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Fit 0x00: Landing

Yuu Caa Sim


A Sim. A Mayor. A God.

Fit 0x00: Landing



I found myself once again in that space between awakeness and sleep; The drowsy, buzzing feeling clouded my head and senses.


It had been years since I had woken up truly refreshed, and last night's sleep was no different.


By day, I was in a perpetual state of war, war against dreams, against dozing off. And yet at night when I wished for those things to come, they would not, or else they would play with my mind, appearing, disappearing, until the line between my bed and my dream was blurred beyond recognition.


Sometimes I couldn't tell if I was dreaming or awake. Were the people I saw, the places I visited, just a figment of my imagination? Was reality simply a delusion, and the dreams I had was the true reality? Of course, then I would wake up in my bed, get up, and start the cycle all over again.


In fact, today my bed felt unusually uncomfortable, as if I was not on a mattress but was instead rolling over a pile of grain...


I awoke to find myself on the side of a road, next to a greenhouse, under an apple tree.


This was definitely not where I fell asleep last night. And I was wearing clothes now, not pajamas. How did this happen?

I got up and walked around the greenhouse until I came to the door. It was locked, of course. I had hoped that there would be someone around to explain how long I had been under that tree.


I looked up and down the street. With the sun just rising over the horizon, I sort of expected that there would be someone tending to the fields, but there seemed to be no-one around at all. Where was I?


I walked down one way of the road I was on. After passing through a clump of trees, I saw an equestrian farm in the distance. Surely there would be someone there! But after walking up the path to the barn, I found it to be empty as well.

I headed back to the greenhouse. With the sun's glare less intense, I could see in the distance signs of a town. I decided I might as well head over there. Surely somebody must be in town!


I passed by more fields. Somehow, I had the feeling that I had been here before... just a brief taste of déjà vu though. And I had those sort of feelings all the time. Perhaps it was the sea air; I could hear and smell the ocean that was just a few hundred meters away.


Finally, I arrived at town. It was a small village, with just one street for commerce. There were lots of cars parked around, but they were all located inside used car dealerships. How many auto dealers did a small village need!?


The only signs of activity was at one of the dining trucks. I walked up past the benches to the counter, behind which a middle aged woman stood.

"Good morning, sir. What can I get for you?" Her voice seemed a bit more tired than her looks would suggest.

"Uh, coffee, please. Whatever is the strongest brew you have." Although I guess my voice sounded pretty tired before. It wasn't often that I walked half a kilometer right after getting up from a bed of dirt.

"Only have one kind of strength here, hon."

As she handed the mug over to me, I asked "Excuse me, er, Celia," looking at her name tag, "do you know where I am?"

She gave me a very quizzical look. "You don't know where you are?"

"No... not too sure how I got here either."

She looked me over. "Did you spend last night out in the fields?"

"...Yeah, I guess. So, what's the name of this village?"

"It's New City, of course."

"That's a rather odd name for a village."

"Well, we could bring it up to our City Council to change the name to something more appropriate, if you wished." She gave me a knowing look.

"I... think it's fine. Oh... I don't have any money for the coffee. Sorry."

"That's fine, I'll just add it to your tab. Have a great day, Mr. Mayor!"

I waved goodbye, grateful for the generosity.

Then I stopped. Mayor?


Was that really possible? Surely she was mistaken. There was no chance I was outgoing enough to win a campaign to any political office.

The sun had risen high in the sky by this time. I walked in a daze down the main street, lost in thought, passing through a residential neighborhood. I soon found myself on an empty beach. There seemed to be some small scows out on the water, too far to wade out though.


Further down the road was an industrial district. Up on the hill I could see a row of windmills making their revolutions. There were people in the factories working (it seemed to be mostly canning and steelworks), but they were all too busy to notice me or answer my calls.


Taking the other road back to town, I passed by the landfill. I briefly considered taking a look at what a small village like this threw away, but decided against it. After all, I would surely need a shower afterwards, and I hadn't noticed any inns.

And all through this walk, my feelings of déjà vu kept increasing. The buildings and settings around me seemed to have come from my memories, a memory that I could just barely touch but couldn't fully actualize.


Right before reaching town again, there was a road that was marked as "Hill Entrance". I decided I might as well go up and get a feel for the land. The road ended in a small parking lot, completely filled. There was a man attending to the lot.

"Business good?" I asked.

"You could say so. Of course, the entry fee is really low, so it's not much of a living..." He had a fairly low voice, and seemed a bit perkier than Celia. "You want to go up?"

"Yeah, but I don't have any money on me..."

"Oh, it's no problem, you're always welcome to go, Mr. Mayor!" There it was again. I really needed to find a picture of the mayor.


I didn't feel up to explaining that I wasn't the mayor, so I started walking up. I wasn't too sure what the fee was paying for... there was no path, and there seemed to be no barrier to anybody making the climb without passing through the entry lot. Luckily, the hill was quite gentle, so I had no problem getting to the top.


The top of the hill was flat and bare. The sides quickly dropped down to the ocean. I turned towards the town.



This was my town! The town I had built in SimCity 4 last night! What was I doing here? How did I even get here? Was I in the game? A dream? Is this for real? It certainly FELT real, and I couldn't pinch myself awake either


What am I going to do now?

Next: Acquaintance

Please excuse the stilted / purple prose. I don't do creative writing very often. :blush:


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I'd suggest a little more custom content. I think you could pull off some very nice farms and small towns if you look in the right places here.

I loved the style of this entry going from darkness to daylight by the way, very original :)

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[quote name='k50dude' timestamp='1328340565']
I'd suggest a little more custom content. I think you could pull off some very nice farms and small towns if you look in the right places here. I loved the style of this entry going from darkness to daylight by the way, very original :)

Sorry for not replying sooner; there doesn't seem to be any notification system in place for when someone comments in the new CJ section.
In fact, I haven't got any custom content in the region at the moment. >.< It's partly for story reasons, and I'll be sure to add in loads of custom content soon. Thanks for commenting!

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