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Ring of Fire

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How to: Build a Dam, pt 2




19. How to: Build a Dam, pt 2.

Area: Mt. St. Helens / Mt. Hood boundary

Tiles: Cyspus Dam & Cyspus reservoir

Welcome back everyone! A combination of my back improving somewhat and nasty weather this week has conspired to give me more playing time. Thanks to that I've been updating at a frantic pace over at simpeg and so to keep this version from falling behind this week's update is a double dip (meaning even by my standards its looooooong).

We pick up this week where we left off, having finished leveling the terrain where the reservoir will be. This time we sculpt the face of our dam and stick some texture on it.

1. Here's the end of the game water and the dam at the end of the last update. I really didn't put any effort into this river when i was making this map, so we have to go ahead and fix it now.


2. Let's go ahead and push the game water south some more. We'll only have to transition into it once this way. If we had pulled the water up north we would have to do it twice (the river from the north and the creek from the west). We'll just leave this as is and polish it up late


3. Checking the elevation at what will be the riverbed. 280m, or 30m above 'sea level'


4. The base of the dam is 390m, or 140m above sea level. This isn't good, as it means the dam will be 110m tall and have to drop 140m more just to reach the water. We'll have to dig the base of that dam deeper, but not a canyon. We're going for Grand Coulee here, not Hoover.


5. Digging it deeper.


6. 330m. That should be okay. The dam is now taller than the drop it will have to take to get down to the game water. It will take 3 or 4 waterfalls to get it the rest of the way but we can do it.


7. Let's go up to the top face of the dam and clear off some of that road. Taking that huge elevation change in one tile of width is far too steep. Well, not for the dam face but for how far it will stretch the textures on the tiles that will go here, so we'll bust out our weapon for making smooth faces. We'll use shadowassasin's hole digger lots for these ( only because i didn't want to scroll all the way down to smoncrie's. I use both, and am lazy like that).


8. Since the drop is 170m, and we're using the 24m hole digger, we need to start 7 rows back. We level left and right, then push the level out to the front.


9. We make each new row on the second flat tile in from the back edge. The first one (where the hold diggers were last time) will become sloped on this step.


10. Like so.


11. We'll also carve that hill down while we're at it.


12. The front of our freshly sloped dam.


13. But before we finish, i want more width than that at the bottom for powerhouses and whatnot, so we'll eliminate that little canyon on the bottom.


And there we go, our dam has a nice smooth face on it now. Next time we'll slap something on it.


The last half of this update was actually a separate update over at simpeg.

Anywho it's time to slap a face on that dam.

1. We'll stick the spillway in the middle of it, just like on Grand Coulee. I could swear there's another empty waterfall tile in the waterfall kit or somewhere that is more homogenous than these ones (and lacking effects) but this was all i saw in my parks menu so we'll go with it until i can find the other tile.


2. I went with a plain concrete texture for the front of it. I also made some with a double vertical stripe overlay to break up what would otherwise be a monotonous surface.


I also realized that I wasn't taking pics anywhere near often enough when i was working on this. You would think I would have remembered to take at least one up close pic of the dam but nooooooo.

3. Filling in the rest of the face with plain concrete.


4. For the top of the dam I used the WMP dock set. I like how it has the option of using pieces that have minimal clutter while still having a road and a fence on the back.


Once again i forgot to take even a single in progress pic while laying out the pieces on the top. /facepalm

5. We'll just slap some CSK bridge pieces here for the spillway. Unfortunately the BAT'ed water doesn't line up quite right and looks kinda funny as it overhangs the water falling down the spillway.


6. It looks all right from the other side though. And that tree is entirely ornamental, no root system whatsoever...yeah...thats it.


7. Stick a parking lot on the far side...


8. For the bottom we'll start off using Midlight-sans canal pieces, with jernoij's water effects.


9. Up above let's go ahead and trace the rough edge of the shoreline for the reservoir.


10. When laying out something that will cross a boundary and doesn't have it's own neighbor connection i stick a piece of pipe underneath of it to mark the spot.


11. Shore outline on this tile....


12. Clearing out that road we used to level the reservoir earlier...


13. And our nice nifty outline.


14. And finally our eye in the sky view.


So far so good, methinks.

The rest of the dam will be finished up later, but first we are going to do some other things on these tiles. Tune in next week to see just what. We shall see if i post enough updates at simpeg to require another double update here to keep up.

Until next time, keep those arrows out of your knees. :ninja:


@ everyone here and on simpeg who gave well wishes after my car accident: Thank you all very, very much for your support. :wub:

@emperordaniel, ggamus, kakado_to_save: Thanks for your comments! I hope you also find this update and the forthcoming ones useful as well. :D


Recommended Comments

That is an amazing dam you have going on there. I'll look forward to seeing the finished product! It occurs to me that you could do many of the same things for waterfalls as well.

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That was original! :D I was expecting you to use Heblem's Modular Dam [url=http://descargas.capitalsim.net/?sitio=csc&descarga=3446][linky][/url], but you really did a great job with this, especially when you consider that you're using custom content that wasn't intended for building this sort of thing :party:

Oh, and if you're interested, here's an English-language tutorial on how to use the above-linked dam: [url=http://translate.google.com.mx/translate?js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fforo.capitalsim.net%2Fviewtopic.php%3Ff%3D5%26t%3D24875][link][/url]

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+1 for you sir! That's a very nifty and usefull tutorial. Not that I'm planning to build a dam in my regions soon, but from an educational standpoint of view, it does provide some usefull tips and tricks. You deserve my Seal of Approval ;)

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Great job! If you don't mind me asking, how did you get such detailed coordinate readouts when you queried the unused land?

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[quote name='Yoshiisland' timestamp='1327454584']
Great job! If you don't mind me asking, how did you get such detailed coordinate readouts when you queried the unused land?

^Nevermind this comment, I found the answer in your past update. :D

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I did a similar thing, you can see in the forum "show us your dams and reservoirs, of course not so nice as yours, but it is really a pain in the you know what.

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