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2-8 : The road to Clermont

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Jetty Jockey



In today's update , we head eastbound from South Dennis on NJ 83


Route 83 cuts eastward across the southern portions of Dennis Township, through the Beaver Swamp tile.


As this is another unnamed section of Dennis Township, I'm naming it for the primary terrain feature . Beaver Swamp lies south of the highway, and is a federally protected wildlife sanctuary.


NJ 83 ( the southernmost road) runs east from South Dennis to Clermont. Running parallel to it to the north is Hagen Road, also leading to Clermont. The northernmost road is Dennisville Road, which leads to South Seaville. There has been a bit of residential development on the higher ground between the swamps in recent years.


On Dennisville Road (CR 628), a bit northeast of the intersection with Hagen Road is the Dennis Township Recreational Complex. Most civic buildings in Cape May County are solar powered, making the region more energy independent.


South of the Rec Complex is the administrative building for the Dennis Township Board of Education, located on Hagen Road.


Unlike the salt marshes , the inland swamps are heavily wooded, making a desirable place to build homes. Here is one of those developments on the eastern side of the tile, north of Hagen Road. At one time, it was most likely a farm that sold out to developers.


Not all the farmland here has fallen to the developer's bulldozer. Here's a small farm between Route 83 and Hagen Road.

Well, that's all I have for this installment. I hope you've enjoyed your visit. As always, comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome and encouraged !

Replies :

dubaidude303 : Thanks very much !

SimCoug : Sadly, my Photoshop skills are non existant. Packersfan's work is outstanding ,and yours look just as good. I wish I had the patience or skill to duplicate that with Cape May County. I had thought of piecing together my data view maps and working from there, but never got much past the planning phase. I use Bing Maps a lot for thier "bird's eye view", which gives the tilted look and also allows me to rotate the map . It comes in handy on those occasions when I look at an unfamiliar section of the map and ask myself " What the heck is that ?". Here's the Bing version of the farm seen in the last pic :


TowerDude : Thanks for stopping by ! I always appreciate your comments.

Stetson : Thank you so much for your kind words. It's comments like yours that keep me going.

Kinderly : Glad you like it, and welcome to my journal ! The roads may look a little off , since I had to skew true north about 20 degrees . This will allow me to more easily place the street grids on the barrier islands when I get to them.

coryreinhardt: The first settlers to the area in the late 1600's were apparently too lazy to build thier own roads. :D They simply widened and paved the existing Native American trails , first with logs , later with crushed seashells, then eventually with asphalt. The Kechemeche tribes that made the trek from thier winter quarters north and west of the region took the easiest paths, avoiding things like swamps and difficult terrain. A lot of the woodlands, particularly in the low, wetter parts are overgrown with patches of long thorny vines and I guess they thought it was easier to go around them rather than hack thier way through.

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Recommended Comments

Great update once again - true recreations like your CJ are the most difficult to pull off (IMHO) and you do it perfectly. I am still looking at the farm and bing map - soooo cool! My photoshop skills are about one notch above 'nonexistent' so I'm sure you could pull it off with a little tinkering (finding the time to tinker is always the tough part). But no worries - just keep doing what you are doing because I'm loving every update.

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Very nice, once again! For a short while, I did a short stint where I recreated my own county, but I had trouble making the re-creation because the distance was messed up. :) You definitely do a lot better! Great update!

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Yes, this looks incredible, and such a different face of New Jersey from the one we always see in the media. I feel like I've posted in your cj before, but I can't seem to recall... Anyways, 5/5, awesome, blahblahblah, generic compliment, sensational!

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