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You radical, you rascal....

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1979 Pizen

The nation of the wounded soul

In 1979 Pizen was a place of radical ideas and of riots. The generation of post occupation has seen the collapse of the economical policies and lived in a nation blocked by the soviet union. Discontent, hatred and pain followed this generations. Many wore broth up on the ideas of the hatred towards the communist and USSR, after Albion was occupied in 1951-1953. The fear of the Soviet Invasion in 1979 was high, as films, books and speeches wore made telling about the soon coming invasion. Children wore tolled in school on how to defend there land. Defence of the borders wore at high. The Soviets, as many tought, will soon invade.

The 1979 seen the Albion economy at a state of near defolt. The Kran'etian Priest tolled of the soon ending world, many supported this idea. The Panic in central streets of Nogovicka, as people tought that soviet invasion has begun, after a plane with red stripes flown over the city. We will show a few movements rising in Albion and Pizen in 1979. The age of the nation of the wonded souls.


Albion Communist Party

Even tought not popular by many, this party existed and called for the uniting with the Warsaw Pact. The party was underground, as it was banned in Albion, Titanovo and Kushan-Lesovia Empire. Many of the party members wore youth born after occupation, or those that wore to small to remember it.

The idea was to return the Albion People Republic, that existed from 1951-1953 and to join the fight against the Capitalist Government of Albion and of Hiigaran Confederacy. The Confederacy as it self was seen as racist and based on falls religiouse ideas.

On the basic the organization became a radical party attacking the elected government of Albion. The riots or as many call it "The Failed Soviet Revolution of 1963" was a event when 500 members of the party gathered on Tvorskaja and started breaking windows of shops and burning cars. The riots wore broth to the end with rude force and party banned.


Radical Right Albion

Hiigaran Nations, exept Serantians, never joined the second world war and at period of 1939-1945 Albion lived in peace. The Hiigaran Confederacy had a rising popularity of radical right movements. Many wore copying Skinhead movement and wore radical Kran'etians, saying that many that happened bad in Albion, was because of the Jewish, LGBT and of Socialist.

The parties like the "Hijaran One State Party" and the "Clan of Sajuuk" wore calling for the creation of the one country of Hiigara and cleaning the Hijaran nationality from the taken nationalities, like the Melkian wore seen as "Failed Hijarans" for being partly Tatar of origins. The only clean wore seen the Albionians, Kushanians and the Lesov. Other wore seen in need of cleaning there blood of not wanted. Homosexuality (Even tought Kran'et never seen it as a sin, only as a third sex) was seen as the destroyer of the clean Hijaran Blood and of lowering morality of the clean race.

The government of Albion played with this movements and trying to control them, as radical ideas wore even strong in the Duma of the Pizen. The parties wore banned in 1982, after five attacks on Gay Clubs, a Synagogue and on tourists, killing 12 people.


Albion Jurisko Party

Albion Politics after 1953, wore crushed and many of opposition was destroyed. In 1954, Jurisko was elected the new president of Albion. A general fighting a war against the Soviets, he was seen as the protecter of Capitalist Values and of the Future of Free Albion. In reallity, he became a dictator for 30 years.

The diffuclty in this period, that even that there wore many parties and elections wore created, there wore no real leader that could fight against the autoritarian rule of Jurisko.

In the Jurisko Years the economy has started growing after the soviet occupation and the destruction of three major cities like Pizen, Nogovicka and Rurov. The country was trying to copy the USA, with great construction of the so called "Albion Suburbs", around Pizen. Capitalism was the anwser to all and the Rulling party fought against the Communist with any force it could. Propaganda Films like "Nogovicka - Red Blood" and films "Invasion of Hiigara" wore great hits, even tought they wore very low budget.

The famouse VARP (Interior Anti-Radical Police) was main goal to end any possibilities of Communist coming to power in Alibion or any other Hijaran Nations. Many believe that the Communist Party Leader Orsov was killed by this police. The services also fought against any possibilities of unrest, but started failing after the 1978 and 1979 Protest for end of Jurisko Rule. In 1981, Jurisko left the Government Seat and a new Party of "Liberal Albion" was elected.

Albion Socialist Laughing District

The name came to this district after Jurisko tried to build a Capitalist Heaven District. Sadly it looked too much as Soviet New Arbat in Moscow and many named the district Socialist Laughing District. The round cafe - "Alberta" was once one of the most popular dancing places in the city, where even ABBA have perfermed. The Towers represent 3 Cities - Pizen, Nogovicka and Morskaja Gora. This district is the standing part of the city from one of the hardest and wierders times in Albion History.




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