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Ring of Fire

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Nuclear Neighborhood




Update 28: Nuclear Neighborhood.

Welcome back everyone! So is everyone enjoying the new site update? I'll admit; at first i was a little irked at a couple things (like the fact that my feature submissions from the last two weeks got lost in the electron shuffle ;) , which also means there might be some stuff you've missed if you're not a regular, so go hit that 'previous' button!) but now it's grown on me. However, since now it doesn't tell you that the images have been resized I have to tell you:


And now we return you to your regularly scheduled update.

Previously on tRoF:


The canal marks a boundary between the industrial area and the compact residential area between the canal and the river.

1. At the south end of this zone is fangfish park, this time in fall colors:


2. There are still some old, small industrial warehouses around the cross-avenue:


3. Apartments pop up around the canal heading north.


4. The schools and civic square. On the bottom are apartments overlooking the river.


5. More residentials. These old homes used to be the closest to the river until the modern apartments popped up on questionable ground planning and zoning.


6. As the canal reaches the north tile border it encounters a small park, which spills over onto the other side.


7. The park in the green season, with the surrounding industrial buildings.


8. Browsing the industrial area. More transit lines.


9. An elevated station on the rail viaduct.


10. The avenue splitter. (i love that piece).


11. And at night.


12. Speaking of night, liquid tanks in the industrial area.


13. Jumping to the other side of the Highway, the view from some residentials overlooking the rail freight facilities.


14. Following the rail yards west, small shops line the avenue through the concrete landscape.


15. Another residential overlook, this time over some truck parking and hi-tech businesses.


16. And finally, the industrial east side at night.


Thanks for stopping by everyone, i hope you enjoyed your visit. Feel free to leave your thoughts below in the comments, and if you want rate and +1. Enjoy the site update!


@Benedict, Ten Trillion, 111222333444, avrelivs, NMUSpidey: Thanks to all you guys for your kind words. I hope another update that includes fukushima isn't overdoing it. :P

@NMUSpidey: That's why it's inland a bit, upriver. The petroleum facility I'm planning on building down by the river's mouth however....


Recommended Comments

This IS a nuclear neighborhood. Because it's a nuclear explosion of AWESOMENESS and SUPER-AMAZINGNESS! 356 million out of 5!

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Amazing! I like the buildings you've used though personally I prefer custom train skins off the stex instead of the maxis one

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very nice and detailsed. looks like germany or something=)
but u need better train and tram textures maybe?

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Oh ma gawd :O , awesome city! I didn't even know the avenue splitter existed until just now lol :blush:

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First of all, beautiful and interesting pictures. I'm pretty sure I've driven on a real-world equivalent of that avenue splitter. It's cool.

Also, do I detect a hint of foreshadowing in your response there?

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Great. Very great.
where I can find that avenue splitter ?
I saw it once,but I can't remember where,maybe it was in a japanese site.

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I will not to use about nuclear power in my city. Although I can b is difficult "- - /[font="arial, sans-serif"][size="5"][color="#333333"] [/color][/size][/font]

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Shadows? Nuclear plant? Naw, they have to keep those guys well lit don't they?

Anywhouze, wondertastic thing you have going on up in here, it just agrees with me. Could be better in some area's but that's a matter of photoshop and mirrors :P
You'ze get 4.4/5

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[size=2]CONGRATULATIONS!! THIS ENTRY WON [url="http://community.simtropolis.com/journals/2774/entry-16165-week-15-4912-41512/"]BEST OF THE BEST! - WEEKLY EDITION[/url] FOR THE CATEGORY [i][color=#0000FF]INDUSTRIAL[/color][/i][/size][/b]

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[quote name='BLA777' timestamp='1334178931']
Looks like Fukushima.

It is.
Also, I've also wanted the avenue splitter. It's amazing. Can you please give us a URL? Much appreciated.

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[quote name='cloud92' timestamp='1334022691']
where did you get the nuclear facility
he got the Fukushima plant here [url="http://members3.jcom.home.ne.jp/somy000/"]http://members3.jcom.home.ne.jp/somy000/[/url] ps love the picks been a lurkrer wathcing the journal.

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are those lots you linked to no longer available... I have downloade from there years ago.... but there isnt links to the files.. just images

nevermind... feel so stu-ped :)

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