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SchulmAnniversary 5: The Wirdleplex Revealed (Part 2)

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The Wirdleplex: Revealed

The Wirdleplex [The Wir'-dul-pleks] (n): a sprawling military complex in the far southeast of Schulmania; reminiscent of Area 51 but with more charm and fewer aliens.

Now that we have gained entrance to The Wirdleplex, it is time for us to see just what the Schulmania National Military and the Bureau of Feline Affairs Military Command have been up to in this top secret and highly secure area. Once we are through the first security checkpoint, we arrive at the second one.


The North Portal is managed by the BFA Military. The military post by the portal is affectionately known as “The Hamburger Stand” by the security forces.

So far, things look pretty much as you would expect from Schulmania, except of course for the massive fortifications. But all of this changes once you pass the Hamburger Stand and enter The Wirdleplex. The Wirdleplex is a special military district governed by the Bureau of Feline Affairs for Schulmania. It is the cornerstone of our military strategy. What you are about to see is of course not typical for Schulmania as a nation, but is typical for a military compound developed in conjunction with allied advisers and support personnel.

This area would not have been possible without the support of Schulmania’s allies in the Feline Interplanetary Friendship Association and the Wirdle’s Canine Council. The most active countries in the anti-Queensferry alliance have been the Blitkarni (FIFA), Schulmauckland (WCC) and Terra Canis (WCC).


Cano-Feline cooperation hit a new peak during the recent state visit to Hundschloss, Terra Canis.


Terra Canis has provided logistical and military support essential for The Wirdleplex to succeed.

Schulmania’s historical ally, the Klingon Empire, has been instrumental as well in the development of The Wirdleplex, providing military expertise and technical support. Klingon Emperor Kahless II was happy to throw his support to Schulmania, not only for the glory of an honorable fight, but also in a show of gratitude for Schulmania’s development of the batleth and hosting of Stovokor.


Klingon Ambassador Worf is a familiar fixture to those in Schulmania’s inner diplomatic circles


Klingon warriors join Schulminion cadets at the military academy at Glenwood, East Atkinos

What this great effort has wrought would dazzle the average Schulmania denizen, if he could even gain clearance to this secure area. Nothing like it exists anywhere in Schulmania. And you are about to see why.


The Office of Military Technology operates this facility, known as “Innovation Valley”. Here, captured enemy technology is gathered, analyzed, and reverse engineered. Across the street is the tower hosting allied military technology analysts.

Perhaps the most startling transformation of the Schulmania military has been the added strike capabilities of various new technologies. The most dramatic shift has been in air capabilities. In the beginning, Schulmania was completely outclasses in the air. Eventually, balloons were used, first individually and later to lift bombers.


Oversize novelty paper gliders are out and state of the art warplanes are in, thanks to help from our allies


Behold! Schulmania’s largest airfield… hosting the all new Wirdleplex AFB and the Wirdleplex International Airport. This is Schulmania’s gateway to the world.


Replicated enemy technology and allied assistance has made this possible. Queensferry’s days of easy wins are coming to a rapid end.


A detachment of BFA military guards the airport and air base


At the suggestion of our allies, we have decided to share our struggle with the world. Radio Free Schulmania operates at a frequency of 1630 kHz.


Of course Schulmania does not have a domestic radio market at the moment. But, we are working on that…


To complement this, SchulMedia Broadcasting has been started. Pro-Schulmania news is now being delivered on channel 163. Check your local television service provider for details on how you can get SMB.


Schulmania’s first television has been installed…

Leaving this area behind, we turn toward the coast. With this added capability for land and air forces, one must wonder what has been done for the Royal Schulmania Navy. Fleet Admiral Excalibur has been working with Chief Admiral Hestorb on upgrading all fleets to the new metal ship standard introduced by Schulmauckland and currently used on ships in the western theater.


We can see that the coastline is fortified as well. Queensferry will not be pulling any more surprise invasions from the sea.


