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Update 60 - 4/16/12 - East I-80: 48th Street to West Town

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Update 60 - East I-80: 48th Street to West Town

We continue east (the bottom of the pictures) along Interdistrict 80. We will follow I-80 to its combination with I-55 at the "Heights/Parquart" Interchange. Then we will travel through West Town along I-80 and I-55 to Washington Avenue.


40th Street before and after preparations for the freeway to come through.


We can see Exit 283A to North Avenue from I-80 westbound.


I-80 winds through residential neighborhoods with sound walls.


Exit 283B 40th Street.


Advance guide sign for the "Heights/Parquart" Interchange.


I-80 cuts through the hill that was originally all Garfield Park. Now the north side of the freeway is Kenilworth Park.



Let's go back and take some more looks at Exit 283B.



Exit 283C only from eastbound I-80 to 32nd Street and Parquart Neighborhood.


Entering Parquart Tunnel. Exit 284 to Trinity Boulevard is right on the other side of the tunnel under Parquart Neighborhood and the passenger rail lines coming out of Martin Central Railway Station.


The neighborhood above Parquart Tunnel.



Exit 284 to Trinity Boulevard.



Guide sign for the "Heights/Parquart" Interchange on the I-80/I-55 bridge.


The ramp for continuing east on I-80 actually loops under the ramp to North I-55 and the loops over I-80 itself (the bridge we just passed).


Not the greatest planning and not the best interchange I have made :(


Overhead next exit mileage signs.


Exit 82D (I-55 exit numbers). I-80 piggybacks on I-55 down to the St. Paul area before I-80 is again able to travel east-west.





Exit 82B Washington Avenue. New Capital Stadium is the next exit.




Washington Avenue overpass. Guide sign for the Exit 82A for Capital Stadium. It is on the Brittany River Highway (D50 and N18).


Sneak peak at Capital Stadium.


Satellite view of Martin County, District of Wenzel.



Thanks for coming along. Wow, I am really happy with the way that satellite view of my county turned out...and the photoshopping for Capital Stadium...though I am nervous whether or not I can replicate it in my next update! (I should have created a template...I meant to, and then it didn't happen, sigh. It was a real hassle to get the images from West Town...the game takes so long to load that tile and whenever I save it freezes after I finish saving or crashes to desktop without saving. Disappointing how eventually SimCity figures out how to eat your RAM...I used to have 4 GB then upped to 8 GB and that tile ran like a dream, but now that tile is a crash to desktop or freeze waiting to happen, sigh.

Check out the District of Wenzel Street Map to get an idea where we are.

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Recommended Comments

That satellite picture is very well done!

Have you ever considered DAT packing your plugins? It drastically increased my performance. I went from massive crashing problems just playing a medium tile with 3 GB of cc to being able to play large tiles that stay very stable up until the tile is ~75% developed, and past that just slow down, don't get unstable.

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Dude, nice update as always!
Like the tilt-shift effect that you made, it's kinda turning popular in the journals and adds personality at your photos.
And your highway already looks like a driver's nightmare!!! :D

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Yeah seriously, when I look at your regional sattelite picture I'm like Oh ma gawd *.* , too amazing! :lol: The curving highways and the obliteration of the grid when we reach the downtown area. I also like the placement of the airport! Not too far from the city, but far enough to make sure that air traffic is handled safely. And those mountains! Wow, beautifully forested with the occasional winding road. I'm sorry to hear that SC4 is causing problems like that. :( , but whatever effort you put into these updates, it really pays off. :yes:

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Thanks...I'm worried about Datpacking as it is hard to update (though I could DAT pack all those files that never need updating) or the possibility that there is just a bad file in my plugins somewhere. Oh well...live and learn...when I play SC2013 I'll have to take a more methodical approach to my plugins, haha.

I actually did a tilt-shift (unintentionally) many updates ago (before SC2013 was announced) of Wellington Park...I really understand how it makes things look like models. It was so strange to see when I first did it.

Yeah, the airport is only the original smaller airport for Martin. The city is rapidly outgrowing it and I plan to build a huge international airport near the Christina River (the southern most river) near St. Paul.

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All those winding roads really paid of for one of the most, if not [i]the most[/i], amazing region views I've ever seen. Great realism!

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It might seem a pain to update datpacked plugins but it's not bad. I pack mine in categories, so i end up with a file for industrial, one for high rises, one for small homes, etc., and every 3 months or so sort the accumulated new downloads out and distribute into my backup plugins, then pack them all up again, it's pretty quick. That way you can also swap needed categories into and out of your plugins as if you were using a selective system.

If you decide not to go the datpack route you should consider running the BSC cleanitol; it pulls all the .txt, .jpg, and other non-SC4 files from your plugins and moves them into another folder. The number of files inside your Plugins folder also slows down the game; it's not entirely about filesize.

Good luck!

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Yeah, I ran the cleanitol to get rid of all those files. I tried to datpack and I also datpack the DAMN remove folder, but when I try to load a city the game just crashes. I'm not afraid of datpacking anymore...I'm really excited to see how it can affect my game, but the effect right now is really poor...I can't play if I datpack! I'm going to try and datpack everything EXCEPT the DAMN remove folder. Hopefully that works!

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hmmm I didn't know you use DAMN; I'm not sure datpacking and using the damn are compatible. I know next to nothing about the DAMN but I would think your best bet would be removing the DAMN completely, then datpacking by categories, then set the damn back up. /shrug sorry man :(

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I'll have to read more about it, but I have read of other people, DATpacking everything including DAMN, some DATpacking just the original files and leaving the DAMN remove folder alone. O well.

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[quote name='jerseybison' timestamp='1335227141']
Nice CJ. What's the building to the right of the Washington Avenue Overpass? Thanks

Honestly, I have no idea! I'll have to do some research....

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