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Atlantsia (AIN)

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Lotting The Mirage

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@Schulmanator: Thank you! :yes:

@escilnavia:Lol, I'm flattered :blush:

@MamaLuigi945:Thank you so much Charles! :) Evillions? Nah, he's too good :lol:

@111222333444:Thank you :) !

@NMUSpidey:Thanks for commenting! Really the only photoediting I do is adjust the color balance.

Maxis gave the game this rather dull off white feel, which I despise. It doesn't look good in

desert areas. So I adjust the amount of Yellow emitted a bit. Everynow and then I mess with the brightness and contrast for a better effect, but most of the time it's just the color balance. Adding a yellow tint in the night pictures also gives a big city effect, which I just adore. :)

@skyscraper241: Thanks for the comment! :yes:

@spursrule14:I appreciate you saying that :) Thanks for the comment.I'm also glad that I finally made it on your B.O.T.B CJ.

Quick Mentions:

Yes, what you are going to see today is literally the way it is described in the title. It’s a little bit different than what I usually do, but I thought it might make a nice entry. Basically I took it upon myself to do some lotting because one of the buildings that I truly would love to see in my region had an unfitting lot which it sat on. I wanted this building to echo the desert feel of the region, not stab it, so I went ahead and worked on the original lot. The building is the Mirage Hotel and Casino, from the Las Vegas strip itself. I liked the gold tint of the windows on the building. I thought it would look very nice in the open desert. Please take note that I did not try to lot it according to the real building, but according to the theme of Atlantsia. Here are some pictures of the original building in real life:



Beautiful right?

Lotting The Mirage

Ok, so basically this is what the original lot looked like. I don’t think this would fit well with Atlantsia’s vast desert-like theme. It’s just to grassy with not so tropical trees (not my type :lol:).


I started by checking the properties of the lot. The main building functions as a landmark and is placed as a building, not a prop. It’s original lot was 16x14 tiles, I think I can shrink this a bit.


I pulled up a similar landmark-functioning building.


Then the I enlarged it so the lot was 50x60 tiles, this way I can make sure that when I replace the current building, I can find the Mirage in the menu. (Buildings that won’t fit on a smaller lot won’t appear on the menu.)


The building showed up in the menu


I then plopped it on the lot.


The lot was then shrinked to 15x13, a little smaller than the original.


A base texture was chosen.


And then applied throughout the lot.


I picked a neutral sidewalk texture that appealed to me. I think I’ve lotted some other props on this specific base texture before, so they might fit nicely with this building.


The texture was then applied to the entrance, replacing the sand.


Some Casual Props were added to make it more realistic.


I decided to put more palm trees along what would be the front of the hotel.


The pool on the left appeals to me more in this case.


I placed it and then used the sidewalk texture I had chosen earlier to surround it. Some props were also added around the pool.


This overlay texture seemed to blend nicely with the sand, so I used it to create the sidewalk.


I then made the sidewalk base texture border the lot.


The Overlay textures were re-done.


Then I covered the bordering sidewalk base texture with an overlay texture.


A fountain here might look nice.


This area was emptied out, it will be lotted as the employee parking area. The Guest parking area will not be part of this lot.


I liked these parking textures the most.


They were plopped down.


The sidwalk was then added to the sides.


Several car, human, plant, and bus props were plopped down on the parking lot.



Hedges with desert palms were added to the sides. This created a clear division between the parking and the pool.


A small backup generator and a small fence will finish it off :)



The Final Product:


I plan on using it in the upcoming entry, maybe an oasis in the back will look nice next to it :D

Thanks for coming, I hope you enjoyed. If you saw anything at all that you liked, disliked, or weren’t sure of, you can always leave a comment below and I’d be pleased to hear your response. +1 and rate please. :ducky: Thank you and have a great night/day. :)

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Awesome job re-lotting this, my friend! If you use some desert MMP's and add some more palm trees and such on the edges and surrounding area on the lot, I think it will look twice as cool. :yes: 5/5 and +1

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Yes, yes, yes, awesome. Have you lotted many buildings? When you boot up the LE, does it take a long time? My limited experience with editing lots leaves me frustrated and wondering how others find the patience to work miracles with it.

So yeah, awesome job! 5/5! :D !

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