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Entry 11 – Farming on the Coast

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<img src=" Banner-Meta.jpg">
First let me respond to all the comments from the last entry .....
Okay, now that that is done! :)
<img src=" Banner-Journal.jpg">
<span style="color: #0000FF"><span style="font-size: larger"><b>Entry 11 - Farming on the Coast</b></span></span>
Five of nine cities were located along the coastline, from the north they were Finger Bay's unnamed settlement, Laural Point, Williamsburg, Glenwood Village and Hersen Point.   The first two were on the north coast of the channel leading into the bay, the second two on the south coast, and Hersen point further along the southern coastline.
<span style="color: #800080"><h3> Unnamed Settlement on Finger Bay </h3></span>
In the years that have followed a great deal of development has happened in this area, but the decades have not brought resolution of the great question of what the name of the settlement would be. Factions were starting to form, then there had been a few bar brawls – which was interesting because there weren't really any bars yet! I guess they would have to be called moonshine brawls. 
<img src=" FingerBayoverview.jpg">
<i><b> Overview of the Unnamed Settlement on Finger Bay </b></i>
The natural division would be the East Bank versus the West Bank, yet this was not how the lines were being drawn.  Instead, some of the larger farm owners were all arguing for a name which reflected their farm, and their workers and customers were aligning with them. Finally, several groups from the small industrial areas and residential areas gained a voice and started pushing the idea that the mayor would decide the town name, that people would be given a chance to present their case to the mayor, the but that the mayor's decision would be final!
<img src=" FingerBaywestbank.jpg">
<i><b> West Bank of the Unnamed Settlement on Finger Bay </b></i>
Months passed, the argument continued, and finally this proposal is accepted in order to avoid civil war (well, at least a big civil brawl, hard to have a war without a name of the place you're fighting over).
<img src=" FingerBayeastbank.jpg">
<i><b> East Bank of the Unnamed Settlement on Finger Bay </b></i>
The only problem? No mayor.  Nobody had gotten around to appointing or electing one.
It's not that farmers arguing about the name didn't know there wasn't a mayor, in fact several of the farmers seized on the fact that the mayor had not yet been chosen when they agreed to the plan. Remember, these guys are egotistical enough to believe the settlement should be named after them, believing they should be elected the first mayor was not such a stretch ....
<span style="color: #800080"><h3> Laural Point</h3></span>
Located to the south and east of Finger Bay, Laural point sits right on the northern bank of the channel into the Greater Bay Area. As you may remember, Laural Point actually sits on an island when the channel between Laural Point and the mainland, although the channel is often just a muddy gulch. 
<img src=" LauralPointoverview.jpg">
<i><b>Overview of Laural Point </b></i>
Laural Point has seen one of the highest levels of growth of all the settlements in the area.  It still has some unique challenges, but is considered quite desirable as a location nonetheless.
<img src=" LauralPointcoast.jpg">
<i><b> Laural Point – Coastal Area </b></i>
The coastal area on the main channel entrance has the shoreline unsuitable for a peer, or at least unsuitable given the amount of effort it would take to create and the still somewhat limited population of the area. However, a second industrial area has formed and the residential population along this coast continues to grow. An additional road was created and additional farms to support the growing population.  Although a couple flower farms exist, most of the industry here supports the growth both here in Laural Point and in the Finger Bay settlements, the closest connected by land or boat. To a lesser extent the industry also supports the growth in the Williamsburg and Glenwood Village.
<img src=" LauralPointbridge.jpg">
<i><b> Laural Point – Bridge Area</b></i>
Part of the problem with supporting other settlements is transport, the only pier usable was up by the bridge. This means horse-drawn wagons must haul goods and building materials across Laural Point either to the peer or across the bridge and then up to Finger Bay.  Pictured here on the right is some new industrial growth on the northern side of the channel, along with increased residential area on both sides of the channel.
Laural Point has one unique feature amongst all of the coastal settlements, no real dramas or controversies! Aside from transport difficulties, particularly when the dirt roads become muddy quagmires Laural Point is starting to be a nice place to live.
<span style="color: #800080"><h3> Williamsburg & Glenwood Village </h3></span>
Sitting across the channel entrance from Laural Point are the settlements of Williamsburg and Glenwood Village. Taken together, this area also represents the largest population both in numbers and density in the Greater Bay area.
<img src=" WilliamsburgandGlenwood.jpg">
<i><b> Overview of Williamsburg and Glenwood Village </b></i>
