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Konradedal - Part 1: Infrastructure Showdown

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Well, it's a long while since I've updated this CJ for the last time. Since I've been working on this region again, it is time for revival.

But before we start, I've been planning some large reconstruction in Imaginia, mostly increasing the realism of the region (actually, the ONLY real recorded "reconstructions" are the diversion of the motorway C40 and the widening of the C75. Now here is the master plan:


Note that the master plan is made in early January this year. After five weeks PC malfunctioning (which ceased development for a while >:( ), here's the current progress:


As you can see, I've reconstructed the freeway C40. I also did some very large reconstruction in Konradedal, which we're going to view in a two part update. For today, I'll show part 1.


Konradedal is a medium-sized city. It's build upon hills, but the city has flattened these hills out to terraces. I've done some very large reconstruction here; it looked horrendous when I started reconstruction. Now I may say it ended up as one of my more decent cities.

Today we're going to focus on the main infrastructure of the city, and boy, this city has one! Actually, I started reconstucting the infrastructure first, because the old one was unrealistic to my opinion. So let's take a look...


Here we have a look at the old route of the C40. Imaginia prefers to use international route numbers instead of national route numbers; the old route also did bear the (administrative) number A7, which has been downgraded to N7. This was previously Maxis Highway, but since I want to get rid of those, I downgraded to an Avenue; the freeway has been re-constructed around city. I'll show some pics of it later...


With downgrading comes loss of functionality. And so you can see at-grade intersections here...


A simple Trumpet interchange in the mountains. The A2 heading east leads to Hopfelfal, to west it's heading for the north of Konradedal and the C40 to the border with Schellingen. To the south the N36 heads to Konradedal-East.


The N36 is just a short stretch of motorway and therefore it doesn't bear a motorway number, but a non-motorway national route number. This is the only exit on the route.


Just a bit farther east you see that the N36 is already downgraded to an avenue, called Fortress Avenue. Why is it called that? Well, this avenue leads to an island with some old fortresses on it, which I'll show you in the next update.


Now we move to the A2 again. Just north of Konradedal, it connects to the N34.


Going west we come across this interchange. The C40 has recently been widened here from 2x2 to 2x3 lanes. This was previously a huge bottleneck on the main route between the large cities Konrad (IM) and Muensterwald (BRS).


Here we see where the old route splits of the new route. The old route (N7) continues as a four lane highway, which will be downgraded to an avenue further down the road, the new route (C40, 2x3 lanes) goes around the city...


Here's the new connection with the N34. This is build up an hill, so that explains the absence of accelleration and decelleration lanes at the bottom of the picture.


And here the N7 merges again with the C40. Remember, the N7 once was Maxis Highway. I consider this as a re-construction well-done.

Want to see more? Stay tuned for next update when I show you around the city. I hope you enjoyed the update!



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i really like how you use more natural barriers for your
highways in some rural instances. And than of course you use
some very nice walls in the more urbanized developed areas..
Very nice update Maarten !


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It looks great! I really like the look of the last two pictures. The interchange on a hill is an excellent solution to the terrain and is also very realistic. In the last picture the way the highway curves is just awesome... don't know how to explain it.

Great work and great update! :D

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check my CJ at my personal blog.. sorry for the languange, just look the picture then comment with english language

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awesome use of sunken avenuse and railroads. and also very nice with all the space in your cities, i would say it looks very green, but with that amount of highways it wouldnt make any sense to call it green :) but very pretty at anyrate.

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Always, the best highways and interchanges are yours ;)

Your reconstruction masterplan is great, and started with a great update. I would change a couple things around Konrad and its suburbs, but i don't want to intrud in your CJ with out your approval...

Looking foward for more,


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