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The City of Diana - Part 2 - The Estates

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Hey Everyone :thumb:


NMUspidey: I'll Explore the 'G' Button and Will add It to the Next Part, as for the Buildings, I Demolished a Whole Bunch of them and they Just Sprang Back up. Any Ideas on that? And, yes, this part Explains all the Newly Built Districts.

MamaLuigi: 1. Could you Pm me the LInk to one of His Houses? If thats ok, Thanks.

2. I had a look at the Ones on Simtrop By him and they Require Dependancies. For some Strange reason My Computer Can't install anything, Even though I do have Windows 7...

I have decided to split this section into 2, one to show you around the Estates and describe them, and the other one to Show you the Main Landmarks in this Second part of this city.

First off, an Overview, as Usual:


Valley Estate


Valley Estate is the Oldest Estate in the Northe Side of the City. With a Population of about 500 - 800 Sims, Valley Estate Is a Quiet Place for The Retired to Rest after there long life. Like all the Other estates, Valley Estate is a High Wealth zone, with Diana's Classical Villa style houses.

Central District


Central District is Next In-line with just over 1 Thousand Sims, this place is a Hotspot for Scouts all over the Region. Again, it has that City Villa used for housing over most of the Estate.

Woodland District


The Woodland District is the Big Boy, Holding the Dual Towers, which you shall see in the next part. This Commercial zone is home to Tower Road, where The Local Rice company has Bought the Road and Built 11 of their towers there.

Northern Mall


Northern Mall Is another Big shot, Not quite as big as The Woodland District, but certainly nothing to mess about with. Winding through these towers is a Railway line, which Narrowly Avoids several tall Towers.

Lakeside Shopping


The Name came from the Nearby Lake Sitting next to the Center. This is Much smaller than the last 2, but still has a Few Towers of Its own.

Lakeside Estate


Lakeside Estate is again named after the Nearby Lake, With just over 700 Residents, this place also has The City Villa's. Situated Right By a Rail Link, the Small Village can be a Bit Noisy at times, but is a Great Attraction for Kids!

Foreign Occupation


This Place was built purely for Foreigners. Everyone around the Area Speaks Up to 5 Different Languges and EVen the Local School has to Learn these 5 Languges so they Can communicate with the Foreugners. The 5 Main Languages are:

1. Italian

2. French

3. Spanish

4. German

5. Russian

Small Estate


Named after its Size, this Little Hamlet is home to just over 100 sims. With the City Villa's Yet again, These houses have become Diana's Main Structures

Corner District


Corner District is another small village, with just Under 300 Sims. The Villa's Are Here again but the Residents dont care that they are everywhere, as long as they have a nice home, There happy.

Greenville Estate


Greenville Estate is Home of the Only Station in the Northern part of the city, Greenville Station. Greenville was named after the Vast amount of trees Running through the Center of the Town (Bottome Right)

Square Estate


Square Estate was Named after the Shape of the Estate, With Just a Little Peak in the Top left corner of the Estate. Just over 500 SIms live here.

Cross Grove


cross grove is the Latest Estate to Be Built, Built just 6 Months ago, The Houses are a Lot More Modern.

Tree grove Estate


Tree Grove Estate is Another Modern Estate, With some Reallly nice houses and Trees, this is One of The Most Valued Places in the Region.

Thats all for now, but I need your Help. Send in a Comment about What I think I need to Downlaod to Make this City Better. PM me the Link to The Add-on/Mod that you think will fit In with My Suburban Areas!

Thanks for Veiwing, and Hope You Enjoyed!

Next Part: The City of Diana - Part 2 - The Landmarks

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What I would do is look for medium wealth CO and CS to try and give the game some variety to choose from, and when all those buildings keep popping up, keep on demolishing them until you see some new stuff. You could also try zoning a different size. If I'm not mistaken, those are 2x2 buildings. So, you could look for 2x2 CO/CS with similar specs or you could expand/contract/squish those zones out so that different stuff will grow. Trust me though, I feel your pain. 11(!) of those? Crazy.

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