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Into - So You'll Know Us Better

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Into For You To Know Kamchatka

National Flag:

the blue represent the sea, and the white is the snowy sky.

the dark black line represents the coal , that can be found a lot here in Kamchatka

The Shackle and hammer came after the revolution


National Coat Of Arms:

The Salmon represent the fish . the tons of fish that are fished here




Map Of Kamchatka:


National Fact File:

National Name: The Socialist Republic Of Kamchatka

Nation Name: Kamchatka

National Anthem: "Oh My Mother Land" - by Uri Graulich

National Motto: "Yesterday Is The Answer For Tomorrow"

Capital : Ermagrad

Other Major Cities: Terchevna, Gronichy

Goverment: Socialist

Heads Of State:

--President - Boris Rensnikov

--Prime Minister - Dimyter Flansky

Official Language : Russian

Population : 4,340,000(2010)

Area : 678,900 km2

Climate : Temperateness (mostly)

GPD$(per capita) - 28,500$

HDI : 0.754

Drivers On The: Right

Internet TLD : co.km

Telephone Code: +781

History :

1789 - first settelers arrive and establish Terchevna

1796 - Ermagrad is established

1830 - coal is discovered in the north

1830 - thousands come to the region, the population increases by 4,000

1835 - Donskagrad is established

1837 - The war with China

1840 - Oil is discovered

1843 - the first asphalt road is build

1889 - The population hits 10,000

1898 - the first attempt to reach independence

1918 - Kamchatka is forced into the soviet union

1930 - Stalin encourages people to move east. the populations jumps by 10,000

1934 - the population hits 100,000

1939 - The battle of Mongolia-Russia

1940 - Malysh is looted after Japanese bombings

1954 - first airport

1956 - the first nuclear test in Kamchatka

1976 - the war between China and Russia

1984 - first attempt for independence

1991 - independence after the breakup of the USSR

1992 - The Kamchatkian-Russian War . Ermangrad in in ruins

1994 - Kamchatka looses the war

1995 - again independence though the AIN

1998 - the Red Revolution, Kamchatka turns into Socialism from Democracy

2003 - Dimyter is coosen to be the president

2006 - The 2006 Kamchatka earthquake, 7.4 . 30,000 are killed

2010 - Kamchatka think about joining the AIN

2011 - first contact to the AIN through Oktabawashi

2011 - The Kmchatkian Application is sent











Population Density map:


Transportation Map :


Comic Figure :


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Recommended Comments

maybe just possibly remove the AIN map >.> people may get the wrong idea...and we can't have that now can we?

But otherwise, I've said this before and I'll say it again, awesome.

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very nice! but little bit more parking lots and playgrounds next to houses and some garages would be improve ur shots, =)

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Yeah, another sovietic CJ style. This is becoming a popular genre in the CJing. But the creations here are really nice, too inspiring.

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Holy jesus this is ugly! Definitely looks like Petropavlovsk Kamtchatskiy! I'd say you need more trees in that area but very well executed!

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The city and the history present themselves quite well. The only thing that bothers me in this city photorelation emptiness of the streets. It reminds me of Pripyat more than a living and vibrant city.

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