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Konradedal - Part 2: The old fortress city on the river




"i really like how you use more natural barriers for your

highways in some rural instances. And than of course you use

some very nice walls in the more urbanized developed areas..

Very nice update Maarten !"

-- Brian (b22rian)

Thank you for your kind words, Brian. It's my specialty to create aestetically pleasing RHWs...

"It looks great! I really like the look of the last two pictures. The interchange on a hill is an excellent solution to the terrain and is also very realistic. In the last picture the way the highway curves is just awesome... don't know how to explain it.

Great work and great update!"

-- sim_link

It was challenging to build an interchange there. It's allways challenging to build interchanges when slopes are involved, but I managed to come up with something very decent and I really like how it turned out. I'm glad you share the same opinion ;)

Oh and by the way, smooth curves and FARHW make your RHWs look really awesome. That's why I use them ;)

"awesome use of sunken avenuse and railroads. and also very nice with all the space in your cities, i would say it looks very green, but with that amount of highways it wouldnt make any sense to call it green but very pretty at anyrate."

-- yourmomrulez

Well, my current cities tend to look more green, and I like that. Over the years my building skills have improved pretty much (just look at how my city building skills were back at page 3, horrendous!)


-- TowerDude


:D Thanks for the reply.

"u can easily see this is made by maarten

such a "perfection" isn't in any other CJ that's for sure

Good Job Buddyn"

-- katherman111

You'd be suprised if I say that I've seen CJs that are even more perfect than mine. Take Antigone for example: that's insanely detailed! But I do have some kind of style, especially when it comes to RHWs...

"You promised us an infrastructure showdown and you've accomplished your promise word by word!"

-- TekindusT

"Always, the best highways and interchanges are yours

Your reconstruction masterplan is great, and started with a great update. I would change a couple things around Konrad and its suburbs, but i don't want to intrud in your CJ with out your approval...

Looking foward for more,"

-- Matt (emmotic)

I think I see your point. I'll consider the reconstuction over there, I'm planning to do some anyway ;)

"very good, this rhw pics are"

-- matheuspaulo

"what a great CJ!"

-- Arvin

"Okay... This is a great CJ Maarten! Can't wait to see more updates!"

-- jotauveefe

"OMG Extremely Nice!"

-- 111222333444

Thank you all!


Konradedal (or Konradÿfal, as its Nagaskan name goes) is build in a valley where the river Konrade flows through. The terrain is hilly and this gives Konradedal a distinctive feature: terraces. The city has flat sections with height differences in between them, giving the city a multi-level effect.

We start with an overview of the city:


The city is split into three parts: a western shore part (former dutch), an eastern shore part (former Nagaskan) and the old Nagaskan fortess on a island in the river. The city was formerly split by a language barrier, but since 1987 this is not much of a problem anymore, since English is the lingua franca these days...

Here's an overview of the south-eastern part of the city, Ostrasita. Here you can clearly see the multi-level effect:


We move to the western part of the city. The old city center is build in seemingly Parisian style. This part of the city is build around the late 1700s, which explains you see more parisianesque architecture rather than dutch archtecture...


Moving further west, we have one of the newer suburbs, Hoogzyde (formely called Hoogzijde). It is build in the beginning of the 1980s:



Next up is the fortress island. This island has two fortresses: an old castle (Gämla Fjÿllöyeborg), build in the 12th century and a newer castle(Ny Fjÿllöyeborg), build in the 16th century. These fortresses are on a quite tall cliff island Fjÿllöye, making them very hard to conquer. During the colonization of Imaginia, this was once tried by the dutch, but without success. Today, Fjÿllöyeborg one of the best known historic tourist attractions of Imaginia.

Here we have the southern gate (Sudra Gäta):


The new castle:


And the old castle:


The fortresses are surrounded by mainly wooden buildings densly packed together:



Next up we have the Nagaskan part of the city, which is more modern. Here we have the city center on the eastern shore.


Some other city quarters



Industrial development is also present here, including a freight station and distribution center



To conclude, a pic of a passenger station in the suburbs:


I hope you enjoyed the update!

Oh, and I see there is a brown box present in one of my pictures, though it's quite hidden. Can you spot it? :ooh:




Recommended Comments

The city really shows layered development over the centuries. I'd like to know where you got all those medieval, Parisian and modern sets at. Also, the box is on the left edge of the last picture, three or four row houses above the rampart-looking wall.

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Awesome!!! Looks so so real! :O :)
Could you help me, please? Where can I find plug-in for tram°s catenary? :O Thank you so much and good luck with new cjs! ;)

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@katherman111 The GLR Bridge is a JENX bridge found on LEX (sc4devotion).

Maarten, where did you get your retaining walls on the slopes of your city? Your city looks perfect and so real.

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