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2-25.1 - Replies and musical interlude

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Jetty Jockey



Wow, so many replies to the Stone Harbor update! I really do appreciate the feedback. Rather than take up space in the next update, which should be ready later in the weekend, I'll answer them here. While ya read, You can listen to "On the Way to Cape May". Written in 1961 by Buddy Nugent, the tune circulated from one band to another around Cape May County in the second half of the 20th Century. It became regionally popular when Al Alberts recorded it and increased its broadcast exposure on radio and TV. The lyrics are about a love story and journey which begins with the intro mentioning Ocean City. Traveling southward, the lyrics then continue with mentions of Sea Isle; Avalon; Stone Harbor; Wildwood coming into view and talks of marriage around the town of Cape May Court House. The words never actually say anything about the town of Cape May. And though that town is the target destination, it's more about a journey through Cape May County. It's still a popular sing-along at local bars and gets played on Philadelphia area oldies stations during the summer months.

(source : Wikipedia)

Benedict wrote :

I love the densely populated area along the coast - great recreation as always.

Glad you like it. The beach is a major draw in this area, and that's where the people (and Sims) want to be.

Simul8ter8 wrote:

Lovely recreation! Definitely missed this when I was gone.

Welcome back !

grstudios wrote :

Another good post!

Thank you !

Jacob Guajardo wrote:

Very good


hammysonata wrote:

Great work once again! It's always exciting to see how you've gone about recreating the region

Thanks ! I'm still having fun doing it, and that's the point, right?

MilitantRadical wrote:

Really great stuff, love the terrain you're working on and what you're doing with it.

Thank you . The terraforming got a bit tedious, but seems worth the effort now

ggamgus wrote :

Wow, this is so beautiful...

As for "bring your wallet",

*Don't got no money*

I believe the Stone Harbor Police consider that "probable cause". They can be somewhat <cough> oppressive. Not to worry though, Stone Harbor has one of the nicer holding cells in Cape May County.


Kruness wrote :

i really love this, great job!

Thanks Kruness !

Mayorjacks wrote :

sick bro. really good job.

Thanks and welcome to my journal .

Hazani Pratama wrote :

Very Beautiful!

Glad you liked it.

SimCoug wrote :

Great downtown and hotel district - I'm amazed that you are able to build this within the confines of the maxis simulation - NAM is a big help, but you have such great swaths of single family houses and everybody has jobs. That can be tough to do, even without trying to recreate an actual RL region.

Building up an industrial base on the mainland , even a farm based one, is helping to keep the commercial demand on the islands going. It even has produced an unanticipated side effect that adds to the realism. The traffic that builds up on the causeways leading to the island resorts from sims returning from work on the mainland mirrors the traffic crush that occurs on summer weekends from folks trying to get to thier beach houses and hotels. After the season, the region suffers one of the worst unemployment rates in New Jersey, at times exceeding 25% due to a lack of year round jobs. Something to adress when I get to the third part of the journal.

NMUSpidey wrote :

That doesn't surprise me. Wouldn't want the view spoiled by the nouveau riche, after all.

Back to the entry at hand, it's pretty amazing. I like the street shots you have mixed in. The shops actually remind me a lot of home. Of course here in Japan, everything's so different that it's probably not that hard to remind me of the States.

Population density is a lot less here, I'd imagine. Even in one of the more densely populated states in the nation, there's still plenty of room to spread out.

Higu wrote :

This is a very good interpretation of SH! I love all the attention to the waterfronts both ocean and bay, and downtown. My only real gripe is that 2nd Av isn't a 4 lane avenue anymore. They reduced it to 2 with a bike lane now. I knew I was going to love this, just forgot about it for a few days

I had to make some concessions to the Maxis simulation in order to make things work. Otherwise, sims north of say, 75th street would be mired in a traffic mess and not be able to find work. Keeping it an avenue so my sims can find work allows the higher wealth buildings to develop. At one time the median of 2nd Avenue was the railbed of the South Jersey and Western RR. When I move into the third phase of the project ( applying my ideas of how to improve things) it may be once again !

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This sounds exciting: "[color=#0000CD][b]When I move into the third phase of the project ( applying my ideas of how to improve things) it may be once again ![/b][/color] "

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