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Columbus Indiana

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Dispute between the Hope and Columbus Mayors

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There is a reason why there still hasn't been a road built between Hope and Columbus, although they almost came close to closing a deal. Years ago, neither of the communities were big enough that a direct road between the two wasn't even necessary. Columbus loves their mayor, San Trippy, who has served 8 years. Several male members of the "Trippy" family have held that position for a consistent 50 years, more so then any other town in America. There is just something in their blood that helps them know how to build a great community. They aren't all great with family relationships, though.

Same deal with Hope. Hope has been ran by mostly females and they are all from the same family as well. Hope loves their mayor, Sandy Clabbers, except for one stupid decision that she's made. Sandy has had a rough past, so the citizens of Hope forgave her really easily. They treat her like an innocent victim, as well as a goddess, so whatever she does, they will support, which can be very dangerous at times. More on that later, but first I should say that the Clabbers have a family history of blood pressure problems.

Previous Columbus mayor Will Trippy, San Trippy's brother was married to previous Hope mayor Abber Clabbers. They shared a lovely marriage, and they were even featured in New York's "Time" Magazine for being such a unique couple. They had a daughter together, named Sandy. Will and Abber were married for 13 years, and they seemed at such peace, but after 13 years, Will got tired of her, and Will had an affair with a hooker at his home. Abber told him that she was going to the State Fair in Indianapolis to try and spread some hype for her city, as she believed it had potential to grow. Will thought to himself that this was the perfect time to sneak one by, especially sense Sandy was on a field trip in Washington D.C. He called up the hooker and she came almost immediately. Kind of creepy.

Abber realized that once she got to I-74 that she left some important documents at home. She blamed it on low blood pressure. She headed back and opened the door, and found both Will and the hooker naked on the couch, and their feet moved in a sudden jolt at her appearance, which knocked a glass of alcohol all over the documents she needed for the State Fair. Abber, who thought three seconds ago that she was in a perfect marriage, was in complete shock of the scene, and her blood pressure rose, and rose, and rose, and rose. She suffered from a heart attack. Will had lost respect from every citizen of Hope, and the State of Indiana forced him to leave office. Columbus citizens didn't support Will by any means, but many still think of him as a legend for bringing Major League Baseball to Columbus, Indiana, as well as a stronger Cummins Engine Company, and just the consistent effort of building Columbus from 50,000 sims during his first year, to 140,000 in his last year. (A 30 year span.)

Anyways, Sandy had a close relationship with her mother, and she has hated her dad ever sense this has happened. She was 16 years old, so she only had to live with him for 2 years, in which she describes as the worst years of her life. She doesn't hate his brother San, but she still doesn't care to be around anyone in that family. Her anger has bottled up inside her for years, and she felt like the Interstate 665 project was stupid and disrespectful to the farmers. She mocked it by drawing up a ring road around Hope, and as she mocked it, her blood pressure rose, and as everyone in the room had respect for her, they dumb foundedly would believe anything that she said, and would support it. She made it a reality, by saying that they need to compete with Columbus, and be a bigger and better city. Hope councilmen just looked at eachother in confusion, and said "Okay!" So the road was built, and it was deemed the most pointless road in America by Forbes magazine's article, "Top 10 pointless road projects in America." She was laughed at across the nation, as sims arrogantly assumed that Hope would never have a chance to be as successful as Columbus, but Hope citizens still love her.

Nobody uses it as a bypass, and Hope barely has any Industry for it in the first place. It's diameter adds up to 1.5 miles east and west, and just half a mile north and south, compared to I-665 which has a diameter of 6 miles east and west, and 8 miles north and south. Many Columbus locals have joked that next they can try to start the "Hope 500" and try to be a bigger and better race then the Indy 500. Hope is just trying to make the best of it by trying to attract some retail to the area, as most Hope citizens just drive to Columbus. The road was named North, South, West, and East Circle Drive, due to its location of Downtown Hope, but many sims just call it, "Circle Drive."

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