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Weldman, Northwood County, Everson State

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Population: 28,857

Founded: 1899

County: Northwood County

Map Location:northwoodcountyusl.png


ABOUT TOWN: Weldman is the most populated city in Northwood County and in neighboring Chane County. It is the commercial center for the Beecher Valley and is known for being a haven surrounded by mountains. It is on the cusp of heavily forested land and scrublands. Not too far east the landscape and climate become all together different, becoming more dry. Weldman is the county seat of Northwood County.

The town is a bustling and growing community that strives to be a perfect mountain getaway for so many people. Homes are built on hillsides, and surrounded by nature. Never is someone too far away from wildlife in the city. It is typical to see wildlife wandering into the outskirts of downtown.

Downtown Weldman has been doing an impressive ad campaign luring people to the area for recreation such as fishing, hiking, and cross country skiing. Downtown streets are lined with unique shops, cafe's, and diners. Small inn's and hotels provide for any travelers headed deeper into Chase Pass. Also numerous chain stores line the Chase Pass highway for the more average shoppers who live in the city. As the locals would say, their "isn't a bad seat in town." There are numerous town events each year, including a music festival in August.

There is a railroad station in the town as well as an airfield outside of town. The town serves as the economic heart of Beecher Valley and Northwood County. No other town in the county even comes close to the size of Weldman. All services come from Weldman, as the rest of the county is very rural and remote.

Students go to one of the city's elementary schools or high school. Some students from smaller communities like Ridgeway and Simon and bussed to Weldman's high school. The Beecher Valley Community College's main campus is located in Weldman. A branch campus is located in Chaneville, about 20 miles southwest.

The Northwood County Sheriff's Office is the main police force for the entire county. There are no substations in the county, so all units start from Weldman and work out to the more rural towns each day. The sheriff presence is large in Northwood County. The city also has a municipal force, the Weldman Police Department. The town also has a fire station and a large medical center known as Weldman Hospital. A helicopter pad is located at the hospital incase emergencies are located in rural areas, they can fly out to locations.

There are two local radio stations in Weldman, both of which play music. One plays country music, and the other is a mix of contemporary music and country. The town picks up into the Monitor City market of television and radio.

LOCATION: Weldman is located in Northwood County within Beecher Valley. It is the largest town in the valley, and servers as a commercial center for the region. It is located north of the Chane County town of Granite Bend. A little further to the east, the regions climate becomes more dry, and the tree's become more sparse as it becomes scrublands. It is one of the easternmost towns along Chase Pass.

HISTORY: The area was settled in the early 1850's, and earlier by the indigenous people. When white settlers moved in, the area become important for mining and timber. The railroad was constructed to help move timber out faster. with the construction of Chase Pass in the 1920's, timber was for the first time moved by trucks. It also allowed people to drive across the Chase Mountains for the first time.

ATTRACTIONS: The hillsides around the town and the mountain views. Town festivals and close to recreation. Downtown shops provide a unique flair with many outdoorsman, hunting, and inns.


Weldman, Everson State (AJM SC4)

(The train station in Weldman is a popular tourist destination. A dinner train drives through the Chase Mountains and attracts a good number of people yearly.)


Weldman, Everson State (AJM SC4)

(Weldman is considered an attractive mountain town filled with shops that cater to recreationists and leisure lovers.)


Weldman, Everson State (AJM SC4)

(A downtown view of Weldman.)


Weldman, Everson State (AJM SC4)

(Many neighborhoods around Weldman border the forested wilderness and are tucked along mountain hillsides.)


Weldman, Everson State (AJM SC4)

(Typical of most towns in North America, Weldman has a wide array of chain stores for shopping consumers.)


Weldman, Everson State (AJM SC4)

(While partially in a rain shadow from the Chase Mountains, Weldman does get it's share of rain, though it rains less then on the west side of the mountains. Weldman does get snow.)


Weldman, Everson State (AJM SC4)

(The Art's District is a small area of downtown that attracts people to the area. Many local galleries are run by local artists and attract daily wanderers.)


Weldman, Everson State (AJM SC4)

(Downtown Weldman is known for it's historic buildings and quaint town charm. Many shops line downtown streets.)


Weldman, Everson State (AJM SC4)

(County government buildings are located downtown. The Northwood County courthouse considered too radical for the town when is was completed in 1992. It moved from a historic building to this newer building. The black building across the street is further county government offices, city hall, and a library downstairs.)


Weldman, Everson State (AJM SC4)

(Passenger train service also goes daily to the city of Monitor, east of Weldman.)


Weldman, Everson State (AJM SC4)

(One of the scenic residential neighborhood's in Weldman. Most of the residential areas in the city are heavily wooded.)


Weldman, Everson State (AJM SC4)

(A view of the Chase Pass Highway as it rushes by Weldman.)

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