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The Region of Rodentia: Vole Atoll!



After her ill-received fireside chat (and then indulging in an all-night viewing of numerous Ingmar Bergman films), Mayor Nancy Pelosi-Groundsquirrel had a crisis of faith and so traveled to a previously unexplored area adjacent to Isle of Mouse in order to regroup and recharge. There, she discovered an unknown, isolated tribal village. Noting the thousands of pet voles the tribespeople had domesticated as pets, a fascinated Pelosi-Goundsquirrel asked the chieftain Chief Mole Vole where all the voles had come from. “They come from everywhere,” the chieftain answered, “but mostly from the lagoon, which is why we call this land Vole Atoll.” Pelosi-Goundsquirrel was struck by Chief Mole Vole’s wisdom and vision (and desperate for allies) and so invited the tribe and Vole Atoll to have a seat at the table in the business of governing Rodentia. “Meh… why not,” he replied. And so the official founding of Vole Atoll commenced.

“What do your people call the ocean that surrounds our isles?” asked Nancy Pelosi-Goundsquirrel. “We call it the Hamster Water Bottle Sea,” answered Chief Mole Vole. “Huh. That’s weird, that’s what we’ve been calling it too,” Pelosi-Groundsquirrel then said. An awkward silence followed.


Chief Mole Vole’s tribe is stationed near an ancient crumbling ziggurat, as seen in the upper right. Though unsure of exactly when this structure was built, the tribe’s creation myth tells of a giant vole descending from the skies to sculpt the land and this ziggurat served as an earthly pedestal. Interestingly, modern Rodentian archeology research has only strengthened this theory.


In addition to voles, Chief Mole Vole has a keen interest in keeping giant naked mole rats.


Across the lagoon that is the source of the many voles that inhabit Vole Atoll, Chief Mole Vole has, with the assistance of generous subsidies from Isle of Mouse, built a hydro dam and lighthouse. Commuting to and from Isle of Mouse is easy, thanks to the new passenger ferry.


The lighthouse, designed by famed architect Frank Vole Wright, is fashioned after the Anvil lighthouse in Oblivion, a video game Chief Mole Vole enjoys playing from time to time.


Farming is essential in Vole Atoll. Not only do the crops feed the thousands of voles and tens of people, parts of the harvests are also exported to Isle of Mouse for a handsome profit.


The water in the lagoon that takes up a large portion of Vole Atoll’s territory is believed to contain healing properties…


…but only for turtles.



Credits: SimPeg (MTP, SPAM, Pond, Stream, Hydro-dam, (lots and mayor-mode ploppables)) Murimk’s rocks, ALN Pasture Flora, Cycledogg trees, SFBT trees, Godiva MMPs, HBS Tropical flora, NAM & SAM, Lowkee33’s Appalachian terrain, SHK HD Rock Mod & HD Brigantine 2.0, Riverside Beach Mod, BATs are Wild West, re-lotted Mayan Ziggurat, Yekelele huts, BLAM’s Anvil Lighthouse, nbvs turtles

Again the reputation points I gave out are gone for some reason. I guess it's a glitch. Sorry guys.



@hahei: Hey thanks! :) Eventually I want to make Isle of Mouse one of the more heavily-populated cities in Rodentia.

@MilitantRadical: Thanks. It was fun to make.

@mystic_destiny: thank you :)

@Hazani Pratama: thanks, so glad you like it!

@Schulmanator: haha, yeah, that’s what Mayor Nutter et al are hoping! ;)

@NMUSpidey: QBs Peyton Marmot and Degu Brees felt the same way! :D

@SimCoug: hahaha “Aberhamster Lincoln.” Thanks, adding all of the different flora and rocks has almost become my favorite part of playing ;)

@PhatHead: hey thanks :) Wow, was not aware of the Heidi Bowl incident before you mentioned that! Even though I’m a football fan, it kind of would have been worth it to have been watching during that time :D

@boisemetro: thanks! Haha, I got the sim to stand on top of the building by making vague threats of more fireside chats.


Thanks as always everybody for looking at my City Journal The Region of Rodentia! :)


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Heh, let's hope that impending military victory in Schulmania does not translate into ill-advised adventurism ;)

Another beautiful entry. It's wonderful to see how you use Peg's Mountain pack. Heehee, "An awkward silence followed." I laughed.

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