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.::Sin City ::. v2.0 .: "The Beginning"

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Sin City::. Established and Founded in 1788::..

The city here started small but quickly advanced with a population of over 200,000 in just the first few years of becoming a City. Sin City's first establishments consisted of Jail Houses, Police stations, and abandoned buildings which QUICKLY turned this somewhat "good hearted" thought out city, to be fulfilled with the most horrific criminal masterminds of the 17th century, thus receiving the nick-name "Sin City"



When the city first began it was called the city of "Cincinnati", after years of "misleaded mayorism" the city was turned over to a new mayor by the name of "Dexter Morgan" :: This young new enthusiastic mayor had high hopes, and BIG plans for Sin City to be turned from a ran down "ghetto" city full of Sinful souls, into a dream city with skyscrapers, businesses, residential homing, and most of all, a City "Full of Life", as New mayor Dextor Morgan stated.

When Dexter took over Sin City the first thing he did was build a suspension bridge north, across "Rockytop River" and began the first commercial/ and residential zoning management. Quickly the new city was filled with all a cities basic needs, Hospitals, Schools, Businesses, Fire Departments, Water/Gas/Electric Suppliers, ect...


**Meanwhile the city grew, Mayor Dexter began another project to be a major influence in the cities transportation:

From the new suspension bridge sprung: "Highway I-75" Which splits off into 4 different directions, and added TWO new ways back across "Rockytop River": One way being another bridge, and the other a 4-Lane Expressway going through the middle of the river between the two bridges connections all 3 sections of Sin City's Land.! Both will be seen eventually, in future Sin City Updates!**


After years and years of precise planning and strategy Sin City was beginning to look like a REAL CITY! The images below are a few shots of some of the "local spots" that attract most of the tourist, as well as some nice focal points/ and scenic views of Sin City! Although NOT fully complete, and FAR from an Elite City*: Sin City has come a LONG WAY from starting out as a twisted: Criminal filled Industrial Suite, To a life filled: living city with a population of over 200,000 in just the beginning stages of its growth!!



Image#1:Shown Here is a night shot of the Island-Tower Hotel (building to the far left on the Island) and its surroundings. This is the second way across RockyTop River: A 4 Lane Expressway enabling vehicles to go both ways on the expressway. ::*In City Hall there is currently a debate on whether to demolish the surrounding land of the island that connects the insland to the cities: and replace both sides with covered bridges: OR to leave it alone and use the budget money on a different project for the city.



Image#2: This next image is another night shot: This time of the northern part of Sin City which(for now) is the cities biggest and busiest part of

Sin City. This is known to locals for its mass amount of BIG income buildings that tower the streets of "Downtown Sincy" : (So the locals call it anyway.): In this image, To the LEFT :: You can see the Chrysler GT Buisness Building; The US Bank Building;

To The Middle: You can see see I-75 Highway splitting up "Downtown Sincy" and "Avondale" which is where you can see above is the "Staples Center" where a vast amount of entertainment is performed weekly for citizens here in Sin City. From Local motocross: To Monster Truck Jams: Even Professional Wrestling/Boxing Events are held here!

**There are far too many buildings to point out and show all of them right now, but the next update will take us a little closer into the Dowtown area as well as some other of the many places to see and visit in Sin City**



Image #3: InThis Last image here: We show whats on the southern part of I-75 Highway, which stated in the previous image is better known as

"Avondale" This is where MOST of Sin City's sporting events, and entertainment is held for its citizens and local tourist and sports fans! You can see once again the Staples Center, Then to the further up is "Cinergy Field" home of the local MLB team "The Reds"; Then further up you will see "Paul Brown Stadium": Which is home of Sin City's NFL team "The Bengals" ! Also in this picture is a towering hotel which is where a lot of tourist and visitors stay at when they come to Sin City for the weekend, or to attend local entertainments events! This hotel: With 686 rooms and 56 floors is called "The Grand Hyatt Hotel" on top you can see it has an "In roof" pool that gets up to 10ft deep and as well as a bar located at the entrance of the roof~!




This concludes the FIRST entry for my newest CJ "Sin City" The mayor here as a TON of plans and a BIG FUTURE planned for this city, so stay tuned for the next update which should be within the next few days! I Hope you enjoyed this entry and Im looking forward to hearing what everyone here at Simtropolis thinks about this New but quickly growing suburban city!!

Thanks for tuning in!!

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