Pictured here in the evening, we can see that the growth continues, and that the shores of the inlet separating Williamsburg and Glenwood Village is also becoming settled.
<img src=" Glenwoodoverview.jpg">
<i><b> Overview of Glenwood Village </b></i>
In Glenwood Village growth has been somewhat subdued. The count is largely dispirited after their landmark first water tower in the region became defaced. Although the graffiti has long since been cleaned off, the growth is been limited to the population area around the water tower and some growth along the path leading to the lighthouse. Some of the more outspoken dynamic citizens, the ones responsible for the water tower project, were particularly depressed. It is only recently, in the last year two, that the group started to show signs of life. The elder sons of the initial project members are supplying the group with the energy that the more defeated elders were lacking. The late-night meetings have once again begun, and perhaps a new projects to promote Glenwood Village and prevent it from simply being absorbed into the larger Williamsburg may be afoot!
<img src=" Williamsburgoverview.jpg">
<i><b> Overview of Williamsburg </b></i>
Williamsburg has shown more growth, although still a lower rate of growth than many of the surrounding settlements. Agriculture has seen a somewhat more significant increase. As you can see several fairly large flower fields have appeared, and the farms in the Southwest area, recently cleared, are rumored to also be switching to flower cultivation. As mentioned before, it is the creation of fragranced oils from whale blubber that is becoming a major export of the region, and thus more and more flowers are needed to help create the desired fragrances!
<img src=" Williamsburgbennysoils.jpg">
<i><b> Williamsburg – Benny's Oils </b></i>
Benny, one of the local businessmen, recently converted to a new industry. He is reducing flowers to the essence and oils necessary. Prior to Benny's operation beginning boatloads of flowers would need to be transported from the coastal settlements up through the channel to Bayside where the whale blubber was rendered down and packaged for oceanic shipment back to the old country. While a number of oceangoing vessels do stop at this area, there was a more limited number of coastal vessels to transport, particularly considering the larger and larger amounts of flowers needed to be transported in the limited time span before the flowers wilted and became less useful. Benny capitalized on this by having the coastal settlements transport the flowers to him and then oils can be sent either overland or by vessel around through the channel.  Although Benny has only recently started processing flowers, only the last two seasons, the number of farmers setting aside fields for flower production has already increased and Benny is looking at the need to expand relatively soon to handle the busy season. His biggest problem is year-round crop production, or in diversifying so that the industry does not sit idle two months out of every three.
<img src=" Williamsburgchurch.jpg">
<i><b> Williamsburg – Church </b></i>
Benny's not the only one who is prospering. Against all odds the region's one religious cult, led by Jimmy McGreedy, has also finally gotten some new members and growth. Remember, one of the tenants of the religious cult that Jimmy has found it is that material wealth can lead to temptation and sin, thus new members must first sign over most worldly possessions to McGreedy.  He had a hard time getting new followers, until he came on the idea that certain influential, and fast talking, existing members could achieve the status of Deacon by bringing in more members themselves. Now with far more people than just McGreedy out seeking new members, new members were indeed found. You can see the regions first church was finally built from the proceeds, and the share of wealth given to a Deacon who had brought new recruits has allowed several new fancy houses to be built!  
Benny's new industry and McGreevey's new cult have driven a lot of the population growth so far, but like Glenwood Village, Williamsburg is starting to show signs of the spark and drive that the friendly competition between the two settlements encourages.
<span style="color: #800080"><h3> Hersen Point</h3></span>
Furthest South of all the coastal settlements, and the only one not actually on a branch of the Greater Bay or channel, Hersen Point is still trying to escape its lowly beginning.
<img src=" HersenPointoverview.jpg">
<i><b> Overview of Hersen Point </b></i>
Farming has grown significantly in this area. As you may remember, Hersen point was founded when a somewhat incompetent buccaneer, Hersen, and his gang of lowlifes crashed on the point here. Lacking the skills to rebuild their ship, and barely having the skills to shoot enough game to stay alive, they were in a precarious position when a group of farmers landed based on the bonfire they saw. A pecking order was quickly established, the farmers work the land, farmers grew the food, and Hersen's remaining bully boys collected and distributed the food! Despite this, the land here was good and more farmers arrived.
<img src=" HersenPointlighthouse.jpg">
<i><b> Hersen Point – Lighthouse </b></i>
One of the few jobs the bully boys and helped put their backs into was the early establishment of a lighthouse. This was in fact the first lighthouse in this area, and explained some of the continued growth. The lighthouse acted as a beacon, drawing ships who would resupply here and inevitably some of the travelers and settlers on those ships would stay. The lighthouse itself though started to fall into disrepute when several similar lighthouses were built based on this model and other settlements. One of them – in the Finger Bay area, was poorly constructed and moved to a slightly different location after the partial collapse of the first tower. Residents in that area say they still see the ghostly light circling at night despite the fact that all the parts of that White House had been scavenged and used for other buildings. In Hersen Point the ominous legend of the lighthouse only help the buccaneers attempt to keep order and dominance in the settlement. 
<img src=" HersenPointindustry.jpg">
<i><b> Hersen Point – Industry </b></i>
In some ways the very success of Person Point was the beginning of its undoing. Industry started the spring up here, and the number of settlers continued to grow. The remaining buccaneers were not enough to easily cow all the new settlers, particularly those working in the new industries. There was also a farmers market in the area. While a few of the farm supported the oil and fragrance trade, fewer in this area were dedicated to that and more of them towards general ship repair and resupply. Finally, after one too many attempts to collect taxes by the buccaneers, some of the settlers, both farmers and industry workers, send messages back to contacts they still had in the old country.
<img src=" HersenPointLordsstreet.jpg">
<i><b> Hersen Point – Lords Street </b></i>
Lord Aedan Douglas was a poor second son from a cadet branch of an influential nobel family, but was still a member of the nobility. Having heard about this area from the messages sent back to the old country, he gathered some of his retainers sold some of the few valuables left and arrived in Hersen Point with some very official looking documents declaring him to be the new Lord of Hersen point and the surrounding areas, as appointed by the King. It is doubtful the King even knew of Lord Douglas, much less authorizes appointment, but even cadet branches have powerful family members and the appointment was legitimate – as legitimate as appointing a Lord in the land not truly owned by any country can be.
Lord Douglas was aided by the fact that he was seen by many settlers and townsfolk as a savior form the buccaneers, and was shrewd enough to recruit some of those setters to be administrative help and some of the members of the buccaneers into the new guard – thus depriving the Buccaneers of men and gaining control of some of the few fighters in their settlement as well as securing the support of the townsfolk. He had a nice house built for him, as was his due. Several of his retainers as well as leaders from the settlements that were recognized by Lord Douglas also built nicer homes along the same road. The road became known as Lords Street, and ran from this inland area up to the same area as the lighthouse and pier. The road running parallel with the coastline was named Waterfront Street, and Hersen point accomplished another first for the region, with the first actual name streets. The process quickly started to spread amongst the other settlements. While minor roads were still usually not named, major tracks went from being random paths near the houses to actual streets by the simple addition of a name.
<img src=" Banner-Meta.jpg">
We've started to see "civilization" in the form of services appearing in the Greater Bay Area. Lord Douglas's manner is simply the first Mayor's house with its attendant benefits. Several of the settlements now have water towers, although it is certainly no way universal coverage yet. I'm enjoying using the new and custom farms, and have included several custom farm rewards although I have not yet started to figure out how to work those into the storyline.
I discovered by accident of the lighthouse I chose tend to have the distressing habit of leaving the spinning light at night even after your remove the lighthouse! Unfortunately, removing these would mean going back to the very beginning and wiping out a great deal of work, so I think I'm stuck with them. I'm going to try very hard not to demolish any more, and certainly will not build any more of these here. The lighthouse I used is in my plugins foulder as 1x2 Mini Lighthouse but I can no longer find it on any of the download sites, so I don't know if it was taken down.
I hope you enjoyed reading this update, it was a bit more extensive. I still don't know that I have a good tone and balance to the storytelling in the Journal and showing the progress of the development of the settlements, so if there's any part of this you enjoyed please let me know so I know what to keep!
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I'm liking what I see... small town CJs are my favourites so I'll keep an eye on your progress!

ps: must... turn... grid... off... when... taking... snapshots! ;)

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OH shoot, I forgot to do that in Laural Point! I thought I had remembered this time....

I wonder why I don't even see the grid until after someone points it out, and then it is SOOOO obvious ...

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