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Detroit, Michigan

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In The Beginning...

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This is a teaser of what is to come. What you see is the street layout of Downtown Detroit. (Downloaded a mod a while ago to change the colors of the streets in the transportation map, can't remember the name of it.) My region is 16 x 16 large tiles. It stretches from just north of Monroe, Michigan to just north of Anchor Bay of Lake Saint Clair, and from Lakeshore, Ontario to Ann Arbor. I know, huge. I wanted to make sure that I got the entire Detroit Metro, and I consider Ann Arbor a suburb of Detroit, just like Pontiac is considered one, and just like Aurora, Elgin, and Joliet are to Chicago. The only part of the region I feel like doesn't need to be there is the vast Canadian Country-side east of Windsor, Ontario. I even have the top of Lake Erie in the region. I'm from Metro Detroit, and have been obsessed with Detroit sense forever. I've memorized the streets and freeways long ago. (I know, super nerdy) I've even drove up to Detroit for no other reason than to just cruse around the Detroit Metro. Expensive. I've only been through Windsor once, in which I can't remember exactly what it looks like because I was 3. So anyways, who knows if I ever get to fill out the whole thing. I got bored of Columbus, and if I get bored of this I'll probably go back to Columbus.

Laying out Detroit's streets is a pain in the ass, and so will it be to put in all the lakes in the north west metro area. I'm probably going to just try to put in the main roads as accurate as possible, (The ones that show up as yellow lines on Google Earth) and make the side streets a diagonal pattern. I'm not even going to bother putting in Railroad tracks, sense half the worlds railroads are abandoned anyways. The Ambassador Bridge should be fun, too. (Sarcasm.) I know that Detroit area freeways are sunken, and I know there's a mod for it, but I don't really want to mess with it, so I'm just using elevated highways in the areas that are sunken.

It's just so hard to get Detroit's french style streets in the right diagonal pattern, and I don't want to kill my valuable brain cells stressing over getting it exactly right, because this is just a computer game. So parts of Detroit, Down River, Windsor, (Yes I'm filling out Canada too) and Grosse Pointe / St. Clair Shores will probably be a little off. Much of the suburban area has straight north and south roads, very SC4 friendly. The City of Detroit it'self is probably going to be a whole 13 large tiles, sense 1 large tile in my opinion is 3.3 x 3.3 miles. You can see a blurry Microsoft Paint edition of a map of the region, and 1 small square is 1 large tile, the region you might of figured is the entire bold box. The squares ARE NOT going to be exact to my SC4 region at all, but that's a good idea of it, and I ended up adding another small square across the bottom, so you get the entire peninsula of Ontario, and the top of Lake Erie.

The geography, except the Rouge River and the north western lakes, are all set in place. I've already filled out 1 and a half tiles. 254 and a half to go! I filled out Columbus pretty quick, surprisingly. so I expect to get at least the city of Detroit before school starts. Hopefully in region view, it looks pretty darn close to the actual Detroit, which will be challenging, considering the main thoroughfares are Woodward, Jefferson, Grand River, Gratiot, and Michigan. All at odd diagonal angles in SC4, with the exception of Michigan in the inner city.

When school starts back up, don't expect many updates, but don't assume I'm quitting either, because I'm really excited to see what this region will look like all filled out.

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This is an ambitious project. I was just out that way earlier this summer ( southwest of the city in Wayne County) and liked the diversity of the region, from its gritty factories and hi rises to rural farmland. At least you have a wealth of great Detroit lots to work with on the exchange. If you haven't seen them yet, check out the Barry Sanders project BATs. Real good stuff !

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@Jetty Jocky I too love the geography of the area, and I think I've downloaded around 12 of the BSP's. xD

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Toledo native here: I remember bits and pieces of your Columbus journal (that WAS you, wasn't it?) and I am looking forward to seeing the home of my favorite teams getting played out in SC4. How exciting!

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@NMUSpidey yep that was me! and thanks! I found Joe Louis Arena on the STEX but Comerica Park, Ford Field, and the Palace might be a challenge.

BTW. 2 1/2 large tiles filled out with all the streets! Ambassador bridge is looking pretty good so far. 253 1/2 to go.

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