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United Kingdom of Great Yoshiurian Islands



United Kingdom of Great Yoshiurian Islands

Royal Coat of Arms: 6808587556_9af29a2932.jpg

(made by my Girlfriend)

flag: 6808587666_8d5206c874.jpg

Official language: Yoshiurian Japanese dialect (33%)

Recognised languages: English (78%), Portuguese (24%)

Ethnic groups: 47% European, 28% Japanese, 23% mixed, 1,8% Black, 0,2% other

Demonym: Yoshiurian

Legislature: Parliament

Upper house: House of Lords

Lower house: Shūgiin

Formation: Treaty of Monkville (1808) and Atc of Great Union (1898)

Population: 9,878,456 inhabitants

Density 38,24/km2

HDI: 0,892 (very High)

Currency: Simoleon (§)

Calling code: +68

internet TLD: .yo

ISO 3166 code: YO

United kingdom of Great Yoshiurian Islands or just United Kingdom of Yoshiuria is a is a sovereign state located off north-eastern of oceania, north of the Marshall Islands.

The United Kingdom is a unitary state governed under a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary system, with its seat of government in the capital city of Yoshiuria. It is a country in its own right and consists of three countries: Yoshiuria, Country of Vasco and New Australia. There are two devolved national administrations, each with varying powers, based in Saint Antonio of Angels Fort and North Cape, the capitals of Country of Vasco and New Australia respectively.


political map. blue: new Australia, Red: Yoshiuria, Green: Country of Vasco


The islands of Yoshiuria were first inhabited by Japanese settlers fleeing from Mongol invasions. they established a small fishing colony near the present city of Yoshiuria. But it was during the sixteenth century the colony began to grow with the successive invasions for colonization of Portuguese and English. several wars occurred between Portuguese, English and native which formed three nations in middle 17th century: Vasco da Gama's Lands, ruled by Portugal (current Country of Vasco); Commonwealth of New Australia, ruled by the British Empire; and Yoshiuria, the smallest one, but the only independent.


San Sebastian Fortress, built by the British in 1579 in Yoshiuria, the capital

In 1707 the Yoshiurian began attacking Portuguese and English cities to expand their boundaries. Until 1800, they won two thirds of the lands.

In 1808 things changed. with the threats of Napoleon, the Portuguese royalty wanted to escape for some of their colonies. as in Brazil and Africa there were many civil wars and the islands of ioshiura had the presence of British allies, the only way was to create a peace treaty with the Japanese natives. The Treaty of Monkville. (at this time, a Portuguese city under control of Yoshiuria)


Plaza de la Cita and Nossa Senhora da Conceicao church, in Monkville. where was signed the treaty

the treaty has established the United Kingdom of Vasco & Yoshiuria with the capital city in Saint Antonio of Angels Fort. But the union between two people was not accepted by the population and there were many Portuguese Yoshurian guerrillas that massacred each other until 1849, when the Emperor Dom Pedro II had a daughter with a Japanese descendant, Princess Mary, and when her father died, the mixed queen moved the capital to Yoshiuria City restored the peace between two peoples. The Queen also fight for the idependence, and won in late 1877. (when New Australia became independent in 1897 immediately became part of the united kingdom)


Yoshiurian Kingdom is made up of two main islands and a number of smaller islands with a total area of 258,314 square kilometres.


map of geography and rivers

The North Island is the largest land mass and the west side is limited by the cliffs of Suffragette Alps. There are 16 peaks over 2,000 metres, the highest of which is the Mount Sakura at 3,148 metres (10328ft). there are mountains and deep fiords that record the extensive ice age glaciation in north-western corner. there are volcanic islands scattered along the coast of north and northwest.




Fiords, Cliffs ans vulcanic activity around North island

The south island is less mountainous, which favored extensive farming. and, being further south is warmer. The south coast of South Island is surrounded by coral reefs and tropical islands.


The economy is based in Coal, oil, high tech industries and grains, especially rice.

it took me a long time and hard job, please comment!


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