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Hurricane Sandy - first impacts.

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Jetty Jockey



Well, most of my hurricane preparations are complete so I figure I'll update y'all on the situation here before I lose power. At the moment, the core of the hurricane is about 100 miles offshore, and is due to hit within 4 to 6 hours. Winds at the center have increased to 90 mph, making this a potentially devastating storm. The morning's high tide brought severe flooding to the barrier island communities, and the water has risen over the Garden State Parkway and all the causeways. Those left on the islands are pretty much stuck there for the duration. The onshore windflow has meant that the water levels did not recede with the falling tide. Tonight's high tide is about 8 pm, about the time of the storm's arrival. I'm on the mainland in Woodbine, so no danger of flooding here, but all our trees are still full of leaves and are top heavy. The center of the storm is expected to make landfall between Stone Harbor and Sea Isle City, tracking over Woodbine shortly thereafter. If it does, this will be second eye of a hurricane that I've been in, the other being Isabel (2003 I think.) Where exactly the center makes landfall is kind of a moot point, as destruction will extend for hundreds of miles on either side. This evening's tide is likely to push water levels 5 to 7 feet higher, especially if the center of the storm hits at high tide. After that, the wind will shift to the west, blowing the water out on the barrier islands, but then flooding the the Delaware Bay shore.. . To make things worse, this event will last another 36 hours before clearing out of the region



There is a travel ban in place, so I'm unable to get out and get some pics, but there has been a wealth of great shots shared by my Facebook friends who have opted to ride out the storm on the islands.


15 to 20 foot high waves in Cape May . (Photo by Kristen Moorby)


North of JFK Boulevard in Sea Isle City


These folks are headed for higher ground


21st Street in Avalon


96th Street in Stone Harbor


I don't think anyone is taking the turn onto Ocean Drive (North Wildwood)


Morey's Pier in Wildwood. The water's edge is usually at the end of the pier. It's not such a long walk to the water today.


Thanks all for your well wishes and concerns ! I live in Woodbine , at an elevation of nearly 40 feet above sea level , so flooding isn't much of a concern here. As a matter of fact, the emergency evacuation shelter is located a few blocks east of here. My only concern is falling trees and wind damage. I do worry about my friends on the islands. I hope they're in multistory buildings. There could easily be 6 to 10 feet of water covering the islands if the storm surge comes in at high tide.

this is bad, i have heard about it in the news, that even NYC has to evacuate some people, here in the Netherlands was also a very big storm in 1953, like 1835 people in NL died, this storm, i hope it will not worse then what happened here.

It's as bad or worse than the '62 storm, but I think with today's technology, we're better prepared than they were 50 years ago.

Holy hurricanes, Batman! I hope that it's not going to be as terrifying and destructive as it looks at the moment. Batten down the hatches and stay safe and all!

I'm ready as I'm going to be. Spent the day making ice for when the power goes out , filling water jugs and replacing batteries in the things that need them. I've been through the "drill" enough times to have it down to a science.

Oh no.

Our sentiments exactly, well, maybe more like "Oh %$%^ !"

You know what this storm resembles? The 1991 Perfect Storm. Near Halloween time, possibility of mixing with winter storms, and large casualties... Now, there are indeed major differences between

Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Grace, (and I wasn't alive in 1991 to see the disaster) but they still seem similar.

The Perfect storm didn't really affect the Jersey Cape all that much. Some wind, some rain, and minor flooding. It came up the coast and sideswiped the region, like most of the past storms. It was here and gone before it could do much damage. This is the first one in recent memory that is coming in at a right angle to the coast, hitting us dead on.

It's going to be a rough one, for sure. Hope that Cape May doesn't suffer too much damage.

We've been through so many of these I hope that folks don't get too complacent. Every hurricane that comes close draws a flock of newsvans hyping the storm , and it's always been a bust. Now that it's the real deal, I hope folks take this seriously after 40 or so years of the newsies crying "wolf" . The wolf is truly at our door !

Stay safe Jetty! Hopefully no terraforming will be needed on your part.

Let's hope so ! The 1962 storm carved 6 blocks off the north end of Avalon, and the town of South Cape May now lies in about 20 feet of water after the double whammy of the 1938 and 1944 hurricanes. More recently , Hurricane Gloria took a row of beach houses and the land they sat on in Reed's Beach . It's one of the risks of living at the shore. The folks that live in the Midwest and have to deal with tornadoes, California has its earthquakes. You just do your best to get through it and rebuild.

I heard about the storm in the past few days, and I hope the flooding and the damages that follows will be minimal. I hope that nobody gets hurt. Your area is really in danger...

I'll watch the web for updates. Keep it up and stay safe! That is WAY more important than an update...

Oh, I know it. Governor Christie put it so well in his own blunt style - "Don't be stupid !" I plan on staying hunkered down until the word to be able to safely go out is given. After Gloria, there were downed power lines and weakened trees all over the place that caused more fatalities than the storm did.

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Wow, that is WAY more exciting (okay, horrifying?) than the typhoons that have blown over where I live. I hope Sandy doesn't wash the islands away completely...

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