements. Originally they were brought there to be worked to death but soon some were released and integrated into the communites. They were highly discriminated against and formed there own communites. It wasnt untill the late 20th Century that they were recognised as citizens and given equal rights to all parts of the country. The colonies were well supported by their colonial powers. The idea of unifing the colonies arose in 1821 when a dutch leader decided it would be more productive if the Dutch colonies joined. This happened in 1829 when the Great Floods of 1829 occurred, the flood destroyed the Northern Dutch Colony of Utrecht this put it at risk of invasion by the British. So the absorbed the two colonies together. Attempts by the Dutch colonies to unite the whole of Adatan did not bear fruit until the Dutch managed to open a path of land between the two parts of the Dutch colony after invading the British and Spliting their colony in half. The British were eventually forced to withdrawal leaving their colony to the Dutch. In 1855 the prince of Adatan was proclaimed King soon after the Kingdom of Adatan broke away from the Netherlands. Becoming an absolute monarchy. After WW2 the Kingdom set about improving its army after the near invasion by the Japanese.The Kingdom was hit hard by a Depression, most of the country was below the poverty line. The government tried to fix the situation by creating public works projects like the Tallaharte Air force Base and Flood defenses to create employment. This scheme worked untill the Kingdom was swamped in debt and had to curtail projects. It was escalated in 1967 when floods ravaged the country and destroyed its crops. Then in 1975 the Kingdom grew wary of their monarchy and protests for change began. The government ignored them and in 1985 a reveloution began was hard fought and most of the Gunfighting was restricted to the Capital, eventually the monarchy abdicated and a new government was formed. They formed the Republic of Adatan. After the new government was formed the country was stronger than ever and flourished under the new government. The economy performed strong and there was lots of new developments. The country experienced the Golden age of Development with high Human development and Prosperity for the Nation.


Adatan is Located on a chain of over 500 Islands in the South Pacific Ocean about 4000km East of New Zealand and 5500km West of South America. The population is mostly concentrated on the 'Mainland Territories' the largest island in the chain also Eindoven and Canterbury Islands.

The 'Mainland' is mstly covered by the Alps and the New Holland Ranges. The Major River in Adatan are the Utrecht River running from the Alps to Utrecht Harbour passing the Centraal Lowlands a sedimentary floodplain. To the North of the river is another floodplain the Utrecht plains are notorious for devastating floods. The Koning (King) River flows from the Southern part of the Alps out past the Centraal Lowlands to the North and the New Holland Plains to the South it also passes through Lake Gouda the countries largest lake. The main fertile areas are the Centraal Lowlands the New Holland plains and Utrecht plains. The British found farming the lowlands difficult because of the low lying nature and poor draining soils. The Dutch however were used to low lying land and thrived with the space. The mountains of Adatan are usually snow-capped and rise to over 1000 meters above sea level. The country has lots of deep harbours around its coast.

Location on Earth:copy2_zps26851177.jpg

Some pics:




Adatan City


Rural Village in New Holland Province


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