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Stretford & Bishop Hill



Welcome back to Borussia, lets get started!

We ride the rails on out of Branaugh Wood station.


The tracks take us through the farms outside of our next stop, Stretford.


Our train drops us off at the Stretford station. Walking up the stairs we get a view of a local landmark, the old Prince's House.


The House was built in the 1600s by the island's prince when Stretford was just farms and huts. Now it serves as the city's town hall.


Just past the station is the home pitch of the local soccer team, Stretford Town FC. The "North Enders" have a proud fanbase, but haven't competed in the top flight for 30 years. STFC has still done well in domestic cup competitions, beating the bigger clubs quite often. Fans will usually go to all of the shops around the field after games, as most businesses are in walking distance.


The highway that connects Stretford to the urban areas of Bannockburn is lined with businesses that try to lure in customers.


And just off the highway are the homes of the citizens.


Being in close proximity to the Bannockburn metro area has lead to some growth, but not nearly as much as other towns.


The slow growth hasn't stopped this farm from nearly being surrounded, though.


After stopping for some food we take the highway north (or down in the picture).


Stretford, in almost whole


The highway merges into two lanes as we approach more rural areas.


The highway winds in a straight line through some more farmland.


We approach an intersection.


Just down the road lies the homes of some locals. There's no available room for new housing in Bishop Hill so new homes are built downhill. Most homes here are for those of lower income.


The dirt path takes us by the local docks.


The end of the dirt road puts us back on the highway right outside of Bishop Hill. The General Store has a 2 for one deal on Dr. Pepper today!


Bishop Hill in whole.


We first pass by the town market and some shops.


Across the road from the shops lies St. James Park, the home of Bishop Hill FC. BHFC may have one of the top flight's smallest fields, but that hasn't stopped the team from being competitive and being full of fans every gameday. The Saints won titles in 2005 and 2007 before falling to mid-table the last four seasons.


Wall to wall buildings line the north and west side of the stadium.


Main street is also lined with buildings.


No tour of Bishop Hill is complete though without stopping at the cathedral. Borussian Catholics built the cathedral when the hill was under German control around 1257. The Catholic cathedral is the westernmost Catholic Cathedral in all of Borussia as most West Borussians are Orthodox.


We pull into an inn on the main street and call it a day. Here is the Bishop Hill area in whole.


Thank you for viewing and come back next time as we tour more of Borussia!


Recommended Comments

A mix of American and European buildings - and I must say, you have mixed them well :)

I especially liked how the train tracks just flow through the farmland - makes for some pleasant scenery :)

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Really nice little town you've got going. I love the sunken rail station. What are the walls you are using for your sunken rail and where can I find them?

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@nedal2001 thanks, i try my best to make it look good

@militantradical i believe the walls are JRJ Residential & rural stone walls. They're on the STEX or the LEX

@Konstantinll you could reach most towns i've shown so far by bike, but the large cities in later updates might be too big to get around by bike

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What made you call it Stretford , I live near Stretford , Manchester , Its very built up and of course home to Manchester united ground , the Stretford enders of course , as it borders Stretford and Old trafford , has Large mall there and a four lane road running through it which is quite fast , if it was like your town it would of course be a lot more upmarket

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@chimeran the old prince's house is the lietzenburg clinic, which is on the LEX or STEX

@pole475 the landscape was all terraformed by myself. im not sure which buildings you're interested in particular so i can't help much with that one unless you want certain ones. for help on a cj id first go to the guidlines for CJs ([url="http://community.simtropolis.com/topic/37818-guidelinesrulestutorials/"]http://community.simtropolis.com/topic/37818-guidelinesrulestutorials/[/url]) and then the cj school in the forums ([url="http://community.simtropolis.com/topic/41891-st-city-cj-school/page__hl__%20cj%20%20school"]http://community.simtropolis.com/topic/41891-st-city-cj-school/page__hl__%20cj%20%20school[/url]). both links are a lot of help when starting up a cj

@billyburp i'm a huge manchester united fan (even though i'm american) and got the name from the stretford end in the stadium. i had never really looked at pictures of the actual town until you mentioned it now.

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I mean all the building in the main towns, especially the wall to wall buildings in Bishop Hill, like how you got the old victorian feel to it. Could you please tell me how to do that.

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@pole475 the buildings used in Bishop Hill would be
mattb325's grosvenor college and some row houses (not sure the name), and those would be on the LEX. Paeng's old town center found on the STEX or simpeg4
buildings by Vanderaap and haarlemmergold and those are found on the STEX

and then making it look all old id recommend looking at pictures of older cities in Europe or take a look at some of the city journals that have older victorian themed cities. a really good one would be rondnoir but i haven't seen any updates in a long time. i hope this helped you out

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