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Eskintuna National Park

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Thanks everyone for the massive reply on last update, it means a lot to me :golly:

From “Old” CJ section:

That ring road looks really great! :) Good job I must say!

@Hampi: Thank you! I was happy how it turned out, I’m glad you like it too :D

Very nice ring road, it looks amazing. :)

@City_Master: Thanks, once I’m finished building I’ll show the second part!

Lovely update, I like the ring road is so curvy, and smooth hilly. Looks good! :)

@Sim_link: That’s what I tried to achieve, I’m glad it did. The next part will be even more curvy and hilly, so stay tuned!

Your road signs are very realistic! Nice job.

@SimCiug: Thanks a lot, they’re based off Mrtnrln’s signs so I must give some sort of credit to him.

Hey it's been a long time since your last update! And here it is! Nice pictures, as always, but here's my advice: please dont let the motorways 'eat' all these beautiful green landscape!

@Simplemente: Well it’s been a little over a week, but I’ve been realy busy (why is everybody born in April?). Motorways are necessary for a big city, but don’t worry there’s plenty off green space in and around the city, check today’s update for instance…

From the “New” CJ section

I was thinking of doing something like this in my cities, I would suggest connecting the one way streets to an avenue when they are going to intersect with another road, I'm not sure if you're as anal as I am about having only intersection as opposed to 2. Just a thought

@Alexander.Tooke: Good to see someone with the same thoughts! I don’t have Rush Hour, so I can’t do that :( Do you have a CJ, I’m curious how it would turn out.

Why, Heimen?! Whyyyyy?!! Why do you have to have such a brilliant CJ and not get much attention?! WHYYYYYYYYY??!!

@Ggamgus: Hahaha, I’l take that as a huge compliment :) I actually think I got quite some attention on last update.

Lots of roads!

@Elavery: Indeed, a big city needs a lot of roads!

Nice work! And your signs are AWESOME!!!

@Schulmanator: Thanks! I’m improving the signs, next update ou can expect more…

Not bad, but I'd highly suggest using avenues instead.

@Riiga: Unfortunately I don’t have Rush Hour, so I’ll I have to do it with this. I’m glad you liked it :)

It’s a well built transportation network, and the roads signs you drew are very creative :)

I think it might be interesting if maybe the road needed a capacity upgrade and you could try out the RHW mod

@Timoman: If I’d get my hands on Ruh Hour one day I would certainly do that! Thanks for the compliments!

Brilliant and unique placing of lots!

@Residentsim: Thank you! Lately I gor more and more aware of the “filler lots” (I believe they’re called like that) I’m happy they turned out well :D

How do you make those transitions from normal height to sunken height using those digging lots?

@Coffianapolister: I’m not sure what you mean, I just used mayor mode god terraforming, you can look for it in the STEX.


Simplemente said: “…but here's my advice: please dont let the motorways 'eat' all these beautiful green landscape!”

This gave me an idea, I never actually showed you Heimen’s nature before. Most of Heimen is very sparsely populated, actually only 22,9 inhabitants/sqKm (59,4/sqMi). This leaves plenty of room for nature. Especially in the north there are areas where not ever a human being has been.

Let this be a start of some sort of series where we’ll visit some of the most scenic nature in Heimen.


Eskintuna NP is located in (surpise, surprise) the province of Eskintuna ( more info in the Heimen wiki page), located on the North East coast of Heimen. The picture is crossed by a scenic road and a scenic trails and it shows “Storra Klippan” (Large Cliffs) where the land suddenly ends at the sea.

I recommend having a look in full resolution


I hope you liked it, please comment if you did or how I can improve my work :)

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Nice update. At first I thuoght it said Eskilstuna wich is a small city in sweden. There's a big and famous zoo there too. Anyway nice one.

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