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Barnanova Series: The Poly



Comment Replies

elavery: I won't be thankful for that comment... Football is serious business! ;)

folokashi: Thank you for commenting!

Benedict: Thanks for commenting! The real thing is just... awesome.

spursrule14: Thank you for your comment!

escilnava: Thanks for your comment! You can try ambitious projects, but make sure you can take them at first!

10000000...: Thank you for commenting!

NMUSpidey: Thank you for commenting! I think I know which movie are you referring to: Pot Luck aka L'Auberge Espagnole. It's got to be funny, and I think I'll take a look to it, because tomorrow the results of my Erasmus petition are announced. If everything goes fine, I'll be finishing my degree at TFH Wildau (next to Berlin) next year!

LastTrueChamp: Thanks for commenting! I was trying to catch the feel more than the accurate recreation, if I have captured (at least a bit), it is a huge success for me.

VicRusty: Gràcies per comentar! So many places that would be fantastic to recreate, don't you think?


Before taking a long CJing rest due to the Exams Season, let me show you another creation I'm quite proud of:



Barnanova Polytechnic University’s main campus (colloquially "The Poly") is located in Barnanova’s east end, in the Incorporated Borough of The Lagoon. Surrounded of a natural environment but also closely placed near the city center, it is the most prestigious university in Barnanova due to its studies programmes, tradition and students’ facilities.

Its history runs along Barnanova’s industrialization, from the first and humble efforts in educating engineers from scratch to the high-end study programs in fluid dynamics, automation, heat transfer, automotive industries... Talking about Barnanova’s industry is talking about Barnanova Polytechnic.

The Core


“El Nucli” ("The Core") is made by the first buildings ever built in the campus, the four fields of engineering that ruled the world in the 19th century and keep being an important part of it nowadays. Later on, the corner buildings were added, first as residence halls and later as lab buildings.

The Core Quad hosts the graduation ceremony every June, the Campus Week in May and most of social events in BPU. It was also an important protest place during May 68 protests and keeps being the political center of the university.


School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering

- Dpt. of Graphic Expression (DGE)

- Dpt. of Materials Resistance and Structural Engineering (DMRSE)

- Dpt. of Mechanical Engineering I (DMEI)

- Dpt. of Thermical Machines and Engines (DTME)

- Dpt. of Automotive Engineering (DAE)

School of Textile Engineering

- Dpt. of Mechanical Engineering II (DME2)

- Dpt. of Textile and Paper Engineering (DTPE)

School of Civil Engineering

- Dpt. of Construction Engineering (DCE)

- Dpt. of Structural Engineering II (DSE2)

- Dpt. of Transport and Territory Infrastructure (DTTI)

- Dpt. of Urbanism and Territorial Organisation (DUTO)

School of Naval Engineering and Architecture

- Dpt. of Hydraulics, Maritime and Environmental Engineering (DHMEE)

- Dpt. of Nautical Science and Engineering (DNSE)

The Chapel Quad


This small quad, north of The Core, hosts the Old Administration Building and the External Relations Office, the first place the Erasmus students visit in BPU. The most iconic structure here is The Chapel, built at the same time than The Core. In the old times, Catholic students came here to say their prayers and to see the priest. Masses are still held every Sunday, only for the handful of students who stay in the campus and attend to it.

The New Core


This quad was born as a response to the needs of the 20th century, where new fields of knowledge appeared. As its older brother, this is also an activity center, although chemistry, electricity, aeronautics and mathematics students rule the place. It is regarded as a confusing place by freshmen, as the four schools are built exactly the same facing the four cardinal points. Lab buildings take up the corners, built in the same style than the first labs in The Core. The Tower Gardens, behind the Math School are a popular place to have some relax or to read a good book.


School of Chemical and Agricultural Engineering

- Dpt. of Chemical Engineering (DCE)

School of Electrical Engineering

- Dpt. of Electrical Engineering (DEE)

School of Aeronautical Engineering

- Dpt. of Aeronautical Engineering (DAE)

- Dpt. of Fluid Mechanics (DFM)

School of Mathematics and Statistics

- Dpt. of Applied Mathematics (DAM)

- Dpt. of Statistics and Operative Investigation (DSOI)

Residence Halls


Residence Halls are a very important part of any campus, but their proximity to the central quads and the vibrant student life that goes on them makes them even more important. BPU’s residence halls boast all the equipment the students may need (comfortable rooms, spacious dining halls, Wi-Fi access all over the campus, cafeteria open 24/7…). As an extra, the corner buildings are “special”.

