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A More Visual Introduction: Iris, Entran, Rembrant and the IIAC

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The United Pacific Emirates

Comment Replies:

@Fox- I would be honoured to join the AIN, sure, when my CJ gets moving XD

@1000000000000- I lowered the GDP PC, to try and match that of the UAE, should I lower it more?

A Brief Introduction...

Hi Guys, me here, and today we I'll we'll visit 4 sites, don't worry, we'll revisit each one again in focus.


Iris, the largest city in the UPE and among the most influential in all of the Pacific. Founded in 1888 by Russian refugees, the city has grown from its small agricultural origins to a bustling commercial, cultural and historic hub. It’s hard to believe that this gleaming city was the political centre of the Emirasian War, where hundreds of bombs were dropped on to the city and where thousands of civilians gave up their life for their country, but, forever united, the people of Iris can say that they have never been stronger.


Night view of Downtown Iris, note the UN HQ, which relocated here in 2012.


View of Victory Avenue, or the "Old City". Note the tip of Victory Monument in the Bottom Left corner.


View of Victory Avenue and Pacific Avenue, note the dramatic change in architecture. Where the “newer” buildings are, was the site of a massive air raid that claimed the lives of 2,563 civilians.


Corner of the Simlympic Park, which is currently undergoing a massive expansion. The Park serves as the sporting hub for the Pacific. Hopefully, in the future, Iris plans to bid for the Simlympic Games.


Entran is the second largest city in the UPE, and the site of the first official Parliament. We can trace its origins to a fishing colony, and still today, Entran houses some of the biggest competitors in the Fishing Industry. Fortunately, Entran escaped the worries of the Pacific War, but in return, has suffered many natural disasters. Today, people flock to see the remains of the beautiful Entran Hall, or embark on treacherous fishing voyages.


Downtown Entran City, excuse the haze, an icon for the city.


The Entran Hall, first site of the Parliament, however, was partially destroyed in a series of tsunamis. Now however, its gardens have been replanted, its statues replaced and its interior filled in, and is now a museum.


Rembrant, was the City of Promises, once the Pearl of the Pacific. Here is, her story:

‘Twas the year 1945. And the city of Rembrant was preparing itself for the first Pan-Pacific Games: beautiful plazas sprung up, industries were revamped, a whole new Stadium site was built, big fancy hotels appeared everywhere over town, the city had transformed. It sparkled now. It gleamed, it was going to be the most desirable city in all of the world. Almost every nation, every city, every person had invested into Rembrant. But when World War II took over, the city collapsed. Billions of dollars were lost, as the world turned away. People lost thousands, and took to the streets. The police were useless against them. Soon the mafias were in control, and when dawn never came, twas already too late. The city of ashes, she had become.


The "Old Rembrant" days before the Games were cancelled. A time when the city lights still worked.


More of Old Rembrant


The IIAC, is a world class airport, and a critical transit point, due to its convenient location. It’s only a few hours to anywhere along the Pacific Rim. However, the airport is slowly nearing its maximum capacity before it starts to be congested. With about 2000 flights landing and departing daily, but with about 600 gates, it was hard to see it coming. We are served primarily by Qantas, Lufthansa and South African, however we are a hub for a wide range of airlines. We have won numerous awards commending excellence for our baggage efficiency and services on the ground. We also have a very clean record. No accidents or incidents have us involved. We have 5 terminals, each designated a certain continent(s) e.g: Terminal 2: North and South America.


South African, Lufthansa and Qantas: IIACS Biggest Airlines

Note to Moderators- If necessary please resize these images, as I have no idea how.

Next Update: Iris and the Canarus Strait- expect in a week or two

Enjoy Guys and Thanks for Viewing :D :D :D

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