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September 12th 2001: The Day After

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New York City faced 10 years and 1 day ago, one of its most tragic days, perhaps, its most tragic day ever. Nearly 2600 people died only in the WTC attacks, around 300 more died in the Pentagon attack and in the plane crashed in Pennsylvania.

September 12th was the Day One after the 9/11, the beginning of a new, different, much darker era. For the first time, newyorkers and the rest of the world, couldn't feel safe anymore; and their feeling was ratified in upcoming attacks all over the world.

This is the day after in Rankine.


September 11th was a terrible day for New York, for its surrounding areas and for the rest of the world. September 12th was a silent day. People didn't talk at work, bars had no customers and in the market, nobody shouted to sell their products. Everybody was still shocked, and they would remain like this for weeks. A slab of silence had fallen all over the city and all over the nation.


At the high school, teens were trying to learn the most difficult lesson of their lives. Trying to understand why these coward attacks happened is way more difficult than linear algebra. Teachers forgot the lessons they had planned, and they simply spoke about what they knew because yesterday most of kids and teens were sent home. Today, everybody listened to the teacher, for the first time in a long time.



We all know that firefigthers were some of the greatest heroes during the 9/11 and its aftermath, and Rankine's inhabitants also felt this. Two firefighters from Engine 135 and Ladder 94 died yesterday, and some others were in the hospital in a day where almost all NYC firefighters were at the Ground Zero. Today, some Rankiners have walked to the quarters to pay homage to them, they put there some candles, flowers and pictures.


Rankiners, newyorkers and anybody living when the attacks occured, will never forget.

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It wasn't [i]perhaps[/i] the worst day in NYC history, it WAS the worst day :P

Your tribute is very nice and thoughtful, and your pictures look very good, nice work as usual!

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I was but 4 years old that day but the memory is still fresh in my heart, even if I didn't realize what it meant. You have done a good job here. I am touched.

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It is not hard to understand why these attacks happened, the hard is to discover the reality behind them. Actually there are a few possibilities:
1. Like the US government and Dubya adm. said, some islamo-fascists took arms up and brought "death to America", despite the fact the Bin Laden family has been for long time friends with Bush family.
2. It is possible someone, in the US govt. or big corporations, perhaps backed by the President, managed to undercover the greatest terrorist attack ever. Think about it, corporations make huge pressures on presidents, some say they just control presidents. It is possible, if not realistic, that the US corps. needed money, a war, and then they need a good excuse to wreak havoc in the middle east. It's a win-win for corps. they get oil and their McDonalds and Gaps all around Baghdad, Boegin and Halliburton make the money and americans starve without any public health insurance, meanwhile these corps are planning to move to China.

What i want to tell you in short is that people must open their eyes and realize that we simply cannot know the thruth, and just DO NOT believe governments, think with your mind, then try to reach the thruth or just stay in the middle, like i do. I do really hope this wasn't an undercover, but i am afraid it was.

It is ridiculous, the most powerfull but at same time possibily the most unfair country ever, i hope for America that you'll get another Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt or Kennedy.

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