- 3.NE – Relax Hall

- 3.SE – Residence Halls Administration Building

- 3. SW – Study Hall

- 3.NW – Cafeteria and Campus Restaurant

The other structures...


One of the newest buildings in the campus, built to satisfy the growing needs for new kinds of engineer during the 20th century, directly facing The Lagoon in perhaps the quietest place in the whole campus, built very near of The Core. Labs and facilities are integrated in the building, paying special attention to robotics and industrial regulation.


- Dpt. of Telematics Engineering (DTE)

- Dpt. of Signal Theory and Communications (DSTC)

- Dpt. of Electronics Engineering (DEEL)

- Dpt. of Electronic Systems Design and Programming (DESDP)

- Dpt. of Systems, Automatics and Industrial Computer Science (DSAICS)


The Barnanovese National Heat Transfer Center is one of the few research centers integrated in the campus, built in the 80s; it meant the giant leap the BPU took to become a major research campus. Mechanics, chemistry, civil engineering and aeronautics students take their lab lessons here, which means they practice in the best heat transfer facilities in the nation.


The Barnanova SuperComputing Center at the time of its construction in 2001, ranked the 4th in the world by processing speed. It allowed solving a good part of the problems the campus research centers were facing; and it is today the most valuable tool for all the research centers here. BPU is planning to replace this supercomputer by a brand new one placed in the campus’ vicinity by year 2015.


The Students Center was built at the same time than The Core, and has a popular place for students to meet, chat, study, read a book, or whatever they need. Also, the gym gives the students the opportunity to disconnect a bit of their study routine.


The Main Library is the place to be during the exams season, the place where failed exams become passed exams and the place of almost all human knowledge on engineering can be found. A silent and full of books place, also open 24/7.

At the other side of the gardens stand the state-of-the-art facilities of BPU’s Wind Tunnel, where theorical investigation is applied at sports like motor racing and bobsleigh. This facility is the main responsible for the three Simlympic medals Barnanova has won in the latest two Winter Simlympics in bobsleigh.



This modern building houses the univerity’s new administration departments, which is currently centralizing all schools administration departments in an only building, in an attempt of reducing paperwork, wasted time and problems. The lower part of the building houses the Sports Center, where all sports-related affairs are dealt, it also houses the FCBPU and Barnanova Tech Skrewdrivers headquarters.


Named after the most prominent Barnanovese scientist, the stadium is the home field for the football and track & field BPU teams. FCBPU currently plays in the Golden Division, the highest division on Barnanovese Football League system.


The campus has traditionally ended here, in the railway station, which allows that nowadays, most of BPUs students don’t live in the residence halls. Campus can be reached from the North Station in 10 minutes.

The Boiler provides hot water to the residence halls, the Sustainability Observatory also houses the Sustainability and Environment Department.

Furthermore, the Spire Plaza is the most popular meeting place during Friday and Saturday nights in the campus, it is the only place in the whole campus where consumption of alcohol is allowed.

Well... That's all, hope you liked it! Still have to show the Architecture School and Computer Science School, both are placed in the city proper, but we'll leave those for another day!


Recommended Comments

It looks great :) I like the idea of a remote college, but I think it might be a little too remote. One single two-lane road isn't quite enough (think sporting events ;)). That's just my take though, I might try something like this myself actually :thumb:

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L'Auberge Espangole! That's it! It has been many years since I last saw that movie, so I could not remember the title. It was a good one, I imagine you'd like it. Also, best of luck with your Erasmus petition!

Anyways, that is a beautiful campus. I wouldn't mind going there myself.

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great campus, would you happen to know where you got those buildings that you used in the first few pics

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Man, I have to say that you make this game brillant as life it is!! I really would like to visit your Campus! Thanks to share it!

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