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Sandalwood County

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A Fair Farm in Fall




Let us take a break from the town, shall we? :)


Expansion even out here. On the stretch of road between the I-16 offramp and Sandalwood. Sure not as much, but things are still changing. Even out here.



The summer of the Four Year Mark has passed and the cool Autumn air takes over the landscape once again.



Not too long ago a new organization set up in the county. The state said it would be best to set up a department of transportation. Especially after the massive length of highway through the region, as the other counties would have too much to manage. So the SDOT built it's first headquarters in the country. They chose the fork in the road, where Johnson has had his home for many years now.



With this growth comes change. The recent surge of residents have created issues of 'land ownership'. Never a concern in Sandalwood until now. Many farmers have set up fences to keep their cows in when not watching them. Roaming laws are still free in the county. However that may change.



Behind old Johnsons place lies a strange sight. A swamp of sorts settled between massive boulders. Ones of which residents have no idea how they got there.





The rocks jut out of the ground like miniature monoliths surrounding the area below. Rain water accumulates in the ditch and becomes heaven for frogs and mosquitoes of the like.



The clear skies of the day close in and prepares for a cold front. The clouds thicken and the winds pick up. It wont be fall for much longer. Looks like Mr. Johnson down there should pack up his gear quick.



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Oh my marsh! The marsh is beautiful! And that car, it looks like a photo!

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Marsh, the attention to detail you put into every single image is just splendid. It's very refreshing to see such a high quality, completely rural, city journal.

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Holyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy toleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedo. Once again, a magnificent entry. I saw epic written up there in the comments and yes, you play some epic SC4. Dang.

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Mind blowing terrain. O___O

I got a question, do those trees turn into snow covered trees in the winter? Because I do want to use seasonal trees some time later.

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That TSC terrain mod is just beautiful, everything you do blends so nicely with it. I love how it mixes well with both brownish and greenish flora, and without the need to bury things in RRP green rye grass. Must....resist....changing....from meadowshire.

Really nice job on the swampy bits with the brown water too.


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Love the update. The way you added the wind gusts looks great. =]

Also, I'm glad you found the ploppable cars. =D

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I love how you take a game that was developed to showcase city building/planning and architecture, and completely turn it on it's head. I love seeing all your nature scenes. Quite breathtaking. :boggle:

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Absolutely awesome! I can't wait to see how this will develop! :ohyes:

Just one question, how do you put random cars all over the place? Are they ploppable cars? If so, where can I find them? ;)

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[b]10000000, mamaluigi, simfreak, k50dude, Mastof, Keder, evanm, Efkin, hahei, Thomasimpsion, NMUspidey, paskersfan, gugu, blunder, spursule, zulu, DCmetro, Vlasky, wallacet & others:[/b]I wish i could reply to you all personally, but there are many comments and I only have so much time. :( So I hope the thank yous suffice. :)

Evillions: No they do not. Only some of the pines do, the seasonal ones anyways.

miguelkuk: They are the VIP teams [url="http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/26808-vip-carpackmmp/"]ploppable cars[/url]. ;)

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