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News Entry: WAR!





by Rupert Apatax


RGNS Mousford, one of 8 naval vessels being sent to Ruteria

MARSBURGH, GRAND- Civil war has erupted in the Kingdom of Ruteria following months of unrest across the country. At the time this article was written, there are three different factions in this war;

1), the Monarchists (and their allies), led by 16-year-old HMR Queen Monica I; they represent the Ruterian Government.

2), the Republicans, who have no leaders, not unlike the drug barons in that respect; they represent a large faction of the general populace of Ruteria.

3), the drug lords, who control most of northern Ruteria, and have their greatest power in the mountainous regions; they have no single leader, and often fight among themselves.

Several countries have already pledged to aid the Monarchists, most notably Greater Morsco, New Chandler, and the I.F.K. of Grand, Belluterra, and Malo. Within hours of Queen Monica making a personal appeal for help, King Charles, as a cousin of Monica and the ruler of a fellow member state of the G5 Alliance, answered to the call, and is currently sending around 600,000 soldiers of the Grand Army, 300 fighter jets, and 8 naval vessels (including an aircraft carrier), not to mention 250 members of the Imperial Guard for the personal protection of the Ruterian Royal Family. The following is an exact copy of the letter sent to the Ruterian government:

His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Charles the First, King of Grand, Emperor of Belluterra, King of Malo, Grand Duke of Royale, Duke of Long Island, Count of Creek, Count of Skarr, and Count of Lake Tranquil will send all the humanitarian aid we can, and will also be sending 600,000 members of the Grand Army, 300 fighter jets from the Imperial Air Force, and one aricraft carrier, two cruisers, and five destroyers of the Imperial Grandian Navy to aid Queen Monica; furthermore, we shall also send 250 members of the Imperial Guard to personally protect Monica and her family.


HI&RM Charles I, King-Emperor of Grand, Belluterra, and Malo

After her appeal, Monica boarded her private plane, and is currently headed for the Ruterian dependency of Scotlia, on the other side of the ocean, for her own protection, Scotlia essentially being one giant palace complex.

Usong Song Competition underway

by Phil McMark


Meralla Concert Hall, venue for Usong One

MERALLA, DANTANAEA- The Usong competition is well underway, and the winners for Day Three are soon to be announced, as the votes are now in; in the meantime, the countries that are still in the competition are:

Dantanaean Confederation

Die Bundesrepublik Escambia

I.F.K. of Grand, Belluterra, and Malo

Republic of Insulo

Republic of Lisieux

Provincial Republic of New Chandler

Federation of New Friscia

Republic of Palobia

Kingdom of Ruteria

Commonwealth of Shayden

Anticipation is high as to who will advance into the next round.

If you want to see the songs from each of the above nations, as well as the songs of those who didn't make it into Round Two, click on the following link: Click Me!

In other news...

- New Chandler Simlympics underway, Grand currently 7th place with two gold medals and one silver medal

- Rallistan War comes to a close as the mad dicator surrenders

- Giant mutant monster frogs live in Lake Friksel, according to locals

- Don't forget to celebrate Utrovan National Day!


Recommended Comments

Oh no, another war! It is such a shame that so many people must live in conflict with one another. PM sends its best wishes for a swift and peaceful end to this situation!

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[b]alerules:[/b] Thanks, I hope the situation with your Royal Family doesn't get any worse... oh wait, it just did D:
[b]Fox:[/b] Thanks, I always try to do my best with these newspapers :)
[b]Schulmanator:[/b] Yeah, that's CXL ;) (the pic's borrowed from Qorten's Dantanaean Confederation CJ, as the article is written from that country's capital)
[b]escilnavia:[/b] Yeah :P
[b]NMUSpidey:[/b] I also hope so :(

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