For now, we will venture away from the coast and into the urban heart of The Wirdleplex. The character of the commercial and residential sectors will of course mirror to a large extent that of Schulminion cities. But, of course, there will be a much higher military presence here.

One of the larger military installations in The Wirdleplex is Camp Beta 6, located between Camp Beta 5 and Beta 7 and near the coast. It is the permanent home of BFA XI Corps 24th Division 163rd Regiment. The 163rd is an elite unit entrusted with the security of the military district. The regiment is commanded by BFA General Sylvester Black-Mace.


Camp Beta 6 houses over 1500 military personnel and their dependents


The armory and command post flank the barracks. Heavy equipment sits behind the commissary.


Here, we see the Beta 6 Command Post (left), Central Training Facility (right) and elements of the 163rd Mechanized Brigades.

Enough of the military side of things (for a moment, anyway). The Wirdleplex is more than just a sprawling military complex. It has all of the support services needed for a large community and all of the amenities of a civilian city. Let’s explore the cosmopolitan heart of The Wirdleplex.


The urban heart featured a standard array of Schulminion midrise construction, primarily in the Capital style. Many of the small squares are accented by statues of feline heroes and festooned with flags.


Officer housing consists of a quadrangle across the street from Camp Beta 9. There are 10 such quadrangles across The Wirdleplex for officers.


Black Circle is punctuated by the striking Robinson Tower. Part landmark and party sentry post, the view from its top is quite impressive.

One thing you can see from the tower is the conglomeration of military structures liberally sprinkled into what would otherwise be an ordinary mid size city. The Wirdleplex is the military, diplomatic and economic center of the Bureau of Feline Affairs, which is moving its headquarters from Temple Terrace in Schulmanicus to here. This special military district will be the home base for the BFA military and serves as the central garrison for BFA forces. Now, we have seen military installations in Schulmania before. But, nothing has taken on the magnitude of what you are about to see.


Barracks for thousands of BFA military personnel…


Fully occupied, 17,000 soldiers occupy this massive complex


Each comes with its own mustering and practice ground in the center and climbing trees in the back yard


Of course there’s more than just that here… the national headquarters of the Special Police (the national police force) is located here on Victory Lane. Next door is the imposing Tactical Response Teams Command Center. At top right is the Administration Building for the military district.


Victory Lane intersects with Franciflora Avenue at Courage Circle. A Busscastle Chocolates outlet (the white building at top left) is a popular stop for the locals.

As we explore the most significant military, governmental, diplomatic and economic structures in The Wirdleplex, we first stop by the Military Chapel. Designed by the esteemed architect René Gulaschsuppe, Schulmania’s only cross-trained architect-chef, the chapel is one of the signature structures in the area.


The lovely chapel sits in the center of this end of a large square. It is flanked by the BFA central bank and the Military Commerce Center.

The other end of the large square is home to the new BFA government center. This massive structure replaces the cramped offices in ancient structures on Schulmanicus. All primary governmental functions of the Bureau of Feline Affairs are being relocated here. The original headquarters in Temple Terrace is being converted into a museum and leased office space is being returned to the open market.


The Bureau of Feline Affairs Government House is the single biggest building in the complex. It contains the main offices of all facets of the BFA government.


These two structures occupy the central axis of the main square


BFA executives, like the one shown above, fill the square with activity day and night. The Bureau never rests in its quest to keep all kitties purring.

Another facet of this new complex is the diplomatic side of Schulmania and the Bureau of Feline Affairs. The BFA handles feline affairs anywhere, but Schulmania has diplomatic relations with a smaller group of pro-feline nations. Some of those nations are feline and are signatories of the Coronation Accord and entered into a diplomatic agreement with Schulmania and the BFA. This agreement created the Feline Interplanetary Friendship Association (FIFA). FIFA offered Schulmania its first opportunity to interact with other nations and still serves as the primary diplomatic agency for Schulminion interaction. Its standards have been incorporated into Schulmania’s Diplomatic Office’s guiding principles. FIFA has also been headquartered in an ancient building in Temple Terrace for some time, but the Government of Schulmania has built a fine new home for FIFA’s Schulmania offices in Friendsville, Tenne. The agency, itself, needs a fine new home as well. The BFA has done just that – building a fabulous marble headquarters for the esteemed international organization, right in the heart of the complex. The marble structure, dubbed ‘Coronation Hall’ after the treaty forming FIFA, presides over the northwest corner of the main square.


Coronation Hall, home to FIFA headquarters


Next door to Coronation Hall is BFA’s main office for the Wirdle’s Canine Council. It is through the WCC that Schulmania maintains relations with Schulmauckland and Terra Canis.

The BFA, as a transnational governmental entity, has opened its own Diplomatic Office. It establishes and maintains international relations much like Schulmania does. With its affiliation with Schulmania, the Bureau f Feline Affairs is a party to the Coronation Accord and FIFA. Other nations having already established relations with Schulmania will be given representation at the BFA Diplomatic Office as well. The BFA is not bound by Schulmania’s relationships; rather, it assumes representative authority for feline populations wherever they are encountered. The BFA seeks to establish a consulate or embassy in each nation with a feline population. The Bureau’s Diplomatic Office maintains similar standards to Schulmania’s in terms of accepting full diplomatic relations with other nations or national/transnational entities.


In addition to hosting the Bureau’s Diplomatic Office, the hall on the main square also hosts the Schulmania Diplomatic Office – Eastern Regional Center

Across the lawn of the Government House, on the opposite corner of the main square sits the Bureau’s Military Command Headquarters. The graceful Temple Revival façade belies the serious nature of the work carried on within. Queen Blossom, Field Marshal and Commander of the BFA Military Command, directs the various agencies of the BFA military and facilitates its integration with the Schulminion National Military and allied forces.


The Military Alliance Tower sits across the street and provides offices for allied military advisers and officers. Schulmauckland and Terra Canis have three floors each. The Klingon Empire has two and other allied nations have one each.

All of this is ruled by H. J. “Hoppy” Franciflora, brother of the Supreme Wirdle and Governor-General of the Bureau of Feline Affairs. His influence on early Schulmania is recorded in the gray-black-white tricolor national flag, showing the colors of his fur coat.


The Governor-General has relocated his primary residence from Schulmanicus to The Wirdleplex


Want to know what’s next for Schulmania? Knock on the Governor-General’s door. If he’s home, he may just fill you in on the next few chapters!

Happy 5th SchulmAnniversary!


3rXU8c4Lsn1.png <------Click here to see the revolving globe showing Schulmania's visitors!


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:(This is incredible!, though on the other hand, I don't won't shulmania to be modern. Where did you get that sailing ship?

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[b][color=blue]Hahei[/color][/b] Thanks! And of course this is a special military district. There’s no way to say yet what impact this will have on the rest of the country. As for the boat, it’s a French ship from the toutsimcities website.

[b][color=blue]Ee99 [/color][/b] Thanks. Glad you liked it.

[b][color=blue]9988[/color][/b] [i]Dakujem[/i]! I am glad you liked this one. It took a long time to build and there’s plenty more of it to see too. :D

[b][color=blue]Emperordaniel[/color][/b] LOL… I would [u]much[/u] rather beat them than eat them too!

[b][color=blue]Usfighter15[/color][/b] We may be in the market for some soon…

[b][color=blue]10000000000000[/color][/b] Thanks! And glad to have you back to celebrate with us.

[b][color=blue]NMUSpidey[/color][/b] Our Office of Military Technology is going to be really, really busy!

[b][color=blue]MamaLuigi945[/color][/b] Thanks! Enjoy the celebration!

[b][color=blue]Escilnavia [/color][/b] [i]Obrigado[/i]! I am glad you like it! There’s all sorts of goodies here in The Wirdleplex!

[right][right] [/right][/right]
[right][right] [/right][/right]
[right][right][Volume 3 Update #191][/right][/right]
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