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New Tomis

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From dust we shall rise again




War never changes...

Since the dawn of human kind, when our ancestors first discovered the killing path with rock and bone, blood has been spilled in the name of everything, from God, to justice, to simple psychotic rage.

In the year 2077, after millenia of armed conflict, destructive nature of man, could substain itself, no longer. The world was plunged into an abyss of nuclear fire, and radiation.

But it was not, as some had predicted, the end of the world. Instead, the apocalypse was just the prolouge to another bloody chapter of human history. For man, had succeded destroying the world..

But war...

War never changes..."

After the War, the human nation had fallen into a new dark age. Corruption, crimes, rapes, vengeance and hate rule this new world.



Ruins partial covered by the radioactive desert are the only remains that give credits to the myths of once glorious cities.




And in this time of need, from the depths of the vaults heroes arise. Some driven by good intentions, some driven by their thirst of glory and some driven by vengeance. Very few had no chance but to become, not heroes, nor villains, only survivors.




There was one man, in the begining of this new world who choose not to enter a vault. He remain outside hiding from the nuclear waste that covered the earth and fighting for those too poor to afford a place in the vault, for the doomed ones - mutants, ghouls, humans... His name was Max. Max the crazy... Max the mad... Mad Max.


After the opening of the vaults new wars had started. During those times a man, a hero among his people was cast away by his vault Overseer, an old and crazy leader of Vault 13 who was afraid of the outside world. So O' Connor had no chance but to return to the wasteland. He wandered the desert helping people rebuilding a new world and in the end he retreated in the mountains in the small Village of Arroyo.


“And so, for a generation since its founding, Arroyo has lived in peace, its canyons sheltering it from the outside world. It is home. Your home. But the scars left by the war have not yet healed. And the Earth has not forgotten."

The wells began to dry up, the cows got sick. The whole village of Arroyo seamed to be doomed to perish. Then the Old One knew that there is only one chance to save the village. They had to send someone in the wasteland in the search of a myth, of a legend. The Holy GECK (garden of eden creation kit). From the ten champions that entered the Holy Temple only one young boy survived. His people wore dissapointed. because Yuma was to young and unexperienced.

But this young boy became a great warrior that put an end to a war that could destroy this new, fragile world.


From the dust of the wasteland, with the help of the GECK's discovered in the ruins of the vaults, and under the flag and wisdom of the rulers of NCR (New California Republic) new cities emerged - New Vegas, The Den, New Reno, San Francisco, Vault City, Gecko, Megaton, Oasis, River City, Goodsprings, Nipton. The earth is blooming again under the incomprehensible human mind.



The time of heroes and warriors had come to an end. It was the time of politicians, and architects. A time of science and discovery. Yuma knew that and he retreated on a small island called Pearl Island, in the small fisherman village of New Tomis.












But NCR was expanding and the economy was, again growing fast so the need of resources was high...

To be continued...


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I like how you used the Fallout universe in your CJ. For the city building aspect, it doesn't even look post-apoc like in the concept images and the actual game. It looks like as if nothing has happen despite the war.

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Thanks for your feedback, in Chapter 2 i'll explain the look of the city.

PS: I'm still searching for some post-apoc/half demolished buildings on the St/Ex

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I did something similar to yours a while back:

Its a post-apoc Latino city based on the Fallout universe. Except, its a bit more futuristic and more developed. In the comments section of the update, I provided links to a couple of post-apoc / ruined buildings.

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@Evillions - many thanks
@Schulmanator - i just find the keyshortcuts for taking pictures just a copule of hours again (despite the fact that i play SC for 2-3 years by now =)) )

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