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Atlantsia (AIN)

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The Al-Jeykh Port

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@Blakeway: Merci beaucoup mon ami!

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@SimCoug: Thank you!

@escilnavia: Haha, I was jk. Thanks man!

@Evillions: Thanks man :P I found it quite tedious to lot those lots though lol

@Hazani Pratama: Thanks!

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@Mastof: Thanks Shubby D:

@NMUSpidey: Haha, Thanks! :P

Quick Note:

Well, updates may not come out near as often nowadays, as I'm back in school :\, but I'll keep up the best I can. In this update, we'll cover the Al-Jeykh Port Complex in Masel, Atlantsia. I used some new Photoshopping techniques, and I think this seaport came out very well. Update begins....Now D:

Welcome to the Al-Jeykh Port Complex in Masel, Atlantsia. The port is the largest industrial complex in Masel, and the second biggest industrial centre in Atlantsia. Boasting a 691,200 m2 container terminal, an oil refinery, 13 large warehouses, 26 oil tanks, and a bulk and cargo center, the port imports and exports on average 1.09 billion gross tons annually.



One of the most amazing features of the seaport is the enormous container terminal, which was constructed on an artificial peninsula costing over $5.6 billion. The majority of the container terminal is free trade zone.




Containers are unloaded from the ships via cranes.


And then placed in storage before further shipping.


Most are shipped into Atlantsia by truck.


Freight trains are also used.


Room is provided for trucks to spend the night in the Cargo Depot.




With such a large number of ships entering and departing daily, the Al-Jeykh Port is constantly busy.




Another astonishing segment of the port is the large oil refinery. On average, 52,000 barrels of oil are handled daily.




The Oil Refinery's lights come on as night falls.


The container terminal is busy during the night as well, and the lack of visibility can make container handling much trickier. 78% of the port's accidents have occured during the night.


Bulk is also loaded and unloaded as the night continues.


An overview of the Al-Jeykh Port Complex at night:



End of update. Thanks for viewing! As always, feel free to comment and rate, it's always appreciated


If you want to find out more about Atlantsia, feel free to visit the wiki,


Have a great day/night


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Recommended Comments

There are not a whole lot of industrial style updates, so this is good [i]and [/i]unique. I wonder, did you do research to come up with your numbers? Or are they pulled from a hat? That's an honest question, by the way, not me being sarcastic. :D

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Thanks for your comments guys! I researched the statistics btw NMUSpidey, the area of the container terminal is each 16m tile multiplied by the length and width, which I dragged a road across and checked the cost to measure. The other statistics are based on stats from the UAE's Jebel ali Port, and Singapore's Port.

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Excellent oil refinery! I always wanted to learn how to do those, thanks for the start. :P

As for the port as a whole, great job! A much larger port than my current one.

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Watching this update would usually have impressed me. But now, it even impresses me much more after experimenting the struggle I'm having to build a good-looking massive port in my very own emirate. Lot-edition is a no-no for me, and I'm having trouble avoiding repetition and making stuff look realistic.

Having a hint of what goes on behind the scenes, I'm are even more impressed by this update!

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Thanks for the comments everyone! I really appreciate it. I'll do replies in the next update, but for now, here are the answers to some of your questions:

@Hellken: I didn't retexture them, but instead made some lots I found transit enabled, link below ;)
@976: I think those are here: [u][color="#800080"][url="http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/25596-modular-docks/"]http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/25596-modular-docks/[/url][/color][/u]
@OD Hennessey: I custom lotted them, but I believe you can find them from one of this pack's dependencies: [url="http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/22467-warehouse-addon-pack/"]http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/22467-warehouse-addon-pack/[/url]

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@1000000000000: I was suspicious because I lotted and released ones that looked similar :P. Those ones you did look very good, better than how I lotted mine. Of course, I hadn't planned on releasing them (hence the massive dependency list), but yours turned out epic. 5/5 on the update my friend. Happy SC4 playing. ;)

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