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Highway 41 Rural Service Improvements

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20100911161446.pngHuman Transit Corporation

Since 1930

Service Improvements and Restructures in the

Towns of Hillchester and Pineton, and the Township of Baringcross

Services provided by the Human Transit Corporation has really became diversified in the past century. From focusing on only the City of Torbury (which is the capital of the Free State, with about 20% of the Free State's population) to include major hubs of rural communities.

One of the corridors that our company was awarded the contract to operate public transit on is the Highway 41 Corridor. Highway 41 is a rural highway linking City of Bay City and Town of Hillchester, with many smaller towns along the way.

Our strategy of operating rural transit is to operate a main rail corridor, but with only one track, which will operate one-way rail service during rush hours only, and only having one train servicing at a time, with back-up counterpart of bus service. This bus service services all the train stations of the rail corridor, and provides much frequent (yet smaller passenger capacity) both-direction service throughout the day.

The corridor we are focusing today is Highway 41, serviced by the Intercity Rail (Route 806) and Bus Service (Route 330).

With the rapid population growth of the corridor, overcrowding problems are seen along the corridor.

We decided to expand the rail service to both-way rush hour service. Yet this is a challenging engineering task since it traverses rugged landscapes.


Before we dive into the technical details, check out what our Marketing Department has made to inform the public of the rail expansion.


Figure 1. Service update of Route 330/806 brochure.


Before the Expansion


Figure 2. Bay City and its suburb, Brentden. The urban area is traced out on the right by a rail line, which is the Route 806 Intercity rail corridor.


Figure 3. The southern end of the corridor, showing the Town of Hillchester (southernmost urban agglomeration), and immediately to its north, the Town of Pineden, and to the west, Township of Baringcross.

Again, the rail line seen here is Route 806. The blue bridge in the middle of Figure 3 is the Baringcross Busway, a rural busway project implemented a few decades ago in order to allow Route 330 to bypass the urban traffic in Downtown Baringcross.


Figure 4. Overcrowdiness for connecting passengers disembarking at Pineton mTrain Station, and then transferring to a shuttle to Baringcross.


Figure 5. In fact, the corridor bus service is always operating more than 75% capacity. It is certainly not rare to see all 8 buses packed with customers.



The expansion, even though it has received much mixed opinions and oppositions (why?), was in the end approved by the Ministry of Transport, and work has begun in 2068.


Figure 6. Laying additional rail track at Brentden mTrain Station. The train will operate on a light rail here, sharing the road with the buses (Bus Routes 307 and 308 connects to this station).


Figure 7. Doubling the rail in the rural highlands (Green Bay Highland). To the right is a Route 330 Bus Service operating on Highway 41.


Figure 8. One of the most challenging engineering task while expanding the rail is to traverse the rugged landscape of ups and downs of hills, as well as traversing through creeks and rivers and valleys.

To the lower right of the picture is the old alignment of the Route 806 rail, and a Route 330 bus is operating along Highway 41 as shown.


Figure 9. Expanding through Pineton was a hassle. It involved demolishing many historical buildings, relocating the bus stop for Route 312 (Pineton Train Shuttle), and demolition of the Pineton Crescent Bridge.



After the rail was "doubled", it was time to finish up the expansion by adding amenities to accommodate extra passenger flow and extra train service.


Figure 10. Building an extra platform at Hillchester mTrain Station.


Figure 11. Building the extra platform at Pineton mTrain Station (half of the station is outdoors, shelterless; while the other half is covered).


Figure 12. Perhaps the most important addition to the rail line is the NEW Baringcross mTrain Station. Equipped with an outdoors two-platform train station, and a two-platform bus terminal, it functions as a bus terminal to Route 312 Baringcross Train Shuttle and Route 321 Konuberts Drive to better connect to the Route 806 Train Service.

It is, however, noted that Route 330 DOES NOT service this train station at all, and thus this implies, there is NO direct service to Bay City during non-rush hours. Passengers need to take Route 321 to Hillchester Station and transfer to Route 330 from there.


Figure 13. Removing the old alignment of the rail.


Figure 14. The NEW expanded rail, designed for double-direction service. The parts of the "bald" territory without any trees is the formal alignment of the old rail, or areas that were terraformed to accommodate the rail expansion.


Figure 15. Last but not least, purchasing an extra train convoy to increase rush hour service of the corridor. This train has 5 cars (while the stations are designed to handle 6), and carries at maximum 862 passengers.

(Sidenote: I just found out about the electric train option, which I am considering to upgrade to for some rail corridors. When I do so, I'll promptly update here)


Figure 16. Two trains running in different directions meet at Pineton mTrain Station. This is a test run on December 31, 2068 before the launch of this train service to the public on January 1, 2069.

Schedule of Route 330 / 806 Combination

New trips are denoted with (NEW!) beside its route number.

Some rush hour (07:00 - 10:00; 16:00 - 19:00) trips of Route 330 has been cut and does not show up.



And that's all!

Remember to check our route map section (UPDATE #2), as we'll update that regularly. Update 1971 is now up with MANY EXCITING SERVICE IMPROVEMENTS!

We are online! (Along with other regions of mine). Check out http://gravenhurst.wikia.com

Currently, Torbury only has ~5 articles out of the 159 articles. The other articles are about other regions.

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Guest hahei


Interesting. Is this SC2000?

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[quote name='hahei' timestamp='1335951082']
Interesting. Is this SC2000?
[b]Actually... This is Simutrans, a public transit simulator, which is a freeware and could be downloaded at [url="http://simutrans.com/"]http://simutrans.com[/url][/b]

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Love it. Ah, the many hours spent double-tracking profitable routes, and creating branches complete with flyovers to improve flow of trains.

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