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Confluence Region

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Summer of 1881




Join in for another update of Confluence Region.

As promised about a month ago, this update focuses on the development of Homestead.

I enjoyed getting back on MMPing and developing this tiny settlement, and I hope you will enjoy this update accordingly. ;)



Kinderly: First of all, thank you for the compliment! My stories and imaging material are made up of real life situations, though I try to blend few styles together in order to be original... This poster is similar to many posters made to attract people to newly discovered or emerging regions. Many times they do feature a painting of some sort, but because I made it in the two hours I had, I used a picture. But... I will try better next time! ^_^

ggmagus: Thanks! I've searched my entire font library, until I stumbled upon this fine typeface: "FormalScrp421 BT"

JKRMC: Yep... :blush: I found a photo of some family that posed with old clothes, so if that's midwestern it's good to know. I personally would like to go there, seems like a quiet region.


Summer of 1881:

Well, imagine you're a pioneer. You seek a place of your own. You wish to find wealth, prosparity and hope in a distant land.

One tuesday, as you stroll through your town, a poster pinned to the wall of the local tavern attracts your attention:


The poster offers an opportunity to improve your future. Who knows? Maybe you'll aquire some land and build a farm. Maybe you'll be able to open a business.

At the "Gateway to Hope" gathering, group leader J. M. Solomon explains about the latest progress that his people had made. Solomon starts with the crude data:

"We have chartered Confluence region from the authorities for 51 years. The contract is for an approximately 320 square kilometers, or about 120 square miles. Homestead colony itself has now about 60 residents, and 40 more people are about to join venture this summer. We are in a building boom and will need help to cut down some wooded groves, and in turn to build permanent homes and farms."


"Homestead has it's own dock, built by me and the first members within the first months of stay. We have 6 boats in our possesion, bought from the funds we raised. The benefactor is the honoured Baron of Edmund, who is actually the major contributor to our organization."


"We get our water from a small creek. Construction of a boathouse was finished lately on the shore of that creek."


What a feeling! You have been seeking to improve your life for so long, and listening to that progress amde in just three years sure is wonderful. And to top the tempting offer, that Solomon fella seems sure of himself and his initiative. He is serious and respectable, but you still see his excitement and enthusiasm. He is full of charisma and holds the crowd in suspense for more details.

Some young couples in the back are asking about the accomodations and food supply.

Solomon replies: "Our colony is made up, as I said, of roughly 60 people. All of them are young, between 25 to 35 years, and live in tents or huts. About 15 huts were built, yet we don't have any homes big enough to accomodate a family. We will build bigger houses, starting next year in the clearing next to the current village"


"Food supplies were scarce in the beginning, but we have planted crops of maize, barley and wheat in the last two years. And let me tell you - the soil is perfect! Everyday I enjoy taking a stroll through the fields, and get satisfied to see such fertility."


"We aspire to be a farming community, but in time we will expand to more sectors. We consider fishing and logging as our sources of employment. As we speak, a team of surveyors are exploring and documenting the Confluence teritory."


Solomon sums up his lecture with this: "As for community life - Every week we gather under the three maples in the center of the colony for the weekly meeting. At those meetings we decide on further steps, future plans and discuss different issues. Most nights we light up a bonfire next to the supplies hut and enjoy the time together in games and sing-a-longs."


After a couple of weeks, you join "Gateway to hope" along with your spouse, heading to a promising future.


Homestead Colony, Summer 1881:

Large mosaic! Clickers beware... :}


Have an awesome week,

Thanks for watching/commenting! :D


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Its very obvious alot of work went into making this tile one of the most detailed ever presented :)

This is very, very good, and Im not just talking about the pictures, but also the storyline